INTERMITTENT FASTING? (+35 questions) | Fat Loss Q&A

  • Published: 19 February 2017
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    My coach Shelby Starnes:

    00:26 Do you ever feel like giving up? how do you combat that?
    03:48 Thoughts on diet soda while dieting?
    04:19 Will you play For Honor?
    05:12 Are you interested in getting back into some powerlifting again in the future or just planning to lose weight?
    05:55 Do you find it hard to get back on track after a cheat meal? Do you have any tips on how to stay on track?
    07:03 What is your projected goal and what would you do if you reached the goal earlier than expected?
    08:13 what's the benefit of having a coach?
    10:58 What is the best advice you've gotten in your life?
    13:32 Do you feel like paying Shelby $700 is worth it for these 12 weeks?
    14:14 Is the repetitive diet a little depressing and tedious after a while?
    14:56 How do you manage to keep a social life, work a professional job and make youtube videos all at once?
    16:29 What motivates you to lose weight, anything in specific?
    17:23 Do you listen to music while working out and what genre?
    18:42 On a cut right now but my lifts are going up and the number on the scale seems to be staying the same week to week. What's going on?
    18:53 I didnt see any vegetables in your meals. Are they not a part of your diet?
    19:26 Would you recommend working in the USA as a physician?
    20:06 I'm starting to get unmotivated to lose weight, I'm even gaining weight back. halp
    20:44 Would you recommend eating less unhealthy foods as a start rather than cutting it out completely?
    20:55 Is there such thing as too much cardio for fat loss? Especially for women
    21:25 How does spending so much time and energy focusing on your body affect other aspects of your life? Which areas of your life have you replaced with all this training?
    21:49 How does the body burn fat? Does it burn evenly or are there zones that are more likely to burn fat than others?
    22:30 What are your thoughts on a plant based approach for dieting? Would you consider going vegan for a week?
    23:09 What motivates you to keep going and does having an audience witnessing your transformation help?
    23:58 Is it motivation that drives you or is it discipline that keeps you consistent on the path to your weight loss journey?
    24:19 Does squatting everyday combat skinny legs?
    24:39 Can you lose fat and build muscle at the same time and how much protein should you have daily for losing weight while on a upper/lower body routine?
    25:24 What are your current macros?
    25:36 Will this plan be as effective to someone who wasn't previously going to the gym?
    26:31 Are you using any kind of fat burners like hydroxycut or lipo6? what's your thoughts about the use of clenbuterol during cut?
    27:17 How did you lose the love handles so fast?
    27:38 What are the best things to eat before a workout and how long in advance should you eat that meal?
    28:10 What are your thoughts and medical opinion on waist trainers, corsets, etc?
    29:04 Can you tell me more about training through injuries? How should I handle that?
    30:21 How much time do you spend at the gym a week?
    30:40 What do you think about intermittent fasting?
    34:11 I am 19.5% bodyfat. How can I speed up my fat loss at a goal of 12%? Can I do this before May this year?
    35:16 8 sets? isn't that too many?

    Fasting: molecular mechanisms and clinical applications (Longo and Mattson)

    Medical Hypotheses Article re: 1957 Spanish paper

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  • Chubbyemu
    Chubbyemu   3 years back

    questions are time-stamped in the description. thanks everyone for the questions! leave one here and I'll cover it in another video!
    fat loss week 5 coming next :)

    • Luna EB
      Luna EB  8 months back

      look up dr fung and jerry brainum for IF research. as u said chubs , dr's werent trained on weight loss. some Intermittent Fasting benefits are , cures insulin resistance, autophagy , increased GH levels . fat burning benefits ect .

    • Ai CopyCat
      Ai CopyCat  1 years back

      Could you look into Veganism? Your videos are rather factual and yet, you haven't talked about the superior diet and lifestyle.

    • Paddy Mcgill
      Paddy Mcgill  1 years back

      Chubbyemu why don’t doctors have more Nutritional information? Can you really be a healer as a doctor? Or is being a doctor just a way to benefit the pharmaceutical companies?

    • Epich Tex
      Epich Tex  3 years back

      im building muscle on my arms but its giving me stretch marks :( help?

