[BREAKING NEWS] Damian Lillard (50 Pts, 7 Reb) Trail Blazers def. Thunder 118-115 | INSIDE NBA


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  • Ash qelon
    Ash qelon  5 months back

    SHUT TFU Bastard Bloaklety", or whatever your Stupid name is.
    ,did you ever get past First round any time Or in high school?
    AND BTW, I had a perfect 100% WINNING season in
    "Grade school?
    In 1970-71, in PDX!

    Ever heard of this?
    You're drunk on money and cannot hear or SEE.

    • Stacey E
      Stacey E  5 months back

      Jody Allen was in on that locker room huddle. She looked ecstatic. Rip Paul Allen. Rip City.

      • Lil Aries
        Lil Aries  5 months back


        • thomas daniels
          thomas daniels  5 months back

          Westbrook is a damn good player and he has greatness in him, but he has to get out of his own way MENTALLY.

          • Hsh Hsh
            Hsh Hsh  5 months back

            Put Russell ass at shooting guard the f*** is Kenny Smith talk about Russell go on take a dumb ass shot if they double team

            • CENTINEL YORK
              CENTINEL YORK  5 months back

              DAMN! Gone Fishing has come a long way! Progressive technology at it's finest!!

              • Ustez Naaj
                Ustez Naaj  5 months back

                "They got too much talent". Shaq: "Talent??(echo)" Lol Chuck is entertaining, but he lacks knowledge of the game, He's joke of an "analyst". He says the most ridiculous things, and always makes the most ridiculous picks. Nobody takes what he says seriously. He has this fixation with "Russ" and OKC for some reason, they are just a mediocre team led by an overrated, stat-stuffer pg who can't shoot.

                • CRYSTYLE 912
                  CRYSTYLE 912  5 months back

                  Charles Barkley took the words out of my mouth. Westbrook need to move to the 2 n get a decent point who could run the offense

                  • Magic Sam
                    Magic Sam  5 months back

                    Only been saying this since Reggie jackson was there but okc management chose Russ over EVERYONE

                  • Ustez Naaj
                    Ustez Naaj  5 months back

                    Yeah, but even when he's rarely right, Chuck's always wrong. Lol. This guy said the Thunder were going to come out the West and beat the Warriors. Smh. They down 3-1 and he's still trying to save face talking about "gotta take your hat off for them"?? Smh.

                • Shou Tucker
                  Shou Tucker  5 months back

                  savage t-shirt Nirk!