3 HRs Watching Airplanes, Aircraft Identification | Plane Spotting Los Angeles International Airport

  • Published: 27 January 2019

    3 hours of watching airplanes landing and taking off at one of the world's busiest airports, Los Angeles International Airport KLAX/LAX. Perfect for relaxation, background noise, an afternoon viewing or however you want to enjoy.

    I spend a lot of time and effort getting footage for these videos, documenting this world of flight for future generations of aviation geeks and citizens of this world alike. Why is it important to me?

    Aviation itself in its many forms, is a very valuable gift. Travel by flight allows this world to become closer, to learn of each other, to become more profitable not just monetarily but also in knowledge and insight and to use precious time more efficiently as well. Yes, that realization may not be quite so present when standing in a lengthy line at the airport prior to the actual travel experience, but then shame on us as humankind for being so nearsighted and not allocating space, people and resources to give this gift the priority and prominence that would make it truly even more effective. The abilities that aviation allows should be treated as an investment for every community.

    Aviation is multi-faceted and various types of aircraft allow for greater flexibility in a variety of situations but airliners tend to grab my attention the most. Certainly, there are other methods to get from place to place but consider how the hundreds and thousands of miles that in history past that were once a great divider and an obstacle to human achievement and connection are now so non-existent that people hardly give it a second thought... this is one of aviation's great gifts to mankind: the ability to cover great distances around the world with incredible speed. With airliners, people go global. How long would it take to travel the same distance through some other slower method?

    And so it is a lifeblood of this world so ingrained in the way the world operates that to remove it would effectively cripple the world as we know it and as it has now been built because of it. Flight allows us to explore, to follow dreams, to visit and learn of distant lands, to gain more accurate viewpoints, to vacation far away, to see distant clients, friends, family and relatives, the list goes on and on. It is used by the rich, famous and the unwashed masses alike. It is natural that people either realize the value of it and treat it as special or couldn't care less and take it for granted. In truth, a reality this momentous deserves to be celebrated and so I take the time to document and celebrate it in as many forms as I am able and in as many opportunities as present themselves.

    Personally, I find in aviation a best friend and something that has been with me most all of my life. It provides a rhythm of life for me that I have found few other things can provide. So many adventures, advantages and opportunities have come to me because of my interest in flight. Through it I have met many wonderful people which I may not have otherwise. Aviation inspires me to eliminate barriers and set goals in my own life, to dream and be the best I can be. There is always more and more to learn of it and through seeking to understand more of it I have learned how to study and to better myself and to attain
    knowledge in everything from science to personal discipline. In short, it has become a viewpoint that connects me to the world around me. I echo the words of great aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who said, “I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things. ”

    Aircraft featured:
    Boeing 737-700, 737-800, 737-900ER, 747-400, 747-400 Freighter, 717, 757-200, 757-300, 767-300ER, 767-400, 777-200, 777-300ER, 787-8, 787-9 Dreamliner, Airbus A320, A319, A380-800, A340-600, A340-300, etc.

    Airlines featured: Aer Lingus, Aeroflot, Aeromexico, Air Canada, Air China, Air France, Air New Zealand, Air Tahiti Nui, Alaska Airlines,
    Alitalia, All Nippon Airways, American Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Avianca, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines Boeing House Livery, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, EVA Air Hello Kitty, Fiji Airways, Hainan Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Iberia, Interjet, Japan Airlines, JetBlue Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air, LATAM Chile, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Philippine Airlines, Qantas Tam Dreaming, Qatar Airways, Saudia, Scandinavian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, WestJet, XiamenAir, Cargolux, Cathay Pacific Cargo, China Airlines Cargo, FedEx Express, Korean Air Cargo

    This video is the property of O'HareAviation Plane Spotting & Flight Tracking. It may not be used in any way without permission.

    © O'HareAviation Planespotting 2019

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  • O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting


    Took me forever to get around to this but here you go! All the aircraft types in this video identified. YouTube was being difficult and wouldn't allow me to post this any other way. Hopefully it's not too hard to navigate.
    Please let me know if you have any corrections... I checked everything pretty carefully but hey, I'm not perfect. Enjoy!

