If You Can Make It In The Streets You Can Make It In This World (247HH Exclusive)


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  • DZA
    DZA  12 months back

    "my mother worked all his life" - Joe
    Real talk tho.

    • J J
      J J  1 years back

      Oh hell no! Please don't spread that mentality because that's all these kids need to hear. They're already romanticizing drugs and stardom, justifying drug selling and homicides en route to being the next Fat Joe or 50 Cent. The wisest man wouldn't sacrifice his soul and community for money.

      • MotoPaisano
        MotoPaisano  1 years back

        Joe right. My mom and pop both worked...hard too. I didnt stop getting in trouble with the law until i had my son at the age of 26. I had friends with only one parent and siblings that didnt get into much trouble..

        • lovelycars1
          lovelycars1  1 years back

          That's a lie. He didn't sell drugs he didn't shoot anybody. They are programming the minds of the youths. The streets isn't the way.

          • James Marsh
            James Marsh  1 years back

            whys he tryna tell kids to get off the street then

        • Rob S.
          Rob S.  2 years back

          he admitted in an interview to shooting people? Not the smartest thing he's said maybe.

          • Ricardo Cotto jr
            Ricardo Cotto jr  3 years back

            Wise words

            • Fky 27
              Fky 27  3 years back

              Respect Joey... Hey fat joe i dont know if you manage this account but if you get this message, take a minute to chevk into this kid from Puerto Rico.... His name? Almighty hes a free agent right now and i know you can be the one to invest in him and trust me J you won't regret the kid is tbe truth. Check him out joe im sure of what im saying.

              • KINGSEANFAME
                KINGSEANFAME  3 years back

                Much Respect for Joey Crack. SALUTE 🔥🔥🔥

                • KINGSEANFAME
                  KINGSEANFAME  3 years back

                  Much Respect for Joey Crack. SALUTE 🔥🔥🔥

                  • chris foy
                    chris foy  3 years back

                    Fat Joe you ain't know shit

                    • Manuel Galan
                      Manuel Galan  3 years back

                      Real ass shit!!!! #ImAllTheWayUp

                      • laratta
                        laratta  3 years back

                        And I used to like you and your music. What do you get by telling story about Anthony Mason? This make you look like a snitch. You can get kill for being a snitch out here.

                        • GUG_man
                          GUG_man  3 years back

                          That's some true shit

                          • PillowMaker97
                            PillowMaker97  3 years back

                            "My father worked all his life my mother worked all his life and i still shot people." this guy

                          • mal m
                            mal m  4 years back

                            this made me respect fat Joe alot more

                            • Joseph Meets Travel
                              Joseph Meets Travel  4 years back

                              Damn real talk

                              • Khan Hossain
                                Khan Hossain  4 years back


                              • ActiveAlbz
                                ActiveAlbz  4 years back

                                You can't rewind yesterday - Fat Joe

                              • Dany
                                Dany  4 years back

                                talk Dat real shit

                                • LaCoca TV
                                  LaCoca TV  4 years back

                                  ITS CRACK! You're an Inspiration Sir. Mad Love from Sing Sing Singapore!

                                  • Sh3zKarm4
                                    Sh3zKarm4  4 years back

                                    Two types of people in the world.....honest bad people and lying bad people....we are all bad people in God's eyes....the real vs. the fake...the honest vs. the self-righteous holier than thou pieces of shit

                                    • POWER GLIDE
                                      POWER GLIDE  3 years back

                                      fuck off! nobody needs that christian preaching shit.

                                  • Eric Taylor
                                    Eric Taylor  4 years back

                                    Been a long time gee,… come to PR, I'm good out here.  Unless u still scared of planes!!  lol  You da best homie!

                                    • junior Medeiros
                                      junior Medeiros  4 years back

                                      Your man fat Joe can't for new music

                                      • D. S.
                                        D. S.  4 years back

                                        Salute og

                                        • jody716
                                          jody716  4 years back

                                          Real ness

                                          • Kprim The Producer
                                            Kprim The Producer  4 years back

                                            Real Talk right here.