Titans/Ravens, Perkins vs. KD, Westbrook's return, Tom Brady (1.10.20) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast


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  • Mr. Lansky
    Mr. Lansky  2 weeks back

    "Order has been restored" 😭😭😭✔

    • Nate Diaz Couldn't Beat a Rattata

      Lamar played below average against every playoff team except Houston....I called it on many videos...Lamar isn't a top QB he just pads stats against bad teams.

      • DC
        DC  2 weeks back

        I'm with Skip. Where did the money go, especially for 2019? I don't think Tom should play for free though; he's already been taking pay cuts all these years. And as far as this and all of these other talks about where Tom Brady's going and his legacy? He doesn't have to prove anything else for his legacy. But I am with Skip on the Chargers, should Tom want to continue to play. Shannon is right though, $5 million is insane. Pay the guy what he's worth; he's been taking pay cuts on everybody else's behalf Skip!

        • John Wesley Lane
          John Wesley Lane  2 weeks back

          well, well, Ravens QB, might need to retire to preserve his legacy, clearly he has followed Brady

        • Navin
          Navin  2 weeks back

          Skip was right about the Titans!!!

          • Arthur James
            Arthur James  2 weeks back

            Wow Skip was right about Titans winning!

            • shut up already
              shut up already  2 weeks back

              Eat your words shannon! Lamar over mahomes?! Your a fool?! Mind over matter!

              • Anthony Stone
                Anthony Stone  1 weeks back

                @Saul Ferrandiz Actually, Actually switching to GEICO can save you 15% or more on car insurance

              • Saul Ferrandiz
                Saul Ferrandiz  2 weeks back

                Actually the fool is Skip, by saying Watson was better than Mahomes...

            • Donald Pace
              Donald Pace  2 weeks back

              Peace Ravens better luck nxt yr...go Texans

              • Hasan Yuksel
                Hasan Yuksel  2 weeks back

                Kinfolk Kirk > Dak Prescott

                • KINGDANNI
                  KINGDANNI  2 weeks back

                  wtf did skip just predicted exactly the opposite as Shannon on every game

                  • Tiki Mili
                    Tiki Mili  2 weeks back

                    KINGDANNI they’re supposed

                • Frosty
                  Frosty  2 weeks back

                  Only 7 minutes on the cowboys today?!?! Wow thank you jesus!!!

                  • Etchfamilyguy
                    Etchfamilyguy  2 weeks back

                    #said it first mike McCarthy

                    • Etchfamilyguy
                      Etchfamilyguy  2 weeks back

                      I'm been saying McCarthy since the haters started

                      • Etchfamilyguy
                        Etchfamilyguy  2 weeks back

                        #etchfamilyfuysaidmike McCarthy #i said it first #McCarthycoawboys

                        • Jarred page
                          Jarred page  2 weeks back

                          Aaron Rodgers praying the Vikings win 😅

                          • David R
                            David R  2 weeks back

                            Tom Shady Belicheat & rhe the CHEATRIOT reign is over nice to have a cheat free Super Bowl 👍

                            • Anthony Stone
                              Anthony Stone  1 weeks back

                              A lot of sodium in this comment 😂

                            • Chris Rocket
                              Chris Rocket  2 weeks back

                              But if the Ravens are there, they love murderers....

                            • Peter Karel Kraus
                              Peter Karel Kraus  2 weeks back

                              You have PDS. Patriot Derangement Syndrome.

                          • Peter Karel Kraus
                            Peter Karel Kraus  2 weeks back

                            They spent it on a Boeing 767 lol.

                            • Peter Karel Kraus
                              Peter Karel Kraus  2 weeks back

                              Lundqvuist gets $10 mil a year, Fleury gets $5mil. How many cups does Lundqvuist have? How many does Fleury have?

                              • David Barkley Sr.
                                David Barkley Sr.  2 weeks back

                                Go Ravens

                              • Jfran Man
                                Jfran Man  2 weeks back

                                I don’t think nantz and romo are announcing game.

                              • Eric Yund
                                Eric Yund  2 weeks back

                                He always manages to bring up cowboys and Lebron no matter what the topic is come on skiiiiiiip 😂😂

                                • zovazHD
                                  zovazHD  2 weeks back

                                  Lettssss goooooooo huh

                                  • First Name Last Name
                                    First Name Last Name  2 weeks back

                                    Couldn’t go 1 day without talking about the Cowboys lmao

                                  • Patrick Quigley
                                    Patrick Quigley  2 weeks back

                                    TAKE EVERYTHING!!!