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  • Published: 10 February 2015
  • This is a Genuine G-Shots to mark the passing and in honor of perhaps the greatest basketball coach ever, Coach Dean Smith of the North Carolina Tar Hears. This is the tribute which I posted on my Gary 'GShotsTV' Mondfrans Facebook page this past weekend: :

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    O'Connor: Dean Smith fought for integration
    "The Cream Always Rises to the Top" A strong voice for Equality and Social Justice North Carolina's Coach Dean Smith of Chapel Hill passes.
    Dean Smith was a man ahead of his time and this man of the highest integrity wasn't just a gold standard of basketball knowing every player's names while earning twenty remarkable Tarheal wins in his 27 years of professional coaching. His career began in the early turbulent "Jim Crow" 1960's, when lynching and cross burnings were still common, a sure and steady powerful voice of consciousness throughout his remarkable 83 year of life fighting always for integration, social justice, equality, compassion and understanding. He loved the sermons at his fully integrated church in the Deep South and was even being hung in effigy by segregationists in a stadium which now bears the honor of his name. Coach Smith never used profanity and never really needed to, as he commanded respect standing for the individual equality on both the playing fields and in the jails all the while refusing to sit idly by at a time when it was not easy for a white man to do so. Dean Smith vigorously opposed the death penalty "as it made us all murderers" and was a winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom in the highest traditions of America's Liberty.

    . ~----------- Rest in Peace Dean Smith ------------------~
    . The Great's Thank and Await Your Earned Legacy

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