Riverdale season 3 is an absolute mess...


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  • I will swallow you
    I will swallow you  1 weeks back

    Maple syrup waterboarding is probably the most retarded thing I have heard.

    • Follower Of Duck
      Follower Of Duck  3 weeks back

      Its better to think that after season 1 its a weird fanfic

      • Clown Weed
        Clown Weed  3 weeks back

        *riverdale season 3 is an absolute mess*
        tell me something i don't know

        • Joshua Abadano
          Joshua Abadano  3 weeks back

          Season 3: *Sheryl Screaming and getting PTSD*

          • Megan M
            Megan M  4 weeks back

            2:47 me and other Falice shippers:

            OH MY GODDD 🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤🤤😍😍😍THEYRE SO PERFECTTTT AWWWWWW 😍

            • Elle h
              Elle h  4 weeks back

              Hi sam 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

              • Heåvenly XX
                Heåvenly XX  1 months back

                even the cast hates the plot of the show 😪

                • vee vee
                  vee vee  1 months back

                  You people have absolutely no idea how funny the gargoyle king and friends thing sounds to someone who haven't watch riverdale

                  • Cute memes✌🏻
                    Cute memes✌🏻  1 months back

                    *remember when I had a mental breakdown with the amount of comments that say,”REmBeR WhEn RIvErDALe wAs aBOuT jAsOn BLosSoM?”*

                    • Maya
                      Maya  1 months back

                      No one:

                      Absolutely no one:

                      Riverdale: Three girls in damn loud high heel boots breaking into a house with security having absolutely no idea of the situation and who-knows-if they had a plan, just to kidnap their Ginger friend who burned down a house, tried to kill her mean mother, was in love with her twin, and who was never paying real attention to them JUST BECAUSE SHE WAS MISSING. wut.

                      • Kirsten Sorenson
                        Kirsten Sorenson  1 months back

                        Pretty sure the popcorn popping and FP coming in through the window was a nod to Scream cause it was very Screamesque... Which FP was Billy soooo there's that lol

                        • Slushdog 101
                          Slushdog 101  2 months back

                          I don’t watch RiverDale, but now I’m positive I never want to
                          😂 god [email protected] this show is a lot.

                          • Sleepy Ash
                            Sleepy Ash  2 months back

                            So like am I the only one who didn’t know what rule 34 was so I looked it up and I wish I didn’t tbh

                            • Your mom Is the best
                              Your mom Is the best  2 months back

                              Their is no story for Kevin

                              • Ceci Cowart
                                Ceci Cowart  2 months back


                                • glitter girl
                                  glitter girl  2 months back

                                  Anyone notice that there were a lot of sex scenes in this season? Like did the people directing this have some sort of fetish about watching teens doing it??

                                  • Langelihle Ndiweni
                                    Langelihle Ndiweni  2 months back

                                    Why. Just why is this still a show. Its killing me inside.

                                    • Noel
                                      Noel  2 months back

                                      I like Alex's Archie better then the Archie in the show. BEGONE FAKE RED HAIR!

                                      • Brooklynn Russell
                                        Brooklynn Russell  2 months back

                                        Riverdale is like Scooby Doo solving/trying to solve mysterious😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

                                        • samsomething 216
                                          samsomething 216  2 months back

                                          You should do a stranger things vid

                                          • tell me that lie one more time

                                            One day veronica is going to mix up lover and daddy (^^)

                                            • Emilia Ortiz
                                              Emilia Ortiz  2 months back

                                              4:22 rapunzel 2.0

                                              • Emilia Ortiz
                                                Emilia Ortiz  2 months back

                                                They are all 17 going 25

                                                • Emilia Ortiz
                                                  Emilia Ortiz  2 months back

                                                  How is this the same show that started with a murder mystery that was kind of believable and is now some weird teenage high schoolers supposed to be 16 going 25

                                                  • Olivia Kosel
                                                    Olivia Kosel  2 months back

                                                    Gargoyle King
                                                    Gargoyle King

                                                    • Dumpling salt
                                                      Dumpling salt  2 months back

                                                      *Some TV shows should stay in the comics*

                                                      • That one Weirdo
                                                        That one Weirdo  2 months back

