Mob VS Tatsumaki (Mob Psycho 100 VS One Punch Man) | DEATH BATTLE reaction


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  • Anthony Gluck
    Anthony Gluck  1 weeks back

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 MY CITY GOING TO SIT ON YO FACE

    • neocyndaquil
      neocyndaquil  3 days back

      Deadpool vs The Mask was a thing for a long time, you guys should do your research better.

      • Cross Chara
        Cross Chara  3 days back

        Just use doctor man haten

        • Cross Chara
          Cross Chara  3 days back

          Romers has it the death battle was 5 seconds flat

          • WPG RPG
            WPG RPG  4 days back

            spoiler alert!!!!!!!!!!

            ksi wins

            • Albert Guedea
              Albert Guedea  4 days back

              MaStar Media has just released ep 12 of anime war. I'm looking forward to your reaction

              • Bigrion16
                Bigrion16  6 days back

                Nice NidgeDFX: you should react one minute rap - growing up Asian:

                • Bigrion16
                  Bigrion16  5 days back

                  NidgeDFX ok

                • NidgeDFX
                  NidgeDFX   5 days back

                  I would but I'm fixing my computer it's broke

              • Моё имя - Юрий.

                dude, you're cool.You're the first American youtuber I watch.

              • Bigrion16
                Bigrion16  6 days back

                NidgeDFX question about how you earn your ads money like just wondering for awhile: does YouTube give you it online or something?

                • Bigrion16
                  Bigrion16  5 days back

                  NidgeDFX ok just asking because it was question I was always wondering

                • NidgeDFX
                  NidgeDFX   5 days back

                  You get paid when you hit men only $100 I believe and yeah money comes from my viewers not skipping ads or clicking on ads. Like I said I'm not trying to pressure anyone to do that because that's illegal and I can lose my account

              • Gr8ndPowerfulOz
                Gr8ndPowerfulOz  7 days back

                They said this battle was the last sprite for the season so the last two battles will be interesting.

                • David Ashton
                  David Ashton  7 days back

                  Are you guys seriously talking over important information? If you want to have a discussion, please make sure to do so after the introductions are over.

                  • NidgeDFX
                    NidgeDFX   5 days back

                    I respect your opinion and feedback David but I feel like what would be the point of you guys watching us watch the show without saying anything? I'm not being rude like literally what would be the purpose of you watching us watch it in dead silence? Wouldn't you rather hear us thinking out loud? We bring entertainment it's a commentary reaction. I hope that clears things up David :-)

                  • Ivanimal Reacts
                    Ivanimal Reacts  6 days back

                    David Ashton Funny how many times I have to keep explaining this lol: literally every video we do we always say “watch the original in it’s entirety because Nidge and Ivanimal we do not shut up” we also say that we rewatch the video again.

                • Ace Prime
                  Ace Prime  1 weeks back

                  I was about to say Im sure using psychic powers to pull the meteor by force!!!!! It'll be stronger and faster logically

                  • Dakarai Patterson
                    Dakarai Patterson  1 weeks back

                    You guys talking is not the problem, you missing important information is the problem

                    • Dakarai Patterson
                      Dakarai Patterson  5 days back

                      @NidgeDFX again I dont have a problem with you talking every so often. You just saying random things at times that have nothing to do with the video and most of the post analysis is trying to explain, you completely ignore it to talk about other things and have to go back and rewatch and edit information in. Sometimes there will be something you never even put in your predictions that you could miss

                    • NidgeDFX
                      NidgeDFX   5 days back

                      @Dakarai Patterson my/our goal is to entertain the viewer and sorry if my goal vision isn't the same as yours AKA stare and say nothing and smile and collect a check. I respect your opinion on things and seems like you're the majority and I'm the minority but I feel like I'm actually stealing their property if I don't add to the original content. I just want to explain my side of things and like always I do respect your opinion. I don't consider myself a reaction Channel I consider myself an Entertainer/ commentator

                    • Ivanimal Reacts
                      Ivanimal Reacts  6 days back

                      Dakarai Patterson Yeah I say “huh “and “what” because he was telling me something. Not because I wasn’t paying attention to the vid. If us talking bothers you, sorry

                    • Dakarai Patterson
                      Dakarai Patterson  6 days back

                      @Ivanimal Reacts you guys seem to enjoy joking more than actually discussing things. Every time something is said, you always go "what" and "huh"

                    • Ivanimal Reacts
                      Ivanimal Reacts  6 days back

                      Dakarai Patterson We always go back to the video and rewatch it again, as we always say in the beginning of our videos.

                  • The Gheist
                    The Gheist  1 weeks back

                    ONE/Murata actually stated that Tatsumaki is more powerful.

                    But he also mentioned that between ???% and Tatsumaki going all out (has never been shown) is unclear.

                    Mostly because again, he hasn't shown her at full power yet, wants to keep it a secret.

                    • BigVEE
                      BigVEE  5 days back

                      Falk: >said Mob is stronger
                      He didn't. What's with you lot that fail to do their research properly? You'll end up in trouble time and again offering up your bare asses so unprotected (like Uub around Goku).

                      NOTE: Speaking of Pedarstku, Vegeta is undefeated against him. Ever notice that? 2-0, currently. 3-0, soon.

                    • Maurolk 03
                      Maurolk 03  6 days back

                      He said Mob 100% Is stronger

                  • wolf sun
                    wolf sun  1 weeks back

                    I love tatsumaki

                    • Francisco Arzápalo Zapata

                      I see you never read a mask comic

                      • DiesIraeNation
                        DiesIraeNation  1 weeks back

                        It has to be a joke, because the comic version of the Mask is not being killed by deadpool, but Mask can't kill deadpool either.

                        • theblasblas
                          theblasblas  1 weeks back

                          Maybe it'll end much in the same way Lobo vs The Mask did.

                        • DiesIraeNation
                          DiesIraeNation  1 weeks back

                          @22kingdomheartsfan Didn't he make a new deal with Mephisto? Admittedly I'm behind a few issues of his current comic, but last I left off he was working for Mephisto a, la ghostrider type shit.

                        • 22kingdomheartsfan
                          22kingdomheartsfan  1 weeks back

                          Deadpool isn't immortal anymore

                      • Tomas krohling
                        Tomas krohling  1 weeks back

                        The Mask vs deadpool yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

                        • Shadow Reaper542
                          Shadow Reaper542  1 weeks back

                          She broke his barrier

                          • Plantain-potato Pie Productions

                            Okay but I was laughing really hard at this 😂