Best Touchdowns From College Football Week 6


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  • Shh Xhj
    Shh Xhj  1 weeks back


    • hurricanes
      hurricanes  1 weeks back

      The 5 best touchdowns of the week and 4 came from the same 2 games? They were standard td’s... you just didn’t watch any other games besides those two.

      • From The Stands
        From The Stands  1 weeks back

        Touchdowns Ranked:

        *1st - 0:49 - Perine breaks a tackle for a 90+ yard race to the endzone
        *2nd - 0:00 - Swain catches a short pass from Trask and maneuvers his way past 3 Auburn DBs
        *3rd - 1:07 - JK Dobbins breaks free and smokes the Michigan State defenders in a foot race
        *4th - 0:20 - Justin Fields rolls out and finds Binjimen Victor who tip-toes the sideline and superman dives into the endzone
        *5th - 1:20 - Jahan Dotson gives Purdue defenders a little shimmy shake and takes it to the house

        Notably missing from this video: James Proche's 3OT catch to win the game for SMU and remain undefeated

        • From The Stands
          From The Stands  1 weeks back

          @The OverLord I don't know, ask Bleacher Report lol. I'm just going by what is in the video above.

        • The OverLord
          The OverLord  1 weeks back

          Where’s that deep pass from the freshman on tennesse

      • jake gou
        jake gou  1 weeks back

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          Eman Paul  1 weeks back

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          • Mai Her
            Mai Her  1 weeks back

            That ref tho :58

            • From The Stands
              From The Stands  1 weeks back

              If I was a ref I'd book it on every play too just to tell my grandkids, "Back in my day I was just as fast as (insert speedy RB)."

          • sanata808
            sanata808  1 weeks back

            Burrow is a BBEEEAAASSTTT

            • From The Stands
              From The Stands  1 weeks back

              They deleted the Joe Burrow > Jordan Jefferson touchdown from the video. Nick Saban probably called to complain.

          • Edwin Medina
            Edwin Medina  1 weeks back

            Gang man