100 Greatest Games: Numbers 5-1 | NFL 100


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    JDINSPIRES  2 weeks back

    AZ Pittsburgh SB should be top 3

    • Ken McNeill Music
      Ken McNeill Music  2 weeks back

      One Lion game and it's a 1957 playoff game with some players without facemasks?
      They had all those games with Barry Sanders and only ONE Lion game from 1957? Some amazing close games with Calvin Johnson. Eight Matthew Stafford 4th quarter come from behind games in one year and only ONE Lion game from 1957? The Vikings, Bears, Packers and Lions games for over 80 years and only ONE Lion game and it's not even the championship game from 1952,53 ir 57. Yes, they lose. Yes they've never been to a Super Bowl but seriously? Even the Browns had 3 games. There is no more heartbreaking and disrespected team that's been around has long as they have. One day! Come on NFL!! Seriously? Some classic Thanksgiving games at least. Unbelieveable.

      • stephen murphy
        stephen murphy  2 weeks back

        16:57 that's a touch down. 😝🤪🙄

        • Forte Anglley
          Forte Anglley  3 weeks back

          Upper list is good. Rating a game great because of fog, snowplows, "NFL Films loves Brett Favre" = BS.

          • Thomas Powers
            Thomas Powers  4 weeks back


            “Wide open, Tyree”


            • Tom Scott
              Tom Scott  4 weeks back

              If the mnf game of chiefs v Rams isn't on this list then what is

              • Er Wit
                Er Wit  1 months back

                I remember throughout the 80s and the 90s when the 49ers vs Cowboys was the de facto NFL Championship.....Favorite is still Super Bowl 42 in 2008....

                • christian24james
                  christian24james  1 months back

                  Ugliest goal post I’ve ever seen 15:36

                  • Big PP
                    Big PP  1 months back

                    In the #4 game, that dude was annoying

                    • Joely Woely
                      Joely Woely  1 months back

                      I loved Giants vs Pat's Game I remember watching that catch omgahh I flipped

                      • hicks727
                        hicks727  1 months back

                        14:47 tack on 15 yards for the horse collar..how many great games in the past would not have been great with todays rules? Drew Pearson's push off, Butch Johnson's TD catch in the Super Bowl, Jerry Rice's fumble that wasn't so T. O could make ' The Catch II.

                        • PackerBronco
                          PackerBronco  2 months back

                          #2 is way too high. The Catch is a great and historic play but the rest of the game doesn't stand out against other great games. Definitely should have been behind the Ice Bowl, Chargers vs. Dolphins, Giants vs. Patriots, The Immaculate Reception game, Patriots vs. Falcons Superbowl, The Sea of Hands, and among many others. I'd probably rank it in the top 20, but I don't think it even gets into the top 10.

                          • William Hicks
                            William Hicks  2 months back

                            These are all great choices....

                            But, the 1990 NFC championship between the Giants and 49ers is the best football game I’ve ever seen... 49ers were a great team going for a three peat, at home, but that Giants defense knew how to play them... What a nasty rivalry they had back them! It was a war! Never seen a more hard hitting game! Can’t believe it’s not in the top five... Makes that Chargers/ Dolphins playoff look silly....

                            • Luke R.
                              Luke R.  2 months back

                              Did Patriots Ravens in 2014 not make the list? What?!

                              • Nick Georgiou
                                Nick Georgiou  2 months back

                                I know it’s only 5 games but how is the Steelers vs. Cowboys rematch in SB XIII?

                                • Braves0056
                                  Braves0056  2 months back

                                  what about the superbowl between the pats and falcons? the pats coming back from down 28-3 with just a couple minutes left in the 3rd quarter and the first overtime superbowl ever? not to mention it was a SUPER BOWL

                                  • Braves0056
                                    Braves0056  2 months back

                                    Before the giants pats superbowl I thought the Giants COULD win. But I didn't say they would. I thought they were the one team that could beat the pats and that offense because they could get pressure on the QB with just their front four.

                                    • Richard Chow
                                      Richard Chow  2 months back

                                      The Catch.

                                      • cuttmoore
                                        cuttmoore  2 months back

                                        This crap THE ICE BOWL IS THE GREATEST NFL GAME OF ALL TIME!!!

