Will Synthetic Motor Oil Cause Engine Seal Leaks? Let's find out!


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  • Iker Lugo
    Iker Lugo  2 hours back

    9:14 that wheelie haha

    • temporary
      temporary  3 hours back

      i started using 100% synthetic engine oil in a new 2014 nissan altima from day one. replaced oil and filter regularly every 5k miles. my driving is freeway in hot weather (engine mostly runs hot). after 130k miles the oil started leaking and burning through exhaust and damaged the catalytic converter. not sure of the cause. i replaced the car to avoid expensive repairs.

      • Tom S
        Tom S  3 hours back

        .....sorry, to nonsunthetic. Oil consumption dropped to the point I don’t check level any more between oil changes, now car has 250K+ and still using nonsunthetic.

        • Tom S
          Tom S  3 hours back

          My 2008 Acura w/ 200,000 miles was using about a quart of synthetic oil between 5,000 mile oil changes; my Acura tech suggested changing to

          • Tareq Shosho
            Tareq Shosho  4 hours back

            Get some cows or 🐑 soo u feed them Gras

            • nick nolan
              nick nolan  4 hours back

              So long term you still stand by engine restore?

              • Jason Weir
                Jason Weir  5 hours back

                I think making the switch is awesome. Old wives tail on making old gaskets leak. If anything happens it’s cause old gaskets are able to leak cause they’re just old

                • Albin Wahlberg
                  Albin Wahlberg  6 hours back

                  I was tought that the reason an old engine can start leaking from synthetig oil is that the synthetic oil has better "cleansing properties" than mineral. For it to cause a leak, the engine needs to already have a leak of some sort that has at somepoint been sealed by oilsludge that the synthetic oil then "cleans up" and ofcourse causing it to leak again. According to that guy the same thing would most likely have happend through a series of tight oilchanges using regular mineral oil, i.e. it wasn't really the oils fault!

                  • G MinK
                    G MinK  9 hours back

                    No leaks from synthetic in a 37-year-old diesel Mercedes.

                  • whitebird77
                    whitebird77  13 hours back

                    my 7 yo Hyundai Atos leak out all oil on the street and caused a lot of smoke and other drivers beside looking and need to be tow. This happened just after 2 days of 100% palm oil in crank case and city driving. this thin oil must have punctured some seals. so i think no matter dyno or synthetic if the velocity is right not just for the weather but the age too then should be fine.

                  • bannablitz247
                    bannablitz247  20 hours back

                    As I have always said, Synthetic oil does not cause leaks. However if you already have a leak you will leak more oil than previously.

                  • benoit huot
                    benoit huot  21 hours back

                    Cool video

                  • the hub tv
                    the hub tv  21 hours back

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                  • meyaw Abdulaziz
                    meyaw Abdulaziz  1 days back

                    no leak on 2001 astro van when i switched to fully synthetic

                  • meyaw Abdulaziz
                    meyaw Abdulaziz  1 days back

                    “Which engine oil has the best sludge cleaning properties” royal purple vs ?????
                    this dud thinks royal purp did clean his engine entirely with 15 hundred miles

                    • The General STRIKE
                      The General STRIKE  1 days back

                      just switched to synthetic at 350k 7.3 powerstroke it'll never go back to conventional. No leaks after 2 oil changes.

                    • Lord Nougat
                      Lord Nougat  1 days back

                      They say to never ever use synthetic except for under extremely extreme circumstances in my 54ish year old boat diesel engine... but judging by your results, this may simply be related to previous, possibly more primitive synthetics. I want to try T6 in that engine now, and will need to report back when I do!

                    • Dave O'Brien
                      Dave O'Brien  1 days back

                      One of my most favorite YouTube channels by far! But you should do a relaxing video about you and your farm like a vlog I'd like to see that all your other videos are awesome

                    • Henrik Casell
                      Henrik Casell  1 days back

                      I have used 5W40 full synthetic from various brands in my 1967 Massey-Ferguson with a Perkins diesel since 2010. The reason I switched to synthetic was that we mainly use the tractor for clearing snow and it has to start reliably on cold mornings. It does start really easy. No leaks, no extra smoke, no problems at all. Instant oil pressure, even when very cold.

                    • Equal Opportunity Offender

                      All your videos are useful for my Ranch operation in Colorado. Thanks Brother !

                    • Clay Coates
                      Clay Coates  1 days back

                      this is a wonderful test thank you

                      • Peter M. Eggers
                        Peter M. Eggers  1 days back

                        No problems using synthetic motor oil, but engine oil flush has opened up leaks in old gaskets. I've come to the conclusion that it is much better to change oil more often to clean the engine up, than to use an engine oil flush.

