Helen Magellan | Pete Smith Day | adult swim

  • Published: 26 September 2019
  • Jay Gonzalez (Drive-By Truckers) and Pete Smith (Space Ghost, Brak Show) team up to write catchy songs that listeners will enjoy. And also teach important lessons about geography and heartbreak. #PeteSmithForever #PeteSmithDay

    Lyrics by Pete Smith
    Music by Jay Gonzalez
    Song mixed by Chris Grehan
    Performed by Jay Gonzalez
    Directed by John Britt
    Helen illustration by Jeff T. Owens
    Based on a design by Pete Smith

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    Helen Magellan | Pete Smith Day | adult swim
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Comments • 19

  • UncleBibby
    UncleBibby  3 weeks back


    • Garrett Yorke
      Garrett Yorke  3 weeks back

      Jay Gonzalez from the Drive By Truckers!

      • Necron99. AKA- Sammy boy

        Pete Smith… World Series championship pitcher, for the Atlanta Braves

        • Necron99. AKA- Sammy boy

          she’s such a Hellen’

          • Daniel Whanker
            Daniel Whanker  3 weeks back

            Reminds me of the Beatles

          • Sovjer
            Sovjer  3 weeks back

            Jeg tar dere!

            • Jim B.
              Jim B.  3 weeks back

              *So this is what Ms. Frizzle's been up to since "The Magic School Bus" ended....*

              • Angel Payne
                Angel Payne  3 weeks back

                She does look just like Ms Frizzle

              • Gold Dragon
                Gold Dragon  3 weeks back

                Jim B.
                Pretty sure it’s based off of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego

            • Mike Hunt
              Mike Hunt  3 weeks back

              In case you don’t know, Pete Smith is an Adult Swim pioneer as he worked on Space Ghost Coast to Coast and a countless promos for Cartoon Network before Adult Swim, then Adult Swim until he retired in September 2017.
              He Co-created The Brak Show and his daughter, Nora, wrote for some of the best episodes of Bob’s Burgers.
              Now AS has this day called Pete Smith Day when they air a marathon of Bob’s Burgers and The Brak Show with special promos from Smith.
              You’re a good man, Pete Smith!

              • VMonkies
                VMonkies  3 weeks back

                Makes me wonder what they're going to do for Pete Smith Day when [as] loses the syndication rights for Bob's Burgers in 2021.

              • doc phibz
                doc phibz  3 weeks back

                Explains why the brak show is on

            • 하이칼
              하이칼  3 weeks back

              this is a good song

              • K T
                K T  3 weeks back

                You guys better sign Shively Humperdink

                • Noblesaint4sees
                  Noblesaint4sees  3 weeks back

                  The good ole adult swim bump.... these guys will be huge in no time

                  • Largo Stefanius
                    Largo Stefanius  3 weeks back

                    Looked like Kenny Hotz in thumbnail :D

                    • Sinsults
                      Sinsults  3 weeks back

                      Largo Stefanius my first thought was Jim Breuer.

                  • No Cheap Thrills
                    No Cheap Thrills  3 weeks back

                    Rick and Morty !!!