UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (10.09.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • Jovani Cruz
    Jovani Cruz  5 days back

    I got lots of love for Mr Sherman. He showed me love outside a club in Vegas few years ago and I will show that love right back to that ultimate Warrior 💪🏽

    • Cesar Quijada Amavizca

      Dude, if I am getting replaced and I am doing a great job of course I would ask to talk about it, don’t be a fool Shannon

      • Grant Kennedy
        Grant Kennedy  6 days back

        Its cause the Eagles lost to the Falcons who only have 1 win ,🤷🏿‍♂️

        • Eric Elling
          Eric Elling  6 days back

          Can we talk about something else other than the cowboys all the time!?!? Skip has an excuse every game they play who cares!?

          • 2FaceBigDreads
            2FaceBigDreads  6 days back

            If you walk behind skip on a sunny day with work shoes on with extra grip. 12/10 times you WILL "SLIP ON THE DRIP"

            • Jerry Kwerve
              Jerry Kwerve  6 days back

              Talk about other NFL teams

              • Eric Elling
                Eric Elling  6 days back

                I agree they need to get rid of skip! Sick of the whole show about how dak is the greatest ever cause he has good QBR!!!! Lol

            • Dan , McGill
              Dan , McGill  6 days back

              Sharman just using it to motivate his play as well as calling out the doubters

              • Dan , McGill
                Dan , McGill  6 days back

                Skip finally waited to actually see what happened to judge Baker. Is this a new Skip ? :) . Shannon jumped the gun based on Baker's previous behavior

                • D1nonly1
                  D1nonly1  6 days back

                  Skip only does that when he likes the player.

              • Sara Britt
                Sara Britt  6 days back

                Like, comment and subscribe to nevernotsports channel! Please and thank you!!!

                • philbruin
                  philbruin  6 days back

                  clown shoes Pelinka 's methods are not to be admired

                  • ShaH M
                    ShaH M  7 days back

                    brady lose
                    coach belicheck fault

                    mahomes lose
                    mahomes fault

                    skip, 2019

                    • D1nonly1
                      D1nonly1  6 days back

                      He's like that about everything lol. It's never Dak's fault.

                  • Peanut Arbuckle
                    Peanut Arbuckle  7 days back

                    Skip just lost all credibility saying dak could win in Washington😂

                    • Andrea Diamond
                      Andrea Diamond  7 days back

                      Dear Shannon, we know Skip’s name. Please stop saying Skip, Skip, Skip!

                      • Romeo Williams
                        Romeo Williams  6 days back

                        Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea

                    • Jeff Ricker
                      Jeff Ricker  7 days back

                      Another day not mentioning Daryl Morey? But their quick to talk about how Steve Kerr won't visit the White House.

                      • Romeo Williams
                        Romeo Williams  5 days back

                        Did Dan send tweets about black Injustice?????? And he lives here .he actually sees it

                      • Romeo Williams
                        Romeo Williams  5 days back

                        @ShortyNed * so doesn't it concern everybody when black people are being mis treated in America????

                      • ShortyNed *
                        ShortyNed *  5 days back

                        @Romeo Williams it concerns him and all of us. Democracy is at stake

                      • Romeo Williams
                        Romeo Williams  6 days back

                        The media killed kapernik, LeBron, Kerr, Greg popovive, Eric Reid, etc etc for talking about issues in our own country. But Dan is talking about something that doesn't concern him or a country he's never been in... Monty brought this exact thing up to Jason Whitlock yesterday and as usual Whitlock took Dan's side as usual..

                    • P. Menjivar
                      P. Menjivar  7 days back

                      You can't spell Dallas without back to back L's SKIIIIUUPPP

                      • P. Menjivar
                        P. Menjivar  6 days back

                        @John Doe Corny or not, It's the truth ain't it? huh?

                      • John Doe
                        John Doe  7 days back