    00:50 KOREAN AIR AIRBUS A380-861
    01:48 QANTAS AIRBUS A380-842
    03:49 KOREAN AIR AIRBUS A380-861
    07:05 AIR CANADA BOEING 737-8 MAX
    09:30 AIR CHINA BOEING 777-39LER
    11:05 BOEING 777-243ER ALITALIA
    13:16 AEROFLOT AIRBUS A330-243
    14:43 AIR TAHITI NUI AIRBUS A340-313
    16:26 LUFTHANSA AIRBUS A340-642 A340-600
    18:07 LUFTHANSA AIRBUS A380-841
    20:17 CARGOLUX BOEING 747-8F
    27:20 FEDEX BOEING 767-3S2F/ER
    30:05 FEDEX CARGO MD-11F

    • Michael H.
      Michael H.  1 weeks back

      @O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting Hello Jay - Did I get the aircraft at 1:20:22 correctly if I thought it was an A321 (non-NEO) Air Canada "Star Alliance"? It was inadvertently left out of your 2nd "reply".

    • O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting
      O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting   1 months back

      Carter Steele Carter Thanks for watching!!

    • O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting
      O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting   1 months back

      Michael H. lol! thanks for the proof-read! Those creative interpretations have been corrected 😆

    • Michael H.
      Michael H.  1 months back

      ​@O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting SpellCheck only found a few of "typos": 2:06:44 "RUSSEL", 1:59:21 "DLETA" and 1:53:03 "SHITTLE" . The latter probably occurred while you were also trying to listen to our (US) President at the same time as inputting aircraft info! I would have been severly cross-eyed after typing that many entries!
      EDIT: added comment

    • Carter Steele Carter
      Carter Steele Carter  1 months back

      Ty so much

  • shyon Bahad
    shyon Bahad  2 days back

    Never seen an air Tahiti nui landing in LAX

    • marilynyaq
      marilynyaq  4 days back


      • Aldo Gomes
        Aldo Gomes  5 days back

        Belos e fascinantes pássaros gigantes de metal! Maravilhas de Deus, ainda que feitos pelos homens!

        • Diaz Fan
          Diaz Fan  6 days back

          777 Korean Air. Is a Monster at the beginning

          • Quackers
            Quackers  1 weeks back

            I fell asleep watching aviation videos and somehow I managed to get through half of this???

          • Buff Barnaby
            Buff Barnaby  1 weeks back

            I was Trainspotting that this is much better🤣😁

          • tommy petersen
            tommy petersen  2 weeks back

            great fotography great work.

          • Professor Jedi
            Professor Jedi  2 weeks back

            love content but ad every 5 minutes... if I want that I''ll go back to old TV have to unsub

            • O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting
              O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting   2 weeks back

              Thanks for the feedback. I will try to have that adjusted... very annoying for me too actually. Sometimes the YouTube algorithm and placement of ads is a pain to work with.

          • Alaska096
            Alaska096  2 weeks back


            Former Ryanair pilot

          • Dylan Chang
            Dylan Chang  3 weeks back

            Where is your spotting point?

          • Tom Taylor
            Tom Taylor  3 weeks back

            Jay, I have a question,
            I was picking someone up this past week at LAX at 1AM (Labor Day Weekend), and was plane spotting off Imperial HWY (you must know the area I am referring to?) next to 25L.

            I seen something I have NEVER seen in my life.

            Planes were departing on 25L, and actually LANDING on 6R and 6L AT THE SAME EXACT TIME!
            25L departures were turning "HARD LEFT" as soon as they passed the Threshold of 7R.
            I have proof and recorded this on the fly (if anyone disbelieves me). One plane landing DID NOT EVEN HAVE HIS LANDING LIGHTS ON! Only beacon and Clearance lights on wingtips.

            Have you ever seen this before.
            I am going to post this on my channel soon (most likely on Labor day), although the quality really sucks. I was not intending to do spotting and doing video that early morning, BUT I do have a couple video's to prove what I have seen.
            Take it ez, Tom in NV

            • Tom Taylor
              Tom Taylor  3 weeks back

              @O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting I did post the video on my channel, BUT PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, the quality is HORRIBLE as I was not intending to video or even put up for anyone to see. It was just spur of the moment, here is my link for one video, I have two videos at LAX.


