Worst Purchase Ever Made (GAME)


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  • Matilda Pitcher
    Matilda Pitcher  2 months back

    Jordan is Cotten candy randy
    His shirt says hi daddies

    • Xochitl Rodriguez
      Xochitl Rodriguez  3 months back

      What ??? Just give the cat to someone that will love him no need of your nasty attitude!!!

      • Tory Brown
        Tory Brown  3 months back

        The Animal Named Enzo what animal is it because i have a dog named enzo

        • rolling metal
          rolling metal  3 months back

          Ladies all three are incredibly gorgeous

          • P. A.
            P. A.  4 months back

            I hope that Rhett one day stops generalizing and demonizing cats every chance he gets. It's really uncharacteristically narrow-minded of him and exhausting to watch.

            • Kelly
              Kelly  4 months back

              Emily reminds of the honey-mist autumn hair dye. "Well honey, you missed autumn big time!"

              • Crimson Alex
                Crimson Alex  4 months back

                I've only really listened to the McElroy podcasts (mbmbam, adventure zone, saw bones, etc) on max fun but when he said max fun i nearly had a coronary trying to find which one hes on xD

                • Joe Seward
                  Joe Seward  4 months back

                  It's literally one of the best podcasts ever.

                  • Emma Mulligan
                    Emma Mulligan  4 months back

                    Jordan is from Jordan Jesse Go??? The Jordan's are one and the same???? WTH OMG

                    • All_Roads
                      All_Roads  4 months back

                      Any time anyone is describing how "good" they're cat is, they're just describing how much like a dog it is.

                      • ShiningLily3
                        ShiningLily3  4 months back

                        Our cat has to be one of the sweetest cats ever. She's always there with you but if she's not make little kissy noises and boom there she is. She's super loving and affectionate.

                        • Zostis With the Mostest
                          Zostis With the Mostest  5 months back

                          I feel Rhett might like my cat. She plays fetch, goes of walks with a leash, she poops in the toilet, and needs attention like a dog, she'll sit on anyone's lap and purr. She also only brings me worms she licks clean

                          • Lauren Colomb
                            Lauren Colomb  5 months back

                            I have the biggest crush on Jordan. Like legit, huge, crazy crush

                            • Nicola Wiekamp
                              Nicola Wiekamp  5 months back

                              my least favourite thing about this channel is how you all hate cats lol. They're seriously the sweetest.

                              • Fishsticks96 boi
                                Fishsticks96 boi  5 months back

                                I had hypoglycemia and was diagnosed with it when I was seven. I am still currently at the risk of dying and you can see the tendons in my hands and feet. I have no body fat whatsoever, so I can eat anything. :3

                                • BangShanghai
                                  BangShanghai  6 months back

                                  Jordan is great. Love him a lot

                                  • Andy Palmer
                                    Andy Palmer  6 months back


                                    • Andy Palmer
                                      Andy Palmer  6 months back

                                      Update: I didn't realize how lOnG this has been running holy shiz it's like 14 years old where do I start

                                  • TheAlcaparro
                                    TheAlcaparro  6 months back

                                    I LOVE Jordan

                                    • Joel Beckwith Gaming
                                      Joel Beckwith Gaming  6 months back

                                      Jordan’s shirt

                                      • Helen
                                        Helen  6 months back

                                        That cat is like forgive my human, I swear he’s normal.....ish

                                        • inbal
                                          inbal  6 months back

                                          Jordan is such a cutey

                                          • Super Vidya Brothers
                                            Super Vidya Brothers  6 months back

                                            I hope Jordan doesn't have the gout

                                            • Harry Todhunter
                                              Harry Todhunter  6 months back

                                              These four are my favourite of the Mythical Crew.

                                              • S M
                                                S M  6 months back

                                                I can't live without cats.

                                                • Isabel
                                                  Isabel  6 months back

                                                  The day one of the McElroys (most likely Travis, this is his vibe) go on Good Mythical Morning.....my life will be complete

                                                  • Cody Froese
                                                    Cody Froese  6 months back

                                                    Emily actually looked sexy in that pic 🤔

                                                    • Amberly Albrecht
                                                      Amberly Albrecht  6 months back

                                                      I'm so thankful for my cats lol. I have turned cat haters into either cat lovers or toleraters just from my Gandalf. You can toss him around, he adores vigorous belly rubs, cuddles me and everyone all the time.

