I'm Coming Out.


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  • NikkieTutorials
    NikkieTutorials   3 days back

    *I love you all so much* 🥺🌈💖

    • PacisEritVobiscum
      PacisEritVobiscum  2 days back

      Still messed up of you to not be upfront about your biological sex with your fiance. It is dishonest and no amount of excuses can justify it.

    • Ann Zak
      Ann Zak  3 days back


    • faerie u
      faerie u  3 days back


    • Keisara Garland
      Keisara Garland  3 days back

      NikkieTutorials I LOVE YOU TOO!!! Yesssss NIKKIE ❤️❤️💛

    • Lucky's Channel
      Lucky's Channel  3 days back

      Taking your power back is very attractive. 💖

  • Neb Oknenim
    Neb Oknenim  14 less than a minute back

    WGAF bigga issues than this POS

    • Keanu Charles Reeves
      Keanu Charles Reeves  1 minutes back

      No problemo. If this is what you want to be, we'll have to respect your decision. Enjoy your life!

      • Amy Collins
        Amy Collins  1 minutes back

        We've got your back, sister! You are brave and wonderful. Stand tall!

        • Joy Hi wood
          Joy Hi wood  1 minutes back

          So gorgeous 😍

          • Nyan Nyani
            Nyan Nyani  2 minutes back

            OK, I need to sit down.

            • Aneta Spryng
              Aneta Spryng  2 minutes back


              • Fríða Rós Ásgeirssdóttir

                All the dislikes are from the christian homophobic old people

                • Sofiah Piamonte
                  Sofiah Piamonte  2 minutes back

                  Still gonna love you Nikkie 💖 keep going 😘

                  • Grandma with 10k subscribers

                    oh baby, im so glad but you should have told me first

                    • Jess E
                      Jess E  2 minutes back

                      I so hope you monetised this video Nikkie you deserve it 😭♥️

                      • Sylvia Vasquez
                        Sylvia Vasquez  3 minutes back

                        Am I the only one who feels she’s making this up for publicity?

                        • Daniel sifel
                          Daniel sifel  3 minutes back

                          Never would have known she's trans because let's be honest, a lot of transwomen act like sassy gay men with over the top unessacery catty sass that majority of women do not display. If gives them away, natural acting women like Nikkie, Carmen Carrara, Eden the doll, etc. They act like actual women, just hate she had to do it this way and not at her own pace. Loved you before Nikkie, still love you now.

                          • Veronika V
                            Veronika V  3 minutes back

                            Go Nikkie!!! :-)

                            • Bia Santos
                              Bia Santos  4 minutes back

                              Eu assistia seus vídeos eventualmente e sempre te achei muito criativa, mas agora, eu sinto que te conheço de verdade. Eu amo essa Nikkie com todo o passado dela e tudo o que ela é agora. Você é maravilhosa, sweetie heart ❤ You deserve every love of the world, honey ^-^)
                              Brazil loves you 🇧🇷💕🤗

                              • Lanuienla Longkumer
                                Lanuienla Longkumer  4 minutes back

                                I love you for who you are❣❣

                                • hazel_nut
                                  hazel_nut  4 minutes back

                                  i thought she was a girl wth

                                  • Sissa issam
                                    Sissa issam  4 minutes back

                                    Mtbanch radjel sa voix en dire pa

                                    • 비안카요아나
                                      비안카요아나  5 minutes back

                                      You’re gorgeous! Keep going! 😘😘🌸

                                      • David
                                        David  5 minutes back

                                        Best Tutorial EVERRRRRRR.......

                                        • RoughTough Cocopuff
                                          RoughTough Cocopuff  5 minutes back

                                          If you love yourself so much and preach acceptance then why can't you accept yourself? If you feel like a woman why does that need to be validated through your outward appearance? Apparently your love of yourself depends on how others see you.

                                          • Kuro
                                            Kuro  5 minutes back

                                            I don't wear makeup. I don't watch makeup channels. And I don't know much about you.

                                            But I support whatever makes you happy. I won't think any less of you for your gender identity. That's nothing more than the tip of the iceberg.

                                            As long as you have a kind heart and soul with the ability to own up to any mistakes you make then that's all that matters. Stay strong and fabulous always. 💌

                                            • Bientot Sanchez
                                              Bientot Sanchez  5 minutes back

                                              I already knew that that's not a catholic school u went to

                                              • Kat M
                                                Kat M  6 minutes back

                                                "and boy I've had a transformation huh haha" You are an absolute angel. Just when we thought we couldn't love you anymore. You are you, and that's all that matters <3

                                                • Bo Bo
                                                  Bo Bo  6 minutes back

                                                  come here 🤗 (hugs) keep your chin up 😙 love you 😍

                                                  • Pia-Jasmin Watzinger
                                                    Pia-Jasmin Watzinger  7 minutes back

                                                    vrouw = Frau in German and the pronunciation is the same ❤️❤️❤️
                                                    thank you so much for sharing, we will always support and love you❤️

                                                    • sabina nowak
                                                      sabina nowak  7 minutes back

                                                      1. You are still same Nikki to me <3 I love to watch you, listen to you, you are charming, beautiful and have a great heart 2. I am now even more in love with your mum 3. You are so lucky to be born in Holland! We are the same age, when I was at school they have been fighting with left handed children and forced them to use only right hand, I can’t even imagine our teachers supporting transgender kid! xD Even in 2020 I can’t....