              Thanks for your time and your post to answer, I knew it was something like 1000' separation but not sure. I still have never seen this, but then again I rarely get to go to any airports anymore.
              Thanks, Tom in NV

            • O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting
              O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting   3 weeks back

              Thanks for the note, Tom! LAX ATC, as well as some other larger airports around the country, have approval to allow landings and departures to the same directional area after dark due to very restrictive noise constraints that take place at that time of night. This operation with 25L and 6R-L is safe so long as strict minimum lateral separation is maintained between inbound and outbound traffic. The pilots and controllers watch this closely with high-update radar technology to insure there is no violation. In this case, all the noise goes out over the water instead of over residential areas. I'd love to see your video when you get a chance but rest assured there is nothing abnormal about this happening. Such is only the case of the wonderful people of aviation trying to be considerate of their airport neighbors. You'd be surprised how many procedures are in place across the country and how much is done to try to minimize the airport's noise impact to neighboring communities... maybe someday they will create airliners that are so quiet nobody will be able to hear them come and go but until then... hope this answers your question.

              Thanks for watching!

          • Zaroug X
            Zaroug X  3 weeks back

            I get why this randomly came on being that I watch a lot of aviation videos but what I’m more surprised by is that in the comments everyone else seemed to find it on while they slept. 👁does YouTube know that your sleeping 👁👁

          • Jozil de Lima
            Jozil de Lima  4 weeks back

            Forgive me for my English.
            His videos are an inspiration to aviation enthusiasts.
            I'm a brazilian spotter.
            I hope to go to Los Angeles to film at this airport.

          • CIPRIANI
            CIPRIANI  1 months back

            Really a special video with details and nice sound👍😊👍 Thank you !!!!

          • Eddy Titunique
            Eddy Titunique  1 months back

            So this is why I dreamed about flying a plane...

            • Robert Binner Mattfeldt
              Robert Binner Mattfeldt  1 months back

              I did not know there were so many double-decker Airbus 380s in operation.

              • wayne507508
                wayne507508  1 months back

                Id give anything to see the Wright brothers watch this.

                • Mostly Cameras
                  Mostly Cameras  1 months back

                  At 7:00 minutes

                • Mostly Cameras
                  Mostly Cameras  1 months back

                  When did you shoot this because that Air Canada plane looks awfully like an B737 Max!?

                • Anibal Mejia
                  Anibal Mejia  1 months back

                  When I’m watching all of these planes land I’m like, yo why did you put the next one I saw the plane on runway but it didn’t saw it land... (comment if you understand😎😎😎)

                  • Juanjose Moreno
                    Juanjose Moreno  1 months back

                    Where is iberia

                    • Zambitro Nevill
                      Zambitro Nevill  1 months back

                      i turned on my computer to find this playing

                    • Paul FUN
                      Paul FUN  1 months back

                      Alaska Air have the best paint jobs. Is that a Sasquatch they have on the tail? 1:26:20 awesome!

                      • O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting
                        O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting   1 months back

                        Paul FUN lol. The man on the tail has some myth and legend surrounding his identity. The exact identity is up for debate but it seems that it is a face representative of an Eskimo elder and based on that of one of a few actual Eskimos that did indeed live in past. The Alaska Airlines website has more on the story.

                    • Unusual無奇不有
                      Unusual無奇不有  1 months back

                      Awesome plane spotting.

                    • Keira Redgwell
                      Keira Redgwell  1 months back

                      These clips must've been before the MAX planes being grounded.

                    • Petar Jankovic
                      Petar Jankovic  1 months back

                      Das sieht gut aus, mit dem neuen Cryptotab Browser, werde sich das alles noch viel besser ansehen... @t

                      • Carlos Azambuja
                        Carlos Azambuja  1 months back

                        ....soft landings festival...

                        • Reno Santillo
                          Reno Santillo  1 months back

                          great job :)

                        • Plane and simple
                          Plane and simple  1 months back

                          Check out my Toronto planes on my channel!They are truly beautiful. Have a wonderful day everyone :)

                          • 804856j
                            804856j  1 months back

                            Great video! Whay video equipment do you use?

                          • Ab plane Spotting
                            Ab plane Spotting  2 months back

                            hi I'm doing a YouTube channel or I'm putting economy class travel report please subscribe you

                            • Five dots Dave
                              Five dots Dave  2 months back

                              I just watched 4 minutes of this then I went and painted a piece of wood and watched it dry.....

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                                                        Same last night!

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                                                          TOTALLY AWEMAZING  2 months back

                                                          19:22 . . Bad pixels??? . . . Oh no. . .its volaris again up to their shenanigans