                                        • Frank Ricard
                                          Frank Ricard  2 months back

                                          How is the ‘07 AFC Championship game Colts vs Patriots not #1?

                                          • gabethegrouch
                                            gabethegrouch  2 months back

                                            Two of the top 5 are games in which the Cowboys lose. Nice

                                            • Rick M Jr
                                              Rick M Jr  3 months back

                                              Wtf with #1??? Cmon man 🤦‍♂️

                                              • PK and KiD
                                                PK and KiD  2 months back

                                                You don’t know anything about football to question the 1958 NFL Championship game man.

                                            • Nicky Depaola
                                              Nicky Depaola  3 months back

                                              How bout 1971 Miami vs KC !!   Top 3 for sure !!

                                              • Nicky Depaola
                                                Nicky Depaola  3 months back

                                                @3:28 #17 TD !   17-14 end !

                                                • PK and the KiD
                                                  PK and the KiD  3 months back

                                                  For those saying Super Bowl XLII is overrated and that it's not the greatest game in maybe, history..

                                                  First of all, it's Boston vs New York. The tension among both in sports, in general. The 2007 Patriots were the most feared team. Averaging 30+ points throughout their ENTIRE season. Leaving a team in lowly single-digit score, beating teams by more than a three possession games, many times. 23 TD's from their new star, joining a soon-to-be certain dynasty. Extending it, mind you. Brady was undefeated in the Super Bowl, prior. You have a 18-0, young, deadly Tom Brady, the King piece in the opposing Chess team. Randy Moss, traded from Oakland for a 4th-round pick, the previous April of 2007. It was overkill from New England. "It's too easy for them now." They were Mount Everest. Their own Evil Empire. Won in 2002, went back-to-back in 2004,2005 wins. Tom Brady, at that time, was the next big thing. Breaking season records that year, that still to this day, haven't been met. Historically, here comes Eli and offensive, the Giants defense and do the unexpected.. beat the Giant, Tom Brady. The Patriots. The defeaters. The conquerors. The Tyree catch should be the archetypal play for underdogs. Compensating at the last minute. Final drive. Against a team that out-prepared every other team, all season. The desperation of throwing in the middle of field to a receiver, plagued with defenders was everything of what football is about. You never know and we all love it for that. The David Tyree catch made it clear to not underestimate anyone/team in sports. Don't question their drive for the game. Your opponents got there for a reason. Their love and drive for the game. Their emotions from losses that season.
                                                  And on the biggest stage in the NFL, for a group of dark horses, wanderers, underachievers in regular season, banding together, defeat the Champions, and stun the world? It could be a film. It's the original, riveting football tale.

                                                  • Suzie Wheeler
                                                    Suzie Wheeler  3 months back

                                                    Miami vs the chargers....who frigging cares ...dallas vs steelers...dallas vs San fran...basically Dallas vs anybody...go Dallas

                                                    • Daniel Scheeler
                                                      Daniel Scheeler  3 months back

                                                      I also noticed the blatant horse collar tackle on Drew Pearson. In today's game, that would have been another 15 yards, and perhaps the Cowboys would've won that game.

                                                      • Daniel Scheeler
                                                        Daniel Scheeler  3 months back

                                                        I've never seen the 1958 NFL Championship in color before... well done!

                                                        • C Trooper
                                                          C Trooper  3 months back

                                                          According to the announcer: Tyree was wide open

                                                          • supreme brick
                                                            supreme brick  3 months back

                                                            "And the green bay packers are going to he world champions once again!"

                                                            • javi m
                                                              javi m  3 months back

                                                              We need an nfl films segment on how the 58 game was put in color

                                                              • Martha Jones
                                                                Martha Jones  3 months back

                                                                Which one the teams was in the AFC by in those days (cowboys packers)

                                                                • Mayhem Jr.
                                                                  Mayhem Jr.  3 months back

                                                                  Chargers vs. Dolphins 1981, and Oilers vs. Bills 1992 playoff games were two of the greatest games I've ever seen, and I'm a 49er who WORSHIPPED The Catch!😉

                                                                  • budli22p
                                                                    budli22p  3 months back


                                                                    • Toby Schneider
                                                                      Toby Schneider  3 months back

