Indyamarie Talks New York Fashion Week, Giving Back To Fans, & New Music with @HipHopMike


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  • Marcus-paul Maharaj
    Marcus-paul Maharaj  3 days back

    Dude corny and creepy with his thirst

    • put paint where it aint

      Hot97 HR department is asssssssssssss.. get this nigga outta here lol

      • MANGO ZOO
        MANGO ZOO  4 days back

        She little Lisa Bona, a drop of Beyonce sister and a tiny drop of Ricon to me what you think?

        • LexLuther
          LexLuther  4 days back

          Is it me or can she not sing? yeah, she cute, but lets be real, she definitely got her come up from "associating" with many rappers and she is pretty at that. Other than that, I dont see talent. She a hustler though, i give her credit for that.

          • LexLuther
            LexLuther  4 days back

            @Indyamarie J 👌

          • Indyamarie J
            Indyamarie J  4 days back

            It’s you hun. No one relates. Everyone else is busy being positive. Praying for you.

        • Jai Norman
          Jai Norman  6 days back

          I bet she taste so good

          • brell 2-1-5
            brell 2-1-5  7 days back

            she just got added to my "No🍆out & put a💍on it" 📄 😘❤😍💓

            • TAI
              TAI  1 weeks back


              • mitchidis
                mitchidis  1 weeks back

                Yooooo she mad cute 😍

                • Matthew Neely
                  Matthew Neely  1 weeks back

                  This dude is corny

                  • Chillaxen
                    Chillaxen  1 weeks back

                    Finally , An Indy interview 😫💯🧚🏽‍♀️

                    • The Great One
                      The Great One  1 weeks back

                      Why every girl always be saying how " They different" "I'm an individual" "I do my own thing" while looking like every other instagram thot with the same tattoos wearing those socks with marijuana leaf printed on them.

                      • Big L
                        Big L  7 days back

                        Man shut your soft ass up

                    • foldups
                      foldups  1 weeks back

                      Indyamarie if you see this, lemme take you out

                      • Mark Hill
                        Mark Hill  1 weeks back

                        gotta WATCH for bae!!!!!!!!

                        • Mr ST Fleur
                          Mr ST Fleur  1 weeks back

                          HOT97 i can do a better job then this guy.. please hit me up to work.. smh .. waste of a interview

                        • Cesar Porras
                          Cesar Porras  1 weeks back

                          This guy low key trying to bag with his smooth vibe 😂🤣😂

                          • Chad Smash
                            Chad Smash  1 weeks back

                            Another light skin whore famous for what reason ???

                            • Cris James
                              Cris James  1 weeks back

                              This guy is too much.

                              • Trey Diggz
                                Trey Diggz  1 weeks back

                                Wake Up Bruh, he’s a dumb wigger.

                              • Wake Up
                                Wake Up  1 weeks back

                                Cris James he tryna bag, let him shoot his shot lmao

                            • Sriracha Kanto
                              Sriracha Kanto  1 weeks back

                              Same girl that made the squirt gun video?

                              • Callum Acourt
                                Callum Acourt  1 weeks back

                                What is this interview even about lol regular ass convo

                                • Snowman Brrr
                                  Snowman Brrr  1 weeks back

                                  Grandma ???!

                                  • Quentin Miller
                                    Quentin Miller  7 days back

                                    Like she always stay in the house and go to sleep early 😂

                                  • Fra 06
                                    Fra 06  1 weeks back


                                • f43a97
                                  f43a97  1 weeks back


                                  • Brandon Andujar
                                    Brandon Andujar  1 weeks back

                                    When you gonna have a Dave Chappelle video

                                    • Milli Millz
                                      Milli Millz  1 weeks back

                                      That’s wifey

                                      • Sir Jeanty, 24
                                        Sir Jeanty, 24  1 weeks back

                                        This guy gives off a corny vibe lol but word shoutouts to indya 💪🏾

                                        • LexLuther
                                          LexLuther  4 days back

                                          hes that corny dude that tries to talk to you on the bus.

                                        • Sir Jeanty, 24
                                          Sir Jeanty, 24  1 weeks back

                                          The Great One idk if you’re trolling or crying... it ain’t that deep for a paragraph bro, relax

                                        • The Great One
                                          The Great One  1 weeks back

                                          I'd love to see how you'd act when talking to her with cameras all around knowing thousands of people will be watching. I swear man if yall had cameras recording you spitting game a girls you'd be way to embarrass to watch. Plus I think dude isn't an interviewer is was force to cover for someone else who supposed to be interviewing which is why it seems awkward.

                                        • Trey Diggz
                                          Trey Diggz  1 weeks back

                                          He just comes off like a stupid wigger 😂😂😂

                                      • Shafferspeeks
                                        Shafferspeeks  1 weeks back

                                        Indy hasn't aged a bit and I'll respect her and be a supporter of hers👊🏿🕉️👏🏿

                                        • Shafferspeeks
                                          Shafferspeeks  6 days back

                                          @Matthew White I said that because I haven't heard from her or listened to her music like that in a while

                                        • Matthew White
                                          Matthew White  6 days back

                                          You act like she's not just 25