    • mng604
      mng604  3 years back

      Do you think that calorie deficit via eating is enough to get results for a cut, or is cardio a requirement? I've heard that going into a greater deficit from eating less may cause muscle loss, thus the reason to do cardio. Is this true?

  • Nick
    Nick  4 days back

    Are you a doctor?

    • Bitter Gay Man
      Bitter Gay Man  2 months back

      See, this is why I like the muscle boys but I wouldn't want to date one. That whole "living in the gym" thing bothers me a lot. I mean, I'm working out 4-6 days a week for fight training, but I don't live there. I still do other things.

      • Life Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

        What type of doctor are you actually

        • W
          W  6 months back

          Dr BernardI I like your content and respect you as a person that said I strongly disagree with your approach to diet and exercise whether it be for increasing strength and power, gaining muscle mass and or losing body fat, anyway I imagine you have heard of Dr Rhonda Patrick and if so your probably familiar with her work which kind of has me scratching my head because there are so many topics on health, fitness, human performance, longevity and disease prevention etc that she covers yet your practices seem to run counter to the latest scientific literature on human performance. I respect you and I want to see you succeed and achieve your goals so I urge you to look up Dr Rhonda Patrick by following the links I have provided because I sincerely believe/ know you'll find a lot of value In her work.

          • Patrick Hodson
            Patrick Hodson  7 months back

            Time stamp for intermittent fasting? Thanks. In the meantime have a dislike for the clickbait :)

            • colourswift
              colourswift  7 months back

              channel of bernard <3

              • google plus sucks
                google plus sucks  8 months back

                i corrected my posture myself, one of the few things ive done for myself and fixed for myself

                • daphoenixto
                  daphoenixto  8 months back

                  Bernie it's 2019 and Keto is all the rage .......I love your videos and would love your knowledgeable input on keto and weight loss

                  • Eelco Hillenius
                    Eelco Hillenius  8 months back

                    I get the idea behind recommending to rely on real life experts over stuff from YouTube, but in my experienc, that just really depends. My doc last week, when I mentioned I planned to loose weight this year, recommended me to do more cardio instead of lifting and also eat less fatty foods. I know from experience that lifting works much better for me. I also know that fasting works better than caloric restriction, and that my body deals with eating fat better than carbs. It's stuff I tried out because of watching videos on YouTube. Also, from YouTube, I got much better advice on doing the big lifts than the fitness trainers I tried before ever gave me. That is, until I knew enough what to look for in a trainer to be able to find a helpful one.

                    I guess YMMV, but if you aren't dogmatic about it, use common sense and are willing to try things out in seriousness, I think you can get pretty far getting much of your info from YouTube and approach the real life experts you hire as a more informed 'customer'.

                    • Baron Thundercunt
                      Baron Thundercunt  8 months back

                      I'm at the start of losing weight right now and I have a few questions i'd like some input on. Just as a preface I have lost fat in the past successfully and got into good shape. I know I can do it and I fully anticipate success but last time wasn't perfect and although I know this time will be better I still wants some advice.

                      I live in melbourne and the train home takes 30 mins and I have to wait at the station for about 20 so I end up getting home at 6pm or so. This is relevant because i've just brought a bike and i'm going to start riding home from work. I don't know whether I should do this every day or every so often.

                      I still want to go to the gym (on my ride back) and being 23 I do have the energy and ability for this even though the ride is 11km (about 7 miles). I'm thinking about starting off at the gym on a 3 day a week full body split.

                      The main reason I'm asking these questions is because last time I lost fat I went really fucking hard and plateaued at a certain point. The thing is when I get into the mood for being healthy I just want to do everything and I structure my life around it. To that end part of the reason I want to ride home every day is that Melbourne's trains aren't cheap and i'd be saving about $20 a week just by cutting out the trip home.

                      Does anyone have any advice? I was thinking about just keeping my calories higher to begin with, using the bike ride as a base line and increasing the workouts to be 6 times a week. At the point I'm doing the gym 6 times a week and the ride 5 times I could start to ease back on the calories to avoid plateauing. Does anyone have any input on this and does it seem like a good idea.