                                                        The fact that you made like 4-5 videos on this-

                                                        • schnopsy
                                                          schnopsy  2 months back

                                                          Drinking challenge:
                                                          Every time Archie shows his abs take a drink
                                                          Every time Cheryl screams, take a drink
                                                          Every time there’s a gargoyle king, take a drink.
                                                          And that’s how you get alcohol poisoning

                                                          • Weil Gründe lol
                                                            Weil Gründe lol  2 months back

                                                            I gotta say season 2 had some good storylines but they had to make all of it cringe but season 3 is almost only cringe the only character I still kinda like is Jugheads and Archie's dad and not even they are so perfect but even tough season 1 wasn't perfect it was the best

                                                            • Tayyaba Malik
                                                              Tayyaba Malik  2 months back

                                                              Riverdale is just like kids next door .....

                                                              • Thanujan Thavaratnam
                                                                Thanujan Thavaratnam  2 months back

                                                                Archie’s abs.

                                                                • Gracie S
                                                                  Gracie S  2 months back

                                                                  The Vacuum 😂😂

                                                                  • videoman253
                                                                    videoman253  2 months back

                                                                    When Cheryl said “It speaks, or else it gets the syrup again”, I just thought of “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again”

                                                                    • Lauren Oldroyd
                                                                      Lauren Oldroyd  3 months back

                                                                      You have done more riverdale stuff than there is of episodes

                                                                      • Vaanya RASTOGI
                                                                        Vaanya RASTOGI  3 months back

                                                                        "Riverdale is a mess" more like ur life is a mess ;)

                                                                        • Sujata
                                                                          Sujata  3 months back

                                                                          Oh please

                                                                      • The 17th Hokage
                                                                        The 17th Hokage  3 months back

                                                                        0:55-1:06 😂😂Whenever he says something like that I cant help but laugh!

                                                                        • Mich Moreland
                                                                          Mich Moreland  3 months back

                                                                          The gravestone in the bed is a Halloween reference
                                                                          Anyone else?
                                                                          No one?

                                                                          • Griselda Pereira
                                                                            Griselda Pereira  3 months back

                                                                            9:00 -10:33 Yasss thanks for that bit its very appropriate specially in current times

                                                                            • xExtremelyTiredxx
                                                                              xExtremelyTiredxx  3 months back

                                                                              When the first season came out I almost bought a riverdale jacket that was like 70$. Thank god i didn’t get it

                                                                              • xExtremelyTiredxx
                                                                                xExtremelyTiredxx  3 months back

                                                                                This show remind me of when I would play toys with my sister and we would go from a normal toy world at the park to a super star world to demons and vampires

                                                                                • rootbeerlovesme
                                                                                  rootbeerlovesme  3 months back

                                                                                  I would actually be okay if this show stayed a mess. It's really fun for me not being able to ever predict what's going to happen next

                                                                                  • Jacqueliny Ab
                                                                                    Jacqueliny Ab  3 months back

                                                                                    he maybe could have added when cheryl is like : What, you viper!?! Then Penelope gets that sudden seizure. Yeah and also when ronnie is like : BuT ArChIe, wE'rE eNdGaMe😱😱😱😱😱

                                                                                    • L E G I O N
                                                                                      L E G I O N  3 months back

                                                                                      But that whole popcorn getting cooked, FP comes into the window and gives the scared love interest a hug while looking into the camera gave me serious Scream vibes. Just me? ok

                                                                                      • K B
                                                                                        K B  3 months back

                                                                                        Are we just gonna forget about the floating babies...

                                                                                        • Kamri Sheilds
                                                                                          Kamri Sheilds  3 months back

                                                                                          You should start blogging sometimes just saying

                                                                                          • A Hollenbeck
                                                                                            A Hollenbeck  3 months back

                                                                                            I must know what happened to the popcorn!!

                                                                                            • Riverdale
                                                                                              Riverdale  3 months back

                                                                                              Ok I guess where just gonna ignore the fact that they said fangs was dead yet he’s still alive after that episode

                                                                                              • TaeBae
                                                                                                TaeBae  3 months back

                                                                                                I just noticed that the whole end of ep6 is a giant scream reference

                                                                                                It’s literally skeet ulrich how did I not notice this until like the 3rd rewatch