• Published: 30 August 2019
  • Stephen Sharer explores top secret laboratory aquarium with Sharer brother John to find mystery clues about the pond monster existence

    Last vlog Stephen was “RETURNING HOME to SHARER FAMILY HOUSE!! (Mom Spotted Twin Pond Monster in Backyard)” and while at the Sharer Fan House momma Sharer spotted mystery creature evidence like an egg inside the nest as well as Twins! Not knowing what to do Stephen and John traveled to Monterey California while Grace Sharer stayed back at family home with Mom Sharer to spy on the twin mystery monsters and posted “Pond Monster Twins Destroy the Sharer Family House!! (Giant Hole In Backyard Found)” and then once the bros arrived at the Monterey Aquarium Lab in California, they started exploring the different deep sea creatures that have excited, even in ancient times. Finding an electric eel creature, they figure this could have been a descendant of the pond monster and then Steven and John found an actual pond monster in they laboratory that was spotted climbing on the golden gate bridge!! Knowing that California lab had a pond monster spotting Stephen talked to the head Lab spy and then discovered a top secret hidden book to purchase in the gift shop that had all the riddles and clues into finding how to get rid of the pond monster creature! Comment #PondMonster if you spotted one in this video!

    ▶︎ My Last Vlog:
    ▶︎ Grace Sharer POND MONSTER TWINS DESTROY SHARER FAMILY HOUSE!! (Giant Hole In Backyard Found)
    ▶︎ FOUND PROJECT ZORGO MYSTERIOUS LABORATORY (Escape Room Challenge and Mystery Clues Solved)
    ▶︎ UNMASKED at Mysterious Obstacle Course Park while Exploring for PZ9 Project Zorgo Face Reveal

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              8:52 that’s a sun fish

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                  Cool lambo

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                      I have seen a penguin before

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                            It relates to a mermaid also has skills and it looks like a person but it’s like a scaly fish

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                              I saw a penguin what I want on my school field trip when I was in second grade so that's the story how I saw a real penguin eating fish and I actually smell the fish it smell horrible horrible horrible horrible anyways by

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                                Stephen often when you are at home when you are talking the pond monsters head is peaking up so every once and awhile turn around and look

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                                    Fish can you make this noise this

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                                                  The pond monster related to a dinosaur

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                                                          It’s a sun fish that lives in saltwater

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                                                            It is a green moray eels

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                                                                I have five in my backyard Paul monsters they are really scary I need to go back to swim because when every time we can’t pay to go to swim because we can’t have enough money so that you me it’s me Paul we have so that’s why we only have to use that one because we can’t pay for any more symptoms and if the Paul monster is still in there then what’s the point and we have like a big backyard we’re like there’s a we have bunnies their chickens dogs but whenever they’re there they we always find one dog one bunny and one pig and other stuff one’s gone every single one that I see is gone and then I found them under the couch somewhere to go inside I found them on the couch and they were so scared I thought something weird

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                                                                    Yes I have seen

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                                                                                    Carter is a prodject zorgo member

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