                      I know I can lose a lot of weight just going balls to the wall but last time my dick stopped working for a short time, I had no attraction to women and a few other things went awry with my mental health. I found out that was primarily caused by a severe lack of fats in my diet and the extremity of my calorie deficit. I'm really looking to avoid that but excising a lot is the type of person I am. I've always been someone who is very active despite rarely being in great shape.

                      Also, just FYI I am someone who generally goes in extremes. Last time I lost fat I went from roughly 105-110kg to about 80 kg over the course of about a year. That was two separate cut downs, spaced out by an extended period of failure. This time i've been travelling for a couple years and not had a solid foothold and ability to ground myself to make this sort of thing easier. Now I do i'm going for it again but I've also allowed myself to get up to about 100kg again. I'm a 6ft guy so this is pretty fat for me, way fatter than I like to be but as I said i'm someone who kind of swings (that's also something i'm going to resolve and change after this loss). I've stopped smoking and haven't smoked for a month now and I cut down massively on drinking, I think i've had alcohol a handful of times in the past few months.

                      Those were both precursors to this more significant life change. I just wanted to give the weights to give a better perspective of time frame and weight to lose. I would say i'm looking at about 6 months or so to get to a healthy weight (although not my ultimate goal weight). I think it would be healthy to go with 1kg a week which would leave me at 76kg by the end. 76kg is probably a little lighter than i'd want to be since I do have a bit of muscle to me (although not a huge amount). Obviously my ultimate goal is to begin putting on muscle and not a lot of fat after that.

                      Another difficulty factor is that after these 6 months i'll be travelling Asia for a few months before finally returning home to England. Once I get back i'll finally have the stability which (up until that point) i'll never really have had in my entire life so I know after i've lost the weight i'll be able to keep it off whilst in Asia. Anyway, sorry for giving you my life's story, any input would be greatly appreciated.

                      • Farquharson
                        Farquharson  9 months back

                        i really like this channel, I think talking about a bunch of topics like medicine, fat loss, and exercise are all great

                        • Think Mackay
                          Think Mackay  9 months back

                          Dr. Bernard, do you know how many young people's life you may have changed? This should be mandatory watch for anyone over 16 ! (from a parent of a future med Dr and a lawyer).

                          • John Rubio
                            John Rubio  9 months back

                            My bro...I have been impressed by your videos since I stumbled on your medicinal videos forever ago.
                            Now I know you love vanilla sky...I love tom cruise too:)
                            Here is my question...
                            You understand insulin sensitivity/ insulin resistance...I eat all day...however i only allow my body to produce insulin once a day...this is more carb backloading..this has worked well for me for last 3 years doing my heavy weight training completely carb depleted daily.. this forces my body to release growth hormone. ...insulin negates GH in the human body...soooo... I eat all day...when I allow my body to release insulin is my decision...insulin is the only hormone we can control with a fork...
                            What I do works for me because I'm a 37 year old endo morph with slow metabolism...
                            In my humble opinion...internment fasting,carb backloading, and carb depleted training is dangerous for ecto morph and meso morph people with high do you feel about carb depleted weight resistance and cardio...and do you think humans producing less insulin spikes leads to longer healthier lives?

                            • Christy Angel
                              Christy Angel  10 months back

                              Hello Bernard. I am trying to get through school debt-free as well. I have 2 jobs and am attempting to lose weight. I feel like I am just trying to keep my head above water sometimes. You’re an inspiration! Thanks for this video :)

                              • ••• Seasyoursoul •••

                                GOLD CHAIN. WHAT

                                • Rusty Asplico
                                  Rusty Asplico  11 months back

                                  Why most of the video now is all about you😢 I love the mysterious Bernard i watch before.. You open your life to people now😢

                                • Onigiri
                                  Onigiri  11 months back

                                  U should change ur channel name from chubbyemu to stronghealthyfitemu

                                  • Callusny
                                    Callusny  11 months back

                                    When I was working in construction I ate at 10:30am a small meal, 1:30 lunch medium-large meal and a large dinner around 5 or 6pm and nothing else after. That's about 16 hours of intermittent fasting that I didn't even realize I was doing. I always skipped breakfasts and one week I didn't eat after 5pm because I didn't have the energy to cook and after that it became a pattern and I got used to it, so it was not that hard at all!

