The OLED Screen Laptop Is Finally Here...


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy   2 months back

    The Future Flagship Smartphones -

    • Karate ninja 76
      Karate ninja 76  1 months back

      What's the background music?

    • Sridhar C.
      Sridhar C.  1 months back

      The irony of telling people what a great screen that is when they're watching it on lower quality screens. He's pointing to the black and the goddamn color tones on his hand.. We can't see it bro, we don't have that screen!

    • Nathanial Dowton
      Nathanial Dowton  2 months back

      in all the videos shown including the one were watching, Lew is wearing the same shirt

    • Abuelo Condorola
      Abuelo Condorola  2 months back

      I will defecate in your mouth and I will force you to chew it and eat it and then I will do this for the next 500 years. At this point you will be tired of eating my poop and that is when I will step it to my pee.

  • toliveanddie76
    toliveanddie76  4 days back

    watched a couple of the vids and I am getting the sense that he is very audio biased with his tech. its like me and cars... if the stereo in my car doesn't sound good, then the stereo needs changed ASAP. like I can't even have it on if it doesn't sound good.

    • Ben Wilson
      Ben Wilson  2 weeks back

      i watch alll my youtube on an OLED 10.5 inch samsung tablet. its beautiful

      • Bhushan Manek
        Bhushan Manek  3 weeks back

        Which is the best gaming laptop for $2000???

        • Remi D
          Remi D  3 weeks back

          The entire Razer products range is for under 20 population.

          • Tørris Toftdahl
            Tørris Toftdahl  3 weeks back

            the zenbook pro duo has a oled screen as well, just sayin

            • Jasper Zhong
              Jasper Zhong  4 weeks back

              i m considering buy MacBook Pro or this 4k oled,i have no ideas!who can help me

              • Jasper Zhong
                Jasper Zhong  3 weeks back

                oh well thank you for your advice

              • BRjoker i
                BRjoker i  4 weeks back

                Jasper Zhong asking myself too lmao, i think it will be the razer 4k oled ;)

            • Andrew Saad
              Andrew Saad  4 weeks back

              Prease Unbox Tewapy. PREASE!

              XPS 15 7590 WAVIEW FOR ME???

              • the kingkoopa Jp
                the kingkoopa Jp  4 weeks back

                As much as the spec out surface book not cheap at

                • TeamHyper
                  TeamHyper  4 weeks back

                  honestly i perfer the 240hz variant over oled

                  • Peter Pan
                    Peter Pan  4 weeks back

                    That's why I fucked yo bitch

                    • yitzi synett
                      yitzi synett  4 weeks back

                      imagine him using a phone with a TFT LCD, or even an IPS LCD :DDDDD

                      • Julian Black
                        Julian Black  1 months back

                        The video looked great on my $300 iPad 😂

                        • Radu Popa
                          Radu Popa  1 months back

                          My phone distributes better sound than this laptop.

                          • William Sims
                            William Sims  1 months back

                            if someone is really needing high quality sound, they would use external speakers or headphones.

                        • AND838
                          AND838  1 months back

                          watching this on my two years old Lenovo OLED laptop!

                          • Alex Menz
                            Alex Menz  1 months back

                            Oled on a Laptop is just so much nicer

                        • Isack Cool
                          Isack Cool  1 months back

                          The old Thinkpad Yoga 1st gen has a OLED display with a lot of issues. I am not ready for a oled laptop yet after using the yoga.

                          • CommanderWolf Hadley
                            CommanderWolf Hadley  1 months back

                            I could be crazy for saying it, but I'd like to see Skyrim SE installed on this thing.... maybe some other games as well.....😋, For

                            • Andrew Osborne
                              Andrew Osborne  1 months back

                              Watching this on my Samsung Galaxy Book2 with a 12" 2160x1440 Super AMOLED touch screen and I must say looking at the screen playing the videos was really trippy with so much clarity with the picture quality coming through to my screen! haha

                              • ssech
                                ssech  1 months back

                                So they can put OLED Displays unto a Laptop, so where are the Monitors, I want OLED on my Desktop.

                                • Tommy Salami
                                  Tommy Salami  1 months back

                                  All I want is a laptop with OLED screen and anti-glare (matte) finish to run linux. (I'm open to suggestions)

                                  • Umbra
                                    Umbra  1 months back

                                    Have fun with that burn-in!!!

                                    • hi there
                                      hi there  1 months back

                                      Give it a year or two and we'll have a laptop with 4k OLED 240 Hz that is for all audiences

                                      • P!NG MAST3R
                                        P!NG MAST3R  1 months back


                                        OLED 60 Hz < *240 Hz LCD*

                                        • Jason Mauer
                                          Jason Mauer  1 months back

                                          Anyone know the track that starts at 02:06????