                        • Juan Torres
                          Juan Torres  1 days back

                          Different situation; meaning, comparing quality/ durable/ well made tractor, to new ( incompetent/ fragile) technology.

                          • Daniel Sykes
                            Daniel Sykes  1 days back

                            The smell of an old tractor and freshly cut grass.... beautiful 👍

                            • adys delicias
                              adys delicias  2 days back

                              I started using synthetic oil after 300k on my Honda and now it leaks oil from the pan seal gasket..before that it never leaked a drop of oil !

                            • Andrew Zino
                              Andrew Zino  2 days back

                              I have a Honda Accord that I switched to synthetic oil around 250k miles. It’s now at 323k miles with no leaks.

                            • ALAN VITOR ANDRADE ALAN VITOR ANDRADE

                              Amazing review!!!

                            • Josh Ledford
                              Josh Ledford  2 days back

                              So professional and so consistent. I was wondering about the engine restor and sure enough, I knew you was gonna add it in. Love the channel and all the content!! Bar none the best no bs craftsman on YouTube. I loved the sky view of the hey processes. Keep up the great channel I am a fan. Thank you.

                            • Everett Thurston
                              Everett Thurston  2 days back

                              Rotella T6 5w-40, Chevron delo 5w-40 full syn, Schaefers 5w-40 comparison???

                              • Shawn Schroeder
                                Shawn Schroeder  2 days back

                                Good video brother. I just switched to synthetic in my 23yr old Benz with 108,000. All the seals are roughly 2yrs old from an engine rebuild. Hoping for the best!

                                • MG- ɹǝʍoʇ
                                  MG- ɹǝʍoʇ  2 days back

                                  No engine cover on the tractor, COOL! No PTO driveshaft shield on brush hog, DANGEROUS! Make a guard from PVC pipe, it could save someone's life! https://ag-safety.extension.org/power-take-off-safety/

                                  • MG- ɹǝʍoʇ
                                    MG- ɹǝʍoʇ  2 days back

                                    @Project Farm You're certainly welcome! Anything can happen and unfortunately does. A rope, a wire, anything can wrap around a PTO, then in just a few short lethal seconds there's no undoing whats been done . Safety is an obligation we hold high for one another, rather than frantic calls to 911! I enjoy your channel very much and don't want anything bad to happen to you! I'm just your brother being a brother!
                                    P.S. I'm gonna try a section of high density polyethylene elephant trunk drain pipe and see how that works on a snowblower attachment with the same antique exposed PTO shaft!

                                  • Project Farm
                                    Project Farm   2 days back

                                    Thank you for the suggestion

                                • Mel Raven
                                  Mel Raven  2 days back

                                  Once you go synthetic you can't go back..
                                  I used synthetic on my Mazda.. now what uses oil all the time motor had 60,000

                                • Cruz Allen
                                  Cruz Allen  3 days back

                                  I have seen engine flush cause oil leaks on 30 year old gas pickups when followed up with synthetics, granted those engines already had some small leaks. I presume the flush knocked out sludge built up around those leaks and then the detergents in the synthetics cleaned further deposits out that may have been slowing the leak making the leak worse.

                                • sprint coding
                                  sprint coding  3 days back

                                  Absoultly my B16 POOR mans Type R honda build had all new seals we ran normal 10w30 in it then i felt fancy one time and switched to same weight synthetic , after hitting VTEC a few times cam seals, valve cover & vtec solinoid all had expressed oil residue and from that point on the synthetic oil would WEEP and its not fast leak but it does leak. Your tractor has few seals and lower oil pressures, it absolutly is different in new cars

                                • Read Zechariah 12:10
                                  Read Zechariah 12:10  3 days back

                                  The reputed oil leaks caused by synthetic oil would happen over thousands of miles, it would not happen right away.

                                  • q
                                    q  20 hours back

                                    Exactly. Also the leaking can occur with synthetic it can get in tighter spaces so to speak, so if a seal is about to leak with conventional, it might start leaking with synthetic. Or say a seal is bad, but the gunk in the engine is keeping it plugged up, the synthetic oil will clean that gunk up and get past the seal.

                                    Also unless you are already leaking, don't use high mileage oil, especially synthetic high mileage oil. That has additives in it that can cause a non leaking engine to leak. The additives are there to help with hardened gaskets and seals. If your gaskets and seals are just fine, the high mileage oil will make them swell, and that can cause leaks.

