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  • Dobrik Stan
    Dobrik Stan   5 days back

    the man looked josh peck in the eye and told him he never had a crush on natalie but get him to do a question game and suddenly he liked her smh 🙄

    • Neviya
      Neviya  1 days back

      Dobrik Stan I thought you liked David dobrik ?

    • Dobrik Stan
      Dobrik Stan   3 days back

      @unsub believe nothing that comes out this lil shit's mouth

    • unsub
      unsub  4 days back

      Lol also mentioned that he had no feelings for his assistant in the Ellen questions video.


  • Aserve Yout
    Aserve Yout  1 days back

    Honestly, how do they not catch feeling for one another. They are best friend and now they even live together, and David is single AF.

    • Raphael Lauf
      Raphael Lauf  2 days back

      Crushes like that don't go away

      • Idk Idk
        Idk Idk  2 days back

        Fu*k natalie she’s a bit*h and acts bit*hy

        • JCV
          JCV  3 days back

          i feel he has a huge crush on her but she doesn't and he knows, so he acts like it's so dumb and she would be disgusted...

          • Innovative-Soul
            Innovative-Soul  3 days back

            I love these videos so much - not because i ship them but because it is just so nice to see a genuine friendship on the internet

            • Bernadette Stevenson
              Bernadette Stevenson  3 days back

              Dave is low key nutz

              • Umm
                Umm  3 days back


                • O
                  O  4 days back

                  they are too cute

                  • Actually Madness
                    Actually Madness  4 days back

                    They’re twins lol

                    • Nireesha Pairu
                      Nireesha Pairu  4 days back

                      who else thinks its weird and they are like bro and sis
                      Diza forever lol

                      • unsub
                        unsub  4 days back

                        They are not like brothers and sisters.
                        I have an older sister and we DO not hold hands, snuggle, and go out on "dates". We're super close, but we in no way do what David and nat do, which is borderline flirting.

                        They act more like a married couple that's extremely used to each other. Just because two people like the same things and have fun, doesn't strictly mean that it can't translate onto two individuals that might date each other.

                        In more ways, removing all of the touching they did and focusing on the banter, liza and David act EXACTLY like what you're calling David and nat act like, like friends.

                      • Prank Time
                        Prank Time  4 days back

                        Nireesha Pairu Yall need to get over Liza and David they’re never gonna get back together obviously David likes Natalie! Also liza is doing shows and stuff and she’s really irrelevant and they’re too busy Natalie and David literally lives together and sleeps in the same bed.

                    • Janelle Storey
                      Janelle Storey  4 days back

                      They are like bickering siblings 😆

                      • Chester Canato
                        Chester Canato  4 days back

                        They look so cute i think they had crush in each other

                        • Soykin 021
                          Soykin 021  4 days back

                          What’s that views episode

                          • Dobrik Stan
                            Dobrik Stan   4 days back

                            the lates one called "natalie caught david crying" x

                        • That's the Teaa
                          That's the Teaa  4 days back

                          These are my favourite videos on the Internet

                          • francesco fiaschi
                            francesco fiaschi  4 days back

                            God damnit I can't stand how beautiful she looks at 2:19.
                            Come oooonnn

                            • Kimberly x
                              Kimberly x  5 days back

                              @your description we keep watching because you're the only person who puts compilations of actual moments between them and you do it so artistically and well! :)

                              • Dobrik Stan
                                Dobrik Stan   4 days back

                                omg bless ur soul i actually cried a lil :')

                            • Aaron Ysaguirre
                              Aaron Ysaguirre  5 days back

                              3:22 its confirmed

                              "Ready to fuck you"

                              • madz
                                madz  5 days back

                                Omg I hope they dateeee

                                • Edward Rodriguez
                                  Edward Rodriguez  5 days back

                                  Aww! He was so scared he really hurt her

                                  • Kennedy Claire
                                    Kennedy Claire  5 days back

                                    david doesn't want to admit to being over liza; it's so sad.

                                    • Kennedy Claire
                                      Kennedy Claire  3 days back

                                      O okay, i'll give it too you, you do have a good point, sure it's been two years and sure he's flirting and hanging out with models and such but, liza was pretty much his first long-term relationship; also on a recent podcast Natalie said how sad david was when they broke up, so he might hold on to that for some time and it may take a while for him to just get over it.

                                    • O
                                      O  4 days back

                                      Kennedy Claire tbh I really think he is over her. It’s been 2 yrs after all and he does have IG models all over him. And he has said he wants a girl that looks and has the personality of Natalie portman. Which neither Liza nor Natalie have. I don’t think he has a crush on anyone atm specially not Liza. Natalie? Maybe but considering the podcast from today he may not either. Who knows. He just wants to be single and mingle atm. They both do.

                                    • Kennedy Claire
                                      Kennedy Claire  4 days back

                                      O yea true. but there's a fine line between flirting with other people to get over someone and actually being over someone.

                                    • O
                                      O  4 days back

                                      He's been over her this yr. You can tell by how flirty he's been with other girls and natalie. He was never like that last yr.

                                    • Fate/Zeroth
                                      Fate/Zeroth  5 days back

                                      Kennedy Claire or he’s not over her but at the same time his feeling for Natalie grow so it’s conflicting

                                  • Sweet creature Jimin
                                    Sweet creature Jimin  5 days back

                                    The awkward hand holding tells me they aren’t together but you can tell David still has a crush on her he gets so shy

                                  • Nura Amelia Harahap
                                    Nura Amelia Harahap  5 days back

                                    there's been so much datalie content we deserve