                                          • dzhiurgis
                                            dzhiurgis  1 months back

                                            Gimme AMD version with no GPU and I might switch from MBP.
                                            Companies need to work more on laptops for DEVELOPERS!

                                            • A H
                                              A H  1 months back

                                              Expensive for such low storage

                                              • Neonmatrix
                                                Neonmatrix  1 months back

                                                I love how we are all here being wowed about these amazing screens but in reality can’t tell because our laptop screens are terrible

                                                • Smandude25
                                                  Smandude25  1 months back

                                                  But only half a tb storage

                                                  • Malcolm Ednyfed
                                                    Malcolm Ednyfed  1 months back

                                                    Aaa.. My money run away.

                                                    • FC W.
                                                      FC W.  1 months back

                                                      APPLE! Did you see this? Where is your oled mac?!

                                                      • Evan Hinz
                                                        Evan Hinz  1 months back

                                                        laptop speakers in my eyes are totally a last resort, they are not meant to be good and i don't care bec I use headphones! its like listening to music on phone speakers, its dumb.

                                                        • Eli Malinsky
                                                          Eli Malinsky  1 months back

                                                          OLED is actually incredible for gaming.

                                                        • ne0tic
                                                          ne0tic  1 months back

                                                          That display is amazing!

                                                          • ne0tic
                                                            ne0tic  1 months back

                                                            I can’t afford this...

                                                            • convict
                                                              convict  1 months back

                                                              So I’m paying 3300$ for only 512GB storage!!
                                                              It shoulda been 1TB atleast

                                                              • Neal Patel
                                                                Neal Patel  1 months back

                                                                How much that cost?
                                                                WAIT I'M GOING TO BEST BUYYYY

                                                                • ReformedCougar 6
                                                                  ReformedCougar 6  1 months back

                                                                  The screen color is bad because it can’t get all the power it needs

                                                                • Laup
                                                                  Laup  1 months back

                                                                  Burn in is real

                                                                  • JoshR008
                                                                    JoshR008  1 months back

                                                                    Me: *Reads Comments*

                                                                    Comments: mE: I wAnT iT
                                                                    wAlLet: nOt sO fAs5

                                                                    • LIBERTY PRIME
                                                                      LIBERTY PRIME  1 months back

                                                                      Me: doesn’t have a job, on student loan, can’t even afford a bus ticket *watches video*

                                                                      My wallet: dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same. You are buying this laptop 💻

                                                                      • Cosmin Catalin Grigoras
                                                                        Cosmin Catalin Grigoras  1 months back

                                                                        Xiaomi laptop?

                                                                        • DQuiLon
                                                                          DQuiLon  1 months back

                                                                          Considering how Windows is unoptimized to prevent burn-ins in OLED displays, and how I tend to retain my Laptops for over 5 years, this is a hard-NO for me, even with whatever pixel shifting does, I am betting that the UI of Windows will not be included, file explorer, chrome etc... I am extremely happy with my Surface Book IGZO display, with blacks so good that can be confused with OLED from time to time. Even on smartphones I am hesitant, but given how nowadays is almost the only choice I will have to upgrade to one... But on Laptops and tablets that is a big NO for me.

                                                                          • ReTrO
                                                                            ReTrO  1 months back

                                                                            Me : Take my money right now!
                                                                            Loans : Good luck with that
                                                                            Me : I wasn't talking to you
                                                                            Kidney : Oh hell no, don't you dare
                                                                            Heart : Phew, I'm safe today

                                                                            • Ryan taylor
                                                                              Ryan taylor  1 months back

                                                                              This channel is such interesting one I love it really.

                                                                              • Mohammad Bordbarmanesh
                                                                                Mohammad Bordbarmanesh  1 months back

                                                                                Whats the songs at 2:10

                                                                                • Austin
                                                                                  Austin  1 months back

                                                                                  When Jack wears a pair of headphone's, hes a *Headphone Jack*.

                                                                                  • yitzi synett
                                                                                    yitzi synett  1 months back

                                                                                    the ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo that you looked at a few weeks ago had an AMOLED display

                                                                                    • yitzi synett
                                                                                      yitzi synett  3 weeks back

                                                                                      @Tommy Salami ik, imagine if apple made a dual screen laptop (10K)

                                                                                    • Tommy Salami
                                                                                      Tommy Salami  1 months back

                                                                                      $2300 though...

                                                                                  • Luis Carlos Tabian
                                                                                    Luis Carlos Tabian  1 months back

                                                                                    I’m blind so i wouldn’t even notice the difference in display