                                    So if you are already leaking a bit, and burning more oil than usual? Yes throw some high mileage in it. If not... stay away, stay far far away.

                                • Steven Matice
                                  Steven Matice  3 days back

                                  Would love to see an oil filter showdown for gas and diesel vehicles

                                • joe quillun
                                  joe quillun  3 days back

                                  My older 6.2 diesel eng. didn't leak on petroleum, but I "mistakenly" bought this same oil, and decided to use it. Now my rear main is dripping. If the synthetics are actually thinner oils, then it makes sense a loose seal has a better potential to drip. Mine does, and I won't be adding it next change.

                                • colby purkeypile
                                  colby purkeypile  3 days back

                                  The flow test was interesting if any of you guys have heui injected diesels like the power strokes and cats, you’ll know that when cold starting synthetic oil makes a big difference in the way it does. Now this makes sense, there is a big difference in the flow.

                                • roguesquatcher
                                  roguesquatcher  3 days back

                                  I tried synthetic oil in my 98 Bonneville with 154,000 miles... bad idea, the oil sending unit started leaking oil and the car smoked when first started in the morning which it never did before.

                                • Jim Parker
                                  Jim Parker  3 days back

                                  The competition among the oil companies for these products has really gotten tough in recent years. I've been using synthetics in all my cars and trucks with just a few exceptions. One reason stands out. Synthetic gives you a margin of error if you have a cooling system failure (blow rad, or rad hose, water pump failed). Conventional oils cannot take the heat like synthetics. I live in Florida where you're running AC in your vehicles all but about 3 months of the year. When the AC is on, if you have a cooling system issue, the engine temp will jump up in a hurry. The synthetics are going to perform at temps way higher than the conventional oils. The difference in price looks like a lot but you don't have to change your synthetic as often, so... I've never had an oil leak on any of my new or used truck engines during the years I used synthetic, but seal leaks were common on engines back in the 1960s-70s, especially rear main seals. Today's seals are better but so are the lubes. Thanks to Project Farm for another great test. May your old Ford tractor last another 40 years!

                                • Nikolaos Vitoroulis
                                  Nikolaos Vitoroulis  3 days back

                                  @7:40 i know it was mentioned, but you should compare the T4 with the T6 in the cold case only between the cooked and uncooked

                                • Tom Ato
                                  Tom Ato  3 days back

                                  Run these shell oils against the top oils in your motor oil shootout.

                                • ducman228
                                  ducman228  3 days back

                                  Do you have the sheet metal for the ford tractor ?

                                  • Penguin Pie
                                    Penguin Pie  3 days back

                                    this kind of reminds me of using seafoam on an engine. it doesn't necessarily cause the leaks but it will basically clean the engine so well that any areas that were worn down but coated in sludge will be opened up. great video as always

                                  • Raymond Ray
                                    Raymond Ray  3 days back

                                    I swear, I learn everything from YouTube. Next week is YouTube medical school.

                                  • Victor W.
                                    Victor W.  3 days back

                                    Freightliner Cascadia 2015 DD15 since time a bought I used T4 but once winter I changed to Mobile Delvac 10W30 (mineral) and after second change I've noticed oil drops on the ground (gasket seal).
                                    I come back to T4 and see that is all clear again. Now I change to T5 15w40 already 7 000 miles so far so good no any leaks . Excellent Oil

                                  • Nick Bussard
                                    Nick Bussard  4 days back

                                    Diesel fuel helps as a lubercant in engines is off road diesel worse because of it's dye

                                  • Thomas Davis
                                    Thomas Davis  4 days back

                                    i’ve noticed on vehicles with cork gaskets the synthetic oil leaks

                                    • buckaroobonsi555
                                      buckaroobonsi555  3 days back

                                      First who uses cork gaskets on anything today? What is next talking about tar dipped rope crank seals or seals made from show leather? Second how is a synthetic going to get past a cork gasket when regular oil with not get past one by what means does this magic happen? I have seen thousands of cork gaskets on transmission pans, valve covers, and oil pans leaking with conventional aka Dino oil! Back up your claims with science not opinion. Next your going to tell me that synthetic gasoline will leak through the tank faster than gasoline refined from crude? Never mind no one has bothered to define what equals synthetic oil in this conversation? In the USA it is a marketing term but in Europe it has a legal definition that requires it to be 100% Group 4 or higher and very little synthetic oil sold in the USA is 100% Group 4 or higher! Let's not talk about 1970's seal technology combined with 1970 synthetic oil formulations.

                                    • Project Farm
                                      Project Farm   3 days back

                                      Great information. Thank you