                                                      I love all cats always but Gandalf is basically a dog in cat form and he is a gift.

                                                      • Amberly Albrecht
                                                        Amberly Albrecht  4 months back

                                                        @P. A. ok 😎

                                                      • P. A.
                                                        P. A.  4 months back

                                                        That's just a cat, not a dog in cat form. There are so many incredibly friendly and easygoing cats who let you do almost whatever with them, but because of the dog vs cat stereotypes, positive traits are only ascribed to dogs.

                                                    • Insobrietive Magic
                                                      Insobrietive Magic  6 months back

                                                      no freaking Jen i see... disappointed

                                                      • FishAntsPlantsAndDave
                                                        FishAntsPlantsAndDave  6 months back

                                                        I'm kinda mad that the redhead isnt a natural redhead.

                                                        • K S
                                                          K S  6 months back

                                                          Yeah. SOME cats are mean. Some dogs kill people. I don’t hear Rhett saying he hates all dogs. I don’t think the cat hating schtick is funny

                                                          • K S
                                                            K S  6 months back

                                                            I don’t like people who don’t like animals

                                                            • Lamb
                                                              Lamb  6 months back

                                                              Christine is actually adorable omggg

                                                              • yeet man
                                                                yeet man  6 months back


                                                                • Lex Sprout
                                                                  Lex Sprout  7 months back

                                                                  I expected the tongue to be floppy rather than hard plastic

                                                                  • Dog Lover Maya
                                                                    Dog Lover Maya  7 months back

                                                                    I'm with Rhett, cats are evil lmao

                                                                    • P. A.
                                                                      P. A.  4 months back

                                                                      You both are just being deliberately ignorant and know nothing about cats if you truly think that is the case. If cats don't like you, 99% of the time that's on YOU, not them.

                                                                  • Gacha_cookies
                                                                    Gacha_cookies  7 months back

                                                                    That picture of that cat looks exactly like a picture of my cat that I posted on my old instagram I thing they stole that of my old Instagram

                                                                    • Ian Nicely
                                                                      Ian Nicely  7 months back

                                                                      Is jordon Cotton Candy Randy?

                                                                      • Kayley Baker (Student)
                                                                        Kayley Baker (Student)  7 months back

                                                                        6:26 my cat loves me

                                                                        • Coins With Why Daydreamer

                                                                          Happy cotton candy day daddies...

                                                                          Please bring back Cotton Candy Randy!

                                                                          • Sniffles
                                                                            Sniffles  7 months back

                                                                            Jordan is so funny...and Emily funny and gorgeous :D

                                                                            • Vanessa Cortes
                                                                              Vanessa Cortes  8 months back

                                                                              I LLLoooooooove Cats 🐱

                                                                              Probably because You are not being nice enough to her or You are not spending much with her, and more stuff like that...

                                                                              (not being mean)

                                                                              • Mandy Buffington
                                                                                Mandy Buffington  8 months back

                                                                                Been listening to Jordan Jesse Go! for a couple of years (while also watching gmm 6+ years) and I can't believe I never realized it was THIS JORDAN! My mind is truly blown

                                                                                • Lisa Keown
                                                                                  Lisa Keown  8 months back

                                                                                  Jordan said, "daddy" and I got a flashback to Cotton Candy Randy. 😂

                                                                                  • Brenda Ferrari
                                                                                    Brenda Ferrari  8 months back

                                                                                    Rescued cats are the most lovely... So dont buy them, its better to adopt

                                                                                    • EstelleLass
                                                                                      EstelleLass  8 months back

                                                                                      HOLD ON YOURE IN JORDAN JESSIE GO?! Woah!

                                                                                      • Maia Jeans
                                                                                        Maia Jeans  8 months back

                                                                                        I feel the exact same way about my cat..she’s the worst but I love her

                                                                                        • Jeff McGinnis
                                                                                          Jeff McGinnis  8 months back

                                                                                          I’m in love with Stevie.

                                                                                          • joel persson
                                                                                            joel persson  8 months back

                                                                                            i love how link is just silent in the corner