                                    • Joseph NUITE
                                      Joseph NUITE  11 months back

                                      I was working nights 66 hours a week and trying to go to school (12 hr shifts 6pm-6am 6 days a week). The way my mandatory classes had to be scheduled I had to be awake Wednesday morning to Saturday morning with like 20 hours of lab requirements per week on just 13 credits. How were you able to work 80hrs and go to school? I was hallucinating and almost crashed my car several times.

                                      • Dani Tura
                                        Dani Tura  1 years back

                                        From what i`ve been able to gather IF works best if you are already fairly lean and want to lower your set point(And from my perspective thats seems to be true , but i`m just 1 guy )

                                        • MyChilepepper
                                          MyChilepepper  1 years back

                                          Dr Bernard, I think by looking at this old video compared to your recent posts your facial skin looks so young and smooth now. Can you make a video on skin care and nutritional diets. Anyway well done to your success. I'm hooked on your blabs!

                                          • Tony Soprano
                                            Tony Soprano  6 months back

                                            Get rid of high body fat and bad lighting. There's how to make your skin look better.

                                          • Brian Deeb
                                            Brian Deeb  9 months back

                                            MyChilepepper he’s not looking at comments on older videos.

                                        • Richard Hutchings
                                          Richard Hutchings  1 years back

                                          I agree with you needing discipline. However perhaps more importantly you need to train because you WANT to not because you think you HAVE to

                                          • stephen stewart
                                            stephen stewart  1 years back

                                            Excellent video as per usual mate. I really think you should lose the gold necklace though, it's really tacky and doesn't reflect your intelligence

                                            • Bong Shapiro
                                              Bong Shapiro  2 years back

                                              Hahahaaaa 13:40 that moment when you get too real in your YouTube video. He had that Matthew Modine look from the end of FMJ "I've seen shit man. Dark shit..." Mothergucker's talking about his childhood! Hahaha subbed.

                                              • Crystal McKinney
                                                Crystal McKinney  2 years back

                                                I'm so glad I subscribed. Really appreciate your inspiration and keeping it real.♡

                                                • Ralou Larou
                                                  Ralou Larou  2 years back

                                                  you are tottally my type

                                                  • OneOfTheMasses *
                                                    OneOfTheMasses *  2 years back

                                                    Oh wow! So cool that you chose Vanilla Sky. I own that movie. Its a very good movie. 😊

                                                    • OneOfTheMasses *
                                                      OneOfTheMasses *  2 years back

                                                      I loved your answers to the questions. But, I loved your answer to What the best advice that you've received. 💖👍

                                                      • Jester676
                                                        Jester676  2 years back

                                                        I have to say it's nice to see someone be real in their videos instead of saying the worn out line about how it's all about the viewer.

                                                        • Kunal Chatterjee
                                                          Kunal Chatterjee  2 years back

                                                          How much do you make in the Industry?

                                                          • Ben Lolmaugh
                                                            Ben Lolmaugh  2 years back

                                                            You had a video you did in the car while lost mentioning that inspiration and motivation don't exist, only discipline. Good stuff. Opened my mind. I'm on 3 weeks of keto because of it. Great video

                                                            • ShyThinker videos
                                                              ShyThinker videos  2 years back

                                                              you just live like this because of your parents,simple as that

                                                              • kray97
                                                                kray97  2 years back

                                                                You need more carbs than that man.

                                                                • PhantomSoul
                                                                  PhantomSoul  2 years back

                                                                  It may seem stupid or childish but i hate it when people say "you have to do things you dont want to do". At the end when i die i dont want to look back at my life and think to my self that i destroyed my own life with working my ass off and break my fucking bones by doing so. I want to lie down and know that i did what i wanted to do and i had my fulfillment in life. Working for others and getting literally nothing of it is just one thing i would regret my whole life.

                                                                  • Carcharodon megalodon
                                                                    Carcharodon megalodon  2 years back

                                                                    Search 'vegan bodybilders' man. Jesus.

                                                                    • Winterheart786
                                                                      Winterheart786  2 years back

                                                                      Dr, Landlord and you tuber...

