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  • Heath Hussar
    Heath Hussar   2 weeks back

    Thank you all so much!! I love you guys! If anyone is going thru the same thing I was, just know you aren’t alone and you can do it!

    • joseph amir
      joseph amir  10 hours back

      Literally just did the same thing with my life, stopped smoking and started eating healthier and working out. Lost 55 pounds so far and still going while still building muscle. Congrats bro. It does feel amazing.

    • Corey Fournier
      Corey Fournier  20 hours back

      Bro I'm coming to see u guys hook me up gunna take me 6 months to save up to get to LA I'm from Canada hit me up

    • Michael Boggess
      Michael Boggess  1 days back

      It’s been 6 years and I just threw my vape in a public trash can an hour ago, fuck me man

    • S C
      S C  2 days back

      Proud of you, keep up the good work!!

    • Eziah Aragon
      Eziah Aragon  2 days back

      Heath Hussar now I feel fat and I am a lot younger

  • Ailis Morgan
    Ailis Morgan  2 hours back

    So proud of you heath!!! You look happier and healthier!!! Love to see it

    • Innocenzio Jimenez
      Innocenzio Jimenez  3 hours back

      I quit cold ham was to broke to afford so happy now

      • Tanner Beebe
        Tanner Beebe  8 hours back

        I’m 5 days of no smoking, and you truly don’t know how much you enjoy it until you quit, I chew now and hate it so much, I only do it for when I get a headache. But for real this is some inspiration stuff keep up the grind.

        • Katy
          Katy  8 hours back

          Is he the new toddy?!?!? ❤️❤️❤️

          • Ayden alfred
            Ayden alfred  9 hours back

            I love the energy you’re giving off now!

            • Sydney Purser
              Sydney Purser  10 hours back

              so cute so happy for u

              • alphadoggod god
                alphadoggod god  10 hours back

                2 mil subs !?!?! Damn your channel is growing fast it's amazing

                • lauren kay
                  lauren kay  11 hours back

                  aww i love u heath

                  • JON MORSETTE
                    JON MORSETTE  11 hours back

                    I weight 220 pounds and super athletic

                    • Ali Jack
                      Ali Jack  12 hours back

                      Okayyyy but I’m I the only one who loves him vloging by himself. But I mean I like him vloging with other people too

                      • pollo loco
                        pollo loco  12 hours back

                        Omg lol love that. Vlog squad. Off nicotine and alcohol.

                        • Sharon diaz
                          Sharon diaz  12 hours back

                          Omg 👏👏👏👏 congratulations 😁😁😁😊😊❤️❤️

                          • ellie ames
                            ellie ames  12 hours back

                            WE STAN A HAPPY HEALTHY KING

                            • Tiff Tiff
                              Tiff Tiff  13 hours back

                              I haven’t made it past 2 days before I have a damn relapse... nicotine withdrawals are awful!! The headaches, nausea and anger... I’m gonna try again!!!

                              • Sara Graves
                                Sara Graves  13 hours back

                                I'm 19 and I will have been smoking for 2 years as of early October. Ive wanted to quit many times but I just couldn't seem to go more then 24 hours. As of right now I have bronchitis for the second time in a few months on top of a cough ive had for over a year. This video is giving me the motivation to try again. Hopefully I can do it if not I'll just keep trying. Love you Heath💛

                                • Samantha
                                  Samantha  14 hours back

                                  giving me inspiration

                                  • brittney travolta
                                    brittney travolta  16 hours back

                                    Congrats I am so proud of you heath for real.

                                    • Chubbuck Rhianna
                                      Chubbuck Rhianna  16 hours back

                                      yes heath 🤩

                                      • Kayla Hebert
                                        Kayla Hebert  18 hours back

                                        I quit smoking today. Gonna be hard, but worth it.

                                        • Trinity G
                                          Trinity G  7 hours back

                                          You got this don't give up Go girl!!!!!!

