Funniest Baby Goes Shopping First Time - WE LAUGH


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  • We laugh
    We laugh   6 days back

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    • Mahmoud Al adwan
      Mahmoud Al adwan  5 days back

      Minute 10:20 ... Oh my goodn'th 🤣🤣🤣👍

      • We laugh
        We laugh   4 days back

        Are you sure you watch until 10:20? 😂😂😂😂

    • BlipBlipist
      BlipBlipist  1 weeks back

      Hello! 👋🙂

      • roula martinou
        roula martinou  2 weeks back

        Μι νι μι ιν Μν Μν. (6

        • Patrica Dyson
          Patrica Dyson  2 weeks back

          Why do people do this to there baby’s .scare them.Nuts.

          • Lu R
            Lu R  3 days back

            You didn't watch, it was actually pretty funny stuff!

          • We laugh
            We laugh   1 weeks back

            Maybe they want to surprise the baby.

          • kris helfferich
            kris helfferich  2 weeks back


        • جومانا البدعيش


        • Regina Morrison
          Regina Morrison  2 weeks back

          that gap baby is Cute as ever my gosh she was adorable

          • We laugh
            We laugh   2 weeks back

            Everything she does is adorable

        • Fiona Cyrus
          Fiona Cyrus  3 weeks back

          Please give baby the doll.. she loves it 🥴🥴🥴

          • Johanna Raijmakers
            Johanna Raijmakers  4 weeks back

            Wie laat er 2baby's om een fles voeding vechten en lacht daar haar "lachje" bij? Een moeder????