                                                                      • yohopirate
                                                                        yohopirate  2 years back

                                                                        Debt free. Congrats. I have lots of energy, but wish I had been well rested first to achieve opportunities to channel it into

                                                                        • yohopirate
                                                                          yohopirate  2 years back

                                                                          Personally I managed HIIT & IF at a higher level of carbs, with a lot from peas. And occasional cheats. Cut over a relatively long period, but it worked!

                                                                          • Barb Mynott
                                                                            Barb Mynott  2 years back

                                                                            Re : intermittent fasting...check out Dr. Jason Fung (nephrologist) in Toronto, Canada and his intensive dietary Managment program. His specialty is intermittent fasting. Appreciate your program...very helpful !

                                                                            • K. S.
                                                                              K. S.  5 months back

                                                                              I was about to comment this, dr. Fung is great

                                                                            • Luna EB
                                                                              Luna EB  8 months back

                                                                              also jerry brainum 50 years writing about supplements and fitness . chubs needs more research on IF

                                                                          • windmillritual
                                                                            windmillritual  2 years back

                                                                            It took me 35 minutes into the video to notice....are those DDR ARROWS on your shirt?!

                                                                            If so, where did you get that, I want that in my life...

                                                                            • TOP - INFINITE
                                                                              TOP - INFINITE  2 years back

                                                                              I am an indiam and i have 85kg .I am going to gym to loose weight and its going to be 2 month in gym and i have still 83kg , just 2 kg in two months .Its indian foid which never ever let you down your weight no matter how hard i am doing in gym but still i am on same place .
                                                                              Advice something chubby sir.

                                                                              • Eric Y.
                                                                                Eric Y.  2 years back

                                                                                You have to count calories

                                                                            • subject zero
                                                                              subject zero  2 years back

                                                                              Going to the gym 11 times a week seems so fucking excessive. Your trainer sounds like a dipshit.

                                                                              • LD321
                                                                                LD321  2 years back

                                                                                subject zero twice a day Monday - Friday isnt that big of a deal, probably 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in evening

                                                                            • Jessica Blakeney
                                                                              Jessica Blakeney  2 years back

                                                                              My cousin introduced me on the diet called “sowo hope site” (Google it). This is a diet program that actually works. At first I was a bit skeptical but also in only two weeks I’ve already missing over 14 pounds. Google it to learn more.

                                                                              • Brian Giles
                                                                                Brian Giles  2 years back

                                                                                I'm enjoying watching your weight loss protocol in action. Keep up the good work!

                                                                                Since it appears you're in the medical field, and have an interest in intermittent fasting, I'll link below a fascinating (and credible) interview done with Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Dr. Satchin Panda. They discuss time restricted eating (IF), and the work Dr. Satchin Panda's done with mice. Using his protocol (along with Kevin Roses 'Zero App' to track my fasting) worked as described for me, my fat melted off:

                                                                                (Dr. Rhonda Patrick speaks with Dr. Satchidananda Panda, a professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California. Satchin's work deals specifically with the timing of food and it's relationship with our biological clocks governed by circadian rhythm and also the circadian rhythm in general.)

                                                                                Zero - A New App to Help You Fast:

                                                                                • TheOpenForum
                                                                                  TheOpenForum  2 years back

                                                                                  whew 50g of carbs?? holy hell bro. I just saw your channel. Loving your video bro. Man Ive done IF for 5 years IF is more of training wheels for the big to get smaller. For example we know cold water helps curve hunger but for a beginner when all you can do is drink water cause your fasted for 16 hours, you learn this automatically. You want to eat less but dont know where to start, you can only do so much in that interval etc. I have like a 1000 questions lol Hit me up anytime =) I also have Intermittent Fasting 101 102 and 103 on my channel from a few years back. Keep your head up bro. I dont even know you but I am proud of you!!! Do your thing bro!!!


                                                                                  • c red
                                                                                    c red  2 years back

                                                                                    "I am an unconventional person aka really fucking weird". We call that Avant-Garde here in Paris bro. It's a good thing!

                                                                                    • caps31392
                                                                                      caps31392  3 years back

                                                                                      give some advice on how to decrease bloating?