Brooklyn Nets Trade: Then and Now


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  • Isaac Noh
    Isaac Noh  7 months back

    That intro alone got u my sub

    • JIB
      JIB  11 months back

      Few month break

      • Blake Flame
        Blake Flame  12 months back

        But Ryan, why you gotta do that?

        • JB Tiamson
          JB Tiamson  12 months back

          Prokhorov just gave Danny Ainge those 5 years. Time to put a statue for the Russian who helped the wrong team to become a title contender. Lol

          • TrialsAwaitingBC
            TrialsAwaitingBC  12 months back

            Bruno signed w Rockets make video

          • tribj001
            tribj001  12 months back

            Great upload as always, would love to see you collaborate with The NBA Storyteller. I think he is the best NBA YT channel out there but you are a solid second place, both all about quality vs quantity, would be awesome to see you collab on a topic!

            • Kipkame11
              Kipkame11   12 months back

              I’ll definitely see if I can get something going in the future!

          • BasketballAddict
            BasketballAddict  12 months back

            Please make a video on Shawn Marks. I think he is one of the best gm’s in the league. He took nothing and got something. Got a lot of draft picks. Young talent. And next year they have two max contract spots

            • tinolino GAMING
              tinolino GAMING  12 months back


              • KING DK
                KING DK  12 months back

                Your videos have gotten way better man! Props on you. Stay consistent and I could see you blowing up in the near future ✊🏾🔥

              • Tyy
                Tyy  12 months back

                As bad as it seems if the Celtics don’t win a championship this season and next offseason the nets sign 2 super stars with all there cap space the nets might be in a better spot after all

                • Nets 4life
                  Nets 4life  3 months back

                  @Chris They didn't clearly lose it. If Kyrie comes this summer this basically cancels out the 2018 pick they traded. 2017 the Celtics did draft Tatum but technically they traded nets pick to sixers and was used to draft fultz who isn't good. Kevin Garnett was traded for thad young who then was traded for the 20th pick and that turned into Caris LeVert and he is way better than brown. From the Celtics point of view they will never lose the trade yes. But nets didn't really lose anything in this trade either.

                • Chris
                  Chris  12 months back

                  Tyy obviously Nets got their asses handed to them in the trade. Celtics no matter what will have won the trade. But the silver lining for the Nets is getting a genius at GM and forcing the Nets into a rebuild. Nets are headed in the right place because of the trade but they still clearly lost it

              • awsomeandy911
                awsomeandy911  12 months back

                Underrated channel dude! Keep up the good work

                • Camisdead 7
                  Camisdead 7  12 months back

                  Another amazing video. Wish you’d upload more but keep up the great work!

                  • Keitaro Adachi
                    Keitaro Adachi  12 months back

                    Another good vid

                    • WillToNihilsm
                      WillToNihilsm  12 months back

                      Great video, but watch out using Nintendo's music they might come after you and demonetize the video.

                      • AYYKWAM
                        AYYKWAM  12 months back

                        Keep up the work bro i fw the channel heavy

                        • Michael Vick's Granbull
                          Michael Vick's Granbull  12 months back

                          Whats the song at 1:15?

                          • Akmal Wafiuddin
                            Akmal Wafiuddin  12 months back

                            I thought celtics trade their brooklyn pick for the 3rd pick 76ers to get Jayson Tatum.

                            • MrGiancarlo105
                              MrGiancarlo105  12 months back

                              Great video

                              • debaser
                                debaser  12 months back

                                You can always count on Bill Simmons for those spicy hot takes.

                                • Colin Wilburn
                                  Colin Wilburn  12 months back

                                  Man it's crazy to think that how the times have change and jow opinions can change on certain things. Keep the fire content coming!

                                  • DP
                                    DP  12 months back

                                    Honestly this is one of the best NBA trades/rumours channels out there keep it up

                                    • Dommy Files
                                      Dommy Files  12 months back

                                      Love the beginning shot

                                      • XELAZ TOWN
                                        XELAZ TOWN  12 months back

                                        Make vids every week man !

                                        • Larrell Hill
                                          Larrell Hill  12 months back

                                          Love this channel. Unsub from quite a few ppl bc the content on this channel is so good. Keep it up 👍

                                          • Bungy K
                                            Bungy K  12 months back

                                            Hey man love your content, but I do have a bit of constructive criticism. Keep in mind, I’m just a random dude on the internet so you can feel free to take my advice with a grain of salt but maybe you should change your profile pic? I love dragon ball, but if you’re trying to mold a sports channel, it’s hard for audiences to understand that and subscribe when sports aren’t associated with your brand so to speak. You can keep it, but that’s just a tip.

                                            • tribj001
                                              tribj001  12 months back

                                              Good point I agree as I wanna see this kid’s channel grow! The name ‘kipkame11’ is a bit random too, a more descriptive basketball related channel name would probs help too.

                                            • Bungy K
                                              Bungy K  12 months back

                                              Rafael Vargas I understand. It is just an opinion

                                            • Bungy K
                                              Bungy K  12 months back

                                              WillToNihilsm exactly

                                            • WillToNihilsm
                                              WillToNihilsm  12 months back

                                              He needs to create his own brand not take someone else brand.

                                            • wellknown troll
                                              wellknown troll  12 months back

                                              i disagree sir

                                          • isaiah
                                            isaiah  12 months back

                                            Great video. Great presentation. I like the idubbz inspired intro. Keep it up dawg

                                            • a Spurs fan since 11
                                              a Spurs fan since 11  12 months back

                                              Danny Ainge could have went pro in basketball🏀 baseball⚾ or jail for stealing

                                              • ryan diaz
                                                ryan diaz  12 months back

                                                Please me more consistent again lmfao

                                                • The Almightiest
                                                  The Almightiest  12 months back

                                                  Another BANGER

                                                  • spongebob carpetbombing moments

                                                    your channel is so great honestly

                                                    • spongebob carpetbombing moments

                                                      at some point everyone in the nba is just gonna stop trading with ainge lmao

                                                      • Paul Boranian
                                                        Paul Boranian  12 months back

                                                        Nice video

                                                        • htown11465
                                                          htown11465  12 months back

                                                          Nice vid bro. Most people I knew at the time thought the trade was a huge risk. I don’t know anyone who thought that the nets had any more than a 1 or 2 year window to win a championship.

                                                          • Noah
                                                            Noah  12 months back

                                                            Great video, I love these video essays and this channel in general

                                                            • Harry li
                                                              Harry li  12 months back

                                                              bro your videos are sooo good u deserve way more subs man.

                                                              • Beyond
                                                                Beyond  12 months back

                                                                I hate you for not uploading more😤😤

                                                                • Splash Man 33
                                                                  Splash Man 33  12 months back

                                                                  Nets also traded the pick that would become Draymond Green

                                                                  • JB Tiamson
                                                                    JB Tiamson  12 months back

                                                                    In short, Billy King's mind and soul are in the Brooklyn Nets' DNA.

                                                                  • BasketballAddict
                                                                    BasketballAddict  12 months back

                                                                    And Kyle Kuzma man

                                                                  • Baited.B
                                                                    Baited.B  12 months back

                                                                    Damm thats rough

                                                                  • sean phil
                                                                    sean phil  12 months back

                                                                    Damian lillard too

                                                                  • Baited.B
                                                                    Baited.B  12 months back

                                                                    Splash Man 33 Really ????

                                                                • Tannermcboss
                                                                  Tannermcboss  12 months back

                                                                  Final a video