A Really Sick Dog


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  • Beni S
    Beni S  7 days back

    This cat is a hero.

  • PlayWithMe
    PlayWithMe  8 minutes back

    plz do longer videos! they are so cool and fun to watch!

    • Call Me Yamato
      Call Me Yamato  24 minutes back

      Cat is a better babysitter than me

      • Prixy Prot
        Prixy Prot  30 minutes back

        That cat is a true hero, who knows how injured that baby could have gotten

        • Daniel Rajeev
          Daniel Rajeev  4 hours back

          That dog made me cry 😭

          • Dani Sumpter
            Dani Sumpter  4 hours back

            He sounds way too much like Leafy

              QIXUAN JORDANHWANG  8 hours back

              GTA V 100

              • Life with Dante
                Life with Dante  8 hours back

                That was a nebulizer, not a respirator. Nebulizers deliver breathing medications, not breathe for them.

                • Nazeen 22
                  Nazeen 22  8 hours back

                  Is the dog okay? IS THE DOG OKAY?

                  • -MysTic
                    -MysTic  8 hours back

                    0:29 me driving in GTA 5

                    • Fuckable PopTarts
                      Fuckable PopTarts  9 hours back

                      How...h... how did i get from watching about the erratas mystery to kennel cough?

                      • The_ Carry
                        The_ Carry  9 hours back

                        Am I the only one that noticed that the Pixar dude only had one leg?😳

                        • TheRealSam
                          TheRealSam  10 hours back

                          0:39 This guy has watched the Cars movie to many times lol...

                          • Nico
                            Nico  10 hours back

                            aww poor dog :,(

                            • Pastel Peachツ
                              Pastel Peachツ  11 hours back

                              0:47 Me when a test comes up

                              • Charlie Colon
                                Charlie Colon  11 hours back

                                :( poor doggo

                                • nicole
                                  nicole  12 hours back

                                  that's the type of surfing im into

                                  • spooktime
                                    spooktime  12 hours back

                                    that cat is a god

                                    • Godly noob Noon
                                      Godly noob Noon  13 hours back

                                      So that’s how they do the Pixar think

                                      • Elias Black
                                        Elias Black  14 hours back

                                        So sad

                                        • Animation Stick
                                          Animation Stick  15 hours back

                                          Who else heard that little tap

                                          • ghoulunathics
                                            ghoulunathics  17 hours back

                                            now if there just was some criminal balloons

                                            • Deliah GachaGaming
                                              Deliah GachaGaming  17 hours back

                                              Poor doggo :(

                                              • MiroPVP
                                                MiroPVP  19 hours back

                                                0:32 Me while driving in GTA V

                                                • Gibe Mass
                                                  Gibe Mass  20 hours back

                                                  That jeep was actually a moth.

                                                  • Hanan Lomax
                                                    Hanan Lomax  20 hours back

                                                    Not respirator it was nebulizer

                                                    • willsans the skeleton
                                                      willsans the skeleton  20 hours back

                                                      Poor dog. I love animals and I feel bad for them

                                                      • Cleetus the 2nd
                                                        Cleetus the 2nd  21 hours back

                                                        1:21 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

                                                        • Shane Mac
                                                          Shane Mac  22 hours back

                                                          He didn't get stuck, it's bad driving

                                                          • Sub2that channel
                                                            Sub2that channel  22 hours back

                                                            2:15: What waves?

                                                            • Daisy Sayson
                                                              Daisy Sayson  22 hours back

                                                              The goat is me whenever i eat a gum.

                                                              • Daisy Sayson
                                                                Daisy Sayson  22 hours back

                                                                woah the dog looks sick as heck.

                                                                • Ace Cryptik
                                                                  Ace Cryptik  22 hours back

                                                                  Where’s doctor doggo when you need him


                                                                  • Psychotica Reboot
                                                                    Psychotica Reboot  23 hours back

                                                                    You sound like a wholesome Leafy

                                                                    • SalamiKing
                                                                      SalamiKing  1 days back

                                                                      2:09 What kind of Dog is that?
                                                                      He’s sooo cute ❤️

                                                                      • Non Flammable Boi
                                                                        Non Flammable Boi  1 days back

                                                                        I HATE DOGS

                                                                        • District
                                                                          District  1 days back

                                                                          So there's no one gonna talk about what that came for the video?

                                                                          • X-izor
                                                                            X-izor  1 days back

                                                                            That pixel part was so funny

                                                                            • Niklas Raab
                                                                              Niklas Raab  1 days back

                                                                              "oh my god my dog is afraid of the escalator? If only there where any stairs nearby" Fucking lazy idiot

                                                                              • Lemoneasy
                                                                                Lemoneasy  1 days back

                                                                                that was my dad in the red truck no even capping😭😭

                                                                                • Mark Bolly
                                                                                  Mark Bolly  1 days back

                                                                                  Lionel Messi spotted 3:10

                                                                                  • will brito
                                                                                    will brito  1 days back

                                                                                    Wow to the Cat!

                                                                                    • Ahmed Rohy
                                                                                      Ahmed Rohy  1 days back

                                                                                      I will go to sleep till 12 am

                                                                                      Me at 4am: 1:37

                                                                                      • Crab got Tricked
                                                                                        Crab got Tricked  1 days back

                                                                                        Or also known as, a nebulizer

                                                                                        • Sebastian Plays
                                                                                          Sebastian Plays  1 days back

                                                                                          Oh! A light like me! I’m gonna squish it!
                                                                                          *-bluntly squishes it while I’m dying of laughter-*

                                                                                          *after* Oh, no... what have I done?

                                                                                          • henburgerz
                                                                                            henburgerz  1 days back

                                                                                            the toy duck

                                                                                            • Trek Jayce Brillantr
                                                                                              Trek Jayce Brillantr  1 days back

                                                                                              So no one's gonna talk about the sick dog😢

                                                                                              • Dexter Liu
                                                                                                Dexter Liu  1 days back

                                                                                                hero cat saving a baby is actually a dog in a cat suit.
                                                                                                Cats gives no fuck about human , dah~