                                                      • TotaalNietGrappig TV
                                                        TotaalNietGrappig TV  8 minutes back

                                                        In the Netherlands we all accept this and this is normal. I'm so sorry most of the americans don't accept this. Im so proud of nikki 🔥💙

                                                        • DANCE GIRLS
                                                          DANCE GIRLS  8 minutes back

                                                          So was she a boy

                                                        • Ray
                                                          Ray  8 minutes back

                                                          A possible WW3 and other global problem.....🤦‍♂️

                                                          Nikkie: I'm gayyy

                                                          • Alexandra Z
                                                            Alexandra Z  8 minutes back

                                                            Am I the only one who had suspected that she used to be a boy? I have always noticed that when she was in videos with other women, the proportions of the head and body were different to the women next to her. I remember saying this to a friend and she dismissed it, so I just let it go. Either way, I couldn't agree more with what she said, it's 2020, people! Be you, break boundaries, accept your flaws, but most importantly, do what you can to be happy, as long as you are not hurting others deliberately. It's so important to accept people for who they are or for who they want to become. No one is in charge of your own body other than yourself.

                                                            • yoongi is a mood
                                                              yoongi is a mood  8 minutes back

                                                              aww guys, she's so adorable! ❤️

                                                              • Alyssa Nunez
                                                                Alyssa Nunez  9 minutes back

                                                                Everyone in the comments are talking about how amazing and inspirational this video is and it truly is. As a young person I’m still trying to figure out how this stuff works and now that influencers like Nikkie are showing this stuff it’s really teaching the new generation how we should be accepting of everyone no matter what our differences are. As well as how we can accept ourselves through the challenges to come. I’m still quoting so I don’t really get how this works yet but these videos are definitely helpful and empowering to those of us who are insecure and even though no ones actually gonna read this I feel like I just need to put this positive energy into 2020 💕💕

                                                                Also can someone explain to me how her hair is so luscious and beautiful while I’m here looking like a rat?!

                                                                And Nikkie if your reading this you’re a inspiration to so many people and your supporters are gonna be with you through every hardship no matter what 💗💖

                                                                • Renee Anker
                                                                  Renee Anker  9 minutes back

                                                                  That was a no brainer! But, congratulations. Do what makes you happy!

                                                                  • izzy
                                                                    izzy  10 minutes back

                                                                    27 on trending in Kuwait wtf !

                                                                    • claudia espinoza
                                                                      claudia espinoza  10 minutes back

                                                                      Love you nikkie! You are a wonderful person. You have inspired me for so many years and you continue to do it. No one can tell us what to be or say who we are, we know who we are. I am so happy for you. You go girl!🙌❤❤❤

                                                                      • Dyani Straube
                                                                        Dyani Straube  10 minutes back

                                                                        Come back with another video!!! Love you nikkieee!

                                                                        • Charles Mandracchia
                                                                          Charles Mandracchia  10 minutes back

                                                                          Go back in, freak

                                                                          • TotaalNietGrappig TV
                                                                            TotaalNietGrappig TV  6 minutes back

                                                                            Please shut up. Its 2020 and this is normal. You must be rotten inside. Shame you.

                                                                        • Jen Wlkns
                                                                          Jen Wlkns  11 minutes back

                                                                          I so shocked it’s taken this long to come out. Like if she was born male how has no one from her past said that? No hate or anything but that’s a big secret and you’d think at least one person from say school would have said something. Like not even a whisper of it.

                                                                          • Jess E
                                                                            Jess E  4 minutes back

                                                                            Jen Wlkns prob cos it’s so normal in her country plus maybe people aren’t arseholes and share peoples private info

                                                                        • VASCO
                                                                          VASCO  11 minutes back


                                                                          • Carlene Kurdziel
                                                                            Carlene Kurdziel  11 minutes back

                                                                            Nikki, you are so incredible (and looked so GOOD TODAAAAY). ❤️❤️❤️

                                                                            • Coco !
                                                                              Coco !  12 minutes back

                                                                              I love it 😻

                                                                              • Chelsea Gandee
                                                                                Chelsea Gandee  13 minutes back

                                                                                So proud of you you are a boss woman!

                                                                                • laura thornberry
                                                                                  laura thornberry  13 minutes back

                                                                                  Me sitting in the hospital in dublin ireland and i see im coming out ao i stook in my headphones because of the people around and when i heard my mom tough she was having a girl i was thinking you are a girl your a beautyful woman and then surprise i took out tge earphones and let the hole waiting room hear how strong this beauty's voice is i new people were listening and i was saying WOW what a strong person as nikki said i am me you do you and you do you in one hell of a way and i love and admire you more for you xxxxxxx

                                                                                  • T
                                                                                    T  13 minutes back


                                                                                    • mississlowcheetah
                                                                                      mississlowcheetah  13 minutes back

                                                                                      Oh sweetheart. You always were a beautiful woman. You've just gotten more beautiful with your heroinelike, inspiring story. And anything that's in your head is yours to keep or out as you please! I admire you and respect you to the full extend of those words' meanings. Groetjes van Belgie X

                                                                                      • Nora Hosam
                                                                                        Nora Hosam  13 minutes back

                                                                                        We still love you tons and so proud of you 💞💞

                                                                                        • Dollie bitez
                                                                                          Dollie bitez  14 minutes back

                                                                                          She's honestly sooooo gorgeous and beautiful on inside and out!! I would never thought she would be change from man to women...I believe she was meant to be a woman from birth, she's a REAL woman! She's honestly sooooo pretty and soo many feminine features, I thought she was pulling our legs and ready to say "ha sike bishhs, I like girls" for the first few minutes.... She's amazing, and from her telling us this my point of view of her hasn't changed AT ALL ! ✨🌸