                                                                      Chiefs vs Rams MNF 2018?? Over 50 points scored by both teams,

                                                                      • harold mccoy
                                                                        harold mccoy  3 months back

                                                                        Greatest game in NFL history based upon historical importance is the AFL ,NFL Championship game 3 Colts vs Jets ," later named SB with Roman numbers added" before actually league merger 2 years later !! The establishment vs the liberals, the iconic anti establishment the AFL with the players having their surnames on their jerseys back which the NFL didn't, the AFl's two point conversion rule,the AFL's extreme inclusion of historical black college players which the NFL didn't excessively indulge in! The AFL"s ability to compete successfull for television viewership along side the NFL was concerning to NFL ownership ! The NFL dynasty Packers had already destroyed the AFL inthe first two leagues championship games to the point in which the NFL was contemplating pulling out of a merger because they simply didn't believe the AFL could be competitive ,the NFL ownership ,the conservative media outlets ,and left wing conservative Americans all ostricized the AFL as being inferior ,The AFL had more expressive players,a more exciting league with it's intricate passing concepts while the NFL was essentially a running league with it's players being button down always say the corporate thing ,score a TD and hand the ball to the ref ,AFL players wore white shoes which was a taboo ,they had brash personalities ,they forced a merger because the NFL hated competing for draft picks with a rival league ,discarded NFL players went to the fledgling AFL and became stars ! That SB 3 game between the Colts who were considered the greatest team in NFL history vs the percieved cocky outmatched Jets, with the highest paid player inthe NFL Joe Willie Namath ,who wore minks on the sidelines when he was injured, dated supermodels didn't hide the fact that he was a male who enjoyed the company of beautiful women.at all hours of the day and night , wore Fu Manchu mustaches and long hair " non popular conservative appearance",owned a popular club where authentic mobsters frequent and was forced to sale his business by the NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle ! That game was a contest not only between two leagues but social idealogy as well ! The Jets shocking the falsely contrieved supperior Colts who most had considered the greatest team in NFL history was on the scale of ALI beating LISTON ,no one saw it coming and the American left wing conservatives were suddenly entrenched in the right wing conservative liberalism ,and PROBLACK movement ,sports and music is in many ways a extension of society and that game was a montage of that concept ! The Giants beating the undefeated Patriots with all due respect isn't the greatest game in NFL history it's The Jets shocking the Colts in the NFL AFL Championship !

                                                                        • Dwight Love
                                                                          Dwight Love  4 months back

                                                                          How is Bill Walsh ranked ahead of Sid Gillman,Curley Lambeau,Don Coryell when it comes to the passing game.

                                                                          • Bryce Peters
                                                                            Bryce Peters  4 months back

                                                                            I still think Super Bowl 51 is the greatest game of all time.

                                                                            • Mike Westfall
                                                                              Mike Westfall  4 months back

                                                                              Eric Wright with a game saving horse collar tackle to help seal a conference championship for the 49ers!

                                                                              • Danny Han
                                                                                Danny Han  4 months back

                                                                                It's ridiculous that superbowl 51 isn't in the top 5.

                                                                                • soldav
                                                                                  soldav  4 months back

                                                                                  Every dumb actor says the same thing..."we won, I cried"

                                                                                  • Chris C
                                                                                    Chris C  4 months back

                                                                                    As a Cowboy fan the Giant 07 game will always be #1 in my eyes…

                                                                                    • Chris C
                                                                                      Chris C  4 months back

                                                                                      WOW what an annoying dweeb…

                                                                                      • Dave Or
                                                                                        Dave Or  4 months back

                                                                                        3:44 illation (noun)- the action of interfering or drawing a conclusion

                                                                                        • locksmith db
                                                                                          locksmith db  4 months back

                                                                                          Giants beating the Pat's was the best ever, unless you are a pats fan.

                                                                                          • locksmith db
                                                                                            locksmith db  4 months back

                                                                                            The Patriots already had a book written...the perfect season.

                                                                                            • locksmith db
                                                                                              locksmith db  4 months back

                                                                                              The best team of all time....to lose the superbowl. The giants have beat the Patriots twice and the eagles beat them once. Damn NFC east....

                                                                                              • pepe hdez hdez
                                                                                                pepe hdez hdez  4 months back

                                                                                                Is George RR martin fan of 2 teams?