                                      • Olivia May
                                        Olivia May  19 hours back

                                        Lmao took him 11 min to run a mile while smoking and the mile in school took me 10min and I don’t smoke or juul I’m dying😂

                                        • Vincent O
                                          Vincent O  21 hours back

                                          Love to see you this happy❤️

                                          • Doug Buckley
                                            Doug Buckley  21 hours back

                                            Addiction is hard in all forms and I teared up. Lots of improvements to be made in both of our lives. I'm wishing you only the best

                                            • Lupus Fulgur
                                              Lupus Fulgur  21 hours back

                                              Another way to slowly and gradually stop addiction to smoking is to go to a sauna, you sweat the nicotine out, just another option available, yes, running also makes you sweat, just saying that going to a sauna is just another option

                                              • coolgoo1
                                                coolgoo1  1 days back

                                                Ilove this vlog sooooooooo much

                                                • HyunjinsNunbit
                                                  HyunjinsNunbit  1 days back

                                                  Quit smoking and drinking alcohol excessively, lost weight, got a Lamborghini, found Big Red and found love with one of the coolest women probably on the planet. He looks so much happier and his skin is literally glowing. You look so healthy Heath, congratulations👏🏻💖

                                                  • Charlie Yanes
                                                    Charlie Yanes  1 days back

                                                    Yooo Heathhh whats your workout routine, im so jelly of your improvements im 17 and weigh 217 and would love some tips

                                                    • Kays montages
                                                      Kays montages  1 days back

                                                      Your car is nice as hell

                                                      • Tanna A
                                                        Tanna A  1 days back

                                                        i have a lung infection currently from smoking cigarettes, today has been my first day without one! i went two weeks without smoking back at the end of july, beginning of august but i caved in.

                                                        • Cassandra Gaff
                                                          Cassandra Gaff  2 days back

                                                          The fact that there's a "bang" drink and a "pussy" drink (Erin) lmao

                                                          • isabel quevedo
                                                            isabel quevedo  2 days back

                                                            I like itttt😊

                                                            • Cassandra Gaff
                                                              Cassandra Gaff  2 days back

                                                              LOVE THIS

                                                              • Danielle Voelkel
                                                                Danielle Voelkel  2 days back

                                                                I’ve been smokin 9 years man I’m proud of you I’m ready to quit and didn’t realize how addicted I am to smoking cigs and the nicotine

                                                                • tryhardmoo
                                                                  tryhardmoo  2 days back

                                                                  HEATH!! Do more car vids. I love the Vlogsquad but deep down I’m a Petrolhead. If you made more car vids, I would certainly watch

                                                                  • Paola Sarceno
                                                                    Paola Sarceno  2 days back

                                                                    I seen u drink I. David video

                                                                    • Edna Ruiz
                                                                      Edna Ruiz  2 days back

                                                                      I’m so extremely happy for you, you seem so happy and alive

                                                                      • Ayesha Sreedhar
                                                                        Ayesha Sreedhar  2 days back

                                                                        How is it that Heath has:no addictions,love of his life,money,friends and is so humble, he’s so level headed❤️ he has everything I could ever hope for in life and I honestly idolise him❤️

                                                                        • aster. eve
                                                                          aster. eve  2 days back

                                                                          Thanks for being so strong for yourself. You are an inspiration, truly.

                                                                          • Morgan Graham
                                                                            Morgan Graham  2 days back

                                                                            Love seeing the change in you and your videos! So much fun to follow along. :)

                                                                            • Brenda Williams
                                                                              Brenda Williams  2 days back

                                                                              I smoked cigarettes from the time I was 9 until July of 2017. I quit cold turkey. Its not easy. I've also lost 100 lbs over the past 2 years. And its been almost a year since I've had soda. Getting healthy is hard work, but worth it in the end.

                                                                              • Mason Jars
                                                                                Mason Jars  2 days back

                                                                                Feb 16 was my last cig.... but I still vape....It's tough..

                                                                                • krash
                                                                                  krash  2 days back

                                                                                  Holy shit from 11 minutes to 6 minutes mile daaaaaaamn

                                                                                  • Alexis
                                                                                    Alexis  2 days back

                                                                                    I also smoked cigarettes for 10 years (age 14-24) and now, for the past year, I use a vape that's similar to a juul. I really do want to quit, but I feel like I don't have it in me yet...this is inspiring <3 LOVE YA HEATH

                                                                                    • Aidan Howard
                                                                                      Aidan Howard  2 days back

                                                                                      “I miss the old heath the doing blow heath” lol

                                                                                      • Olivia Bordley
                                                                                        Olivia Bordley  2 days back

                                                                                        Heath you look amazing!!!!

                                                                                        • Alicia Goodwin
                                                                                          Alicia Goodwin  2 days back

                                                                                          9:34 haha 2 cars just you wait...

                                                                                          • Liz S
                                                                                            Liz S  3 days back

                                                                                            omg i’m so proud of Heath, he’s grown so much wtf ❤️😎

                                                                                            • Soraeon
                                                                                              Soraeon  3 days back

                                                                                              You look good brother!