What'll Happen If You Stop Eating Junk Food for 7 Days

  • Published: 21 August 2018
  • How to Lose Weight and Fix Your Health Problems. The Food Institute recently analyzed data received from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and found that millennials spend 45% of their food budget on eating out. Whether you get it in a drive through or the frozen food aisle, it’s called “junk” for a reason! Yes, it’s fast, it’s tasty, and it satisfies your hunger at least for a little bit, but all that comes at a hefty price: your health and well-being! So let’s see what would happen to your body and what health benefits it would bring you if you finally gave up junk food for good.

    Weight loss 1:50
    Better nutrition 2:36
    Fewer colds 3:23
    Lower health risks 3:56
    Clearer skin 4:33
    Better muscle tone 5:20
    Better sleep 5:50
    Better mood 6:20
    Improved eyesight 6:52
    Stronger nails 7:20
    Shiny hair 7:54
    More energy 8:15
    Decreased cravings 8:59
    Increased cravings for healthy food 9:35
    Less cellulite 10:17
    Improved digestion 11:09
    Migraine relief 11:38

    #junkfood #fastfood #healthysnacks

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    -As soon as you decide to remove junk food from your diet, your calorie intake will significantly decrease.
    -If you replace junk food with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meat, you'll be giving your body the fuel it needs, like fiber, calcium, protein, and an array of vitamins.
    -When you cut out the junk and include more fruits and veggies in your diet, your body gets the "bricks" it needs to build a strong defensive system.
    -Fatty greasy foods contain a lot of sodium, which can result in high blood pressure and kidney disease.
    -As soon as you exclude junk food from your diet, your skin will steadily get healthier and clear up.
    -Unprocessed food and lean protein actually helps build strong and healthy muscles.
    -When you reduce the amount of sugary junk food in your diet, your sleep becomes more restful.
    -As soon as you start supplying your body with the stuff that it desperately needs, you’ll feel much better, and, thus, your mood will improve too.
    -The best foods for the eyes are those that contain a lot of lutein and beta-carotene, and you won’t find them in junk food.
    -As soon as you replace junk food with products rich in protein and vitamin B7, you'll quickly see how healthy your nails are becoming.
    -Processed junk doesn’t contain the omega-3 fatty acids needed for healthy hair.
    -Instead of reaching for more soda or cookies, start eating healthy so that your body gets the real energy it needs.
    -When you give into sugary cravings, it leads to dips and spikes in your blood sugar.
    -You can change your brain’s reaction to low-calorie and high-calorie foods by adjusting your eating habits.
    -The less junk food you eat, the less overall fat you have and the more toned your body is.
    -When you switch to vegetables and whole foods, you’ll be rewarded with improved digestion and fewer digestive problems like bloating and constipation.
    -Processed foods can easily trigger migraines.

    #junkfood #healthyfood #weightloss

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    BRIGHT SIDE   1 years back

    Hey there! Are you ready to quit junk food? 🙂

  • ainsley !
    ainsley !  18 hours back

    been eating healthier for over 2 months and dropped 10 pounds, i’m more energized, and i feel so much better!

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        Ah uhm we get chicken and chips every Friday tho

        • Payal jaat
          Payal jaat  2 days back

          Its really difficult to stop eating junk food😭😭😭😭..its been just 1 day of leaving junk food and I m literally starving to eat junk food ... ..... now its not happening I m going to market to buy it

          • Willowhoops
            Willowhoops  2 days back

            "Whether you get it in a drive through or the frozen food aisle, it’s called “junk” for a reason!" - shows a frozen vegetables picture. Ain't that a just a bit misleading?

            • Mikey Lejan
              Mikey Lejan  3 days back

              Fasting is also healthy

              • JesseLukas55 roblox
                JesseLukas55 roblox  4 days back

                1:51 instead of “loss” its “losss” xd

                • Blu Jay
                  Blu Jay  4 days back

                  No junk food=sexy ppl

                  • Tommy Tv
                    Tommy Tv  5 days back

                    You’ll be healthier.....

                    • BestInTheWorld
                      BestInTheWorld  7 days back

                      If i eat like a burger once every weekend am i still good or nah?

                    • Toxic Kinggamers
                      Toxic Kinggamers  7 days back

                      I'm eating junk food rn

                      • Benjie bausing
                        Benjie bausing  1 weeks back

                        Iam eating junk foods but i drinking water

                        • Hippo Chan
                          Hippo Chan  1 weeks back

                          1 like= 1 week without junk food

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                            SnowCats  2 weeks back

                            *about healthy food* gets ad about french fries

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                              1 like = 12 hours of no sugar or junk food for real

                              • Serial Dealer
                                Serial Dealer  2 weeks back

                                Absolutely nothing will happen if u stop eating junk food NOTHING!!!! Yall mfs just stuborn n dontbwanna stop being fatasses

                                • I B
                                  I B  2 weeks back

                                  I’m 3 days sober so far! 🙂

                                  • Ruby And Dexter
                                    Ruby And Dexter  2 weeks back

                                    I’m having avsalid now

                                    • Charlie Conway
                                      Charlie Conway  2 weeks back

                                      I don’t eat junk food to much I mainly keep healthy!

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                                        bestamerica  2 weeks back

                                        wow dont eat a junk food 47 days...
                                        that is alot...
                                        good healthly

                                        • Poonam Malik
                                          Poonam Malik  2 weeks back

                                          Please tell me the editor of you use for editing your youtube videos.

                                          • ii. lxly
                                            ii. lxly  2 weeks back

                                            I love junk food but I eat it only 1 time a month

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                                              fun time  2 weeks back

                                              Thank you sir this can change my life

                                              • Mrunmayee Gund
                                                Mrunmayee Gund  3 weeks back

                                                Me: watching this video while eating a packet of chips

                                                • sonal
                                                  sonal  3 weeks back

                                                  I stopped eating junk food for 6 months by now and lost 25 kgs without any exercise . I am very happy 😆

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                                                  Treasure Peoples  3 weeks back

                                                  Bright side is
                                                  Green beans healthy

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                                                      How did you do it

                                                      • Mario Mooz14
                                                        Mario Mooz14  4 weeks back

                                                        I couldn’t only eat healthy food, healthy food just taste like nothing to me, even seasoned healthy food taste like nothing to me

                                                        • Vials Vials
                                                          Vials Vials  4 weeks back

                                                          This whole video just makes me say "But if I don't eat junk food, what will I eat?" Cause I'm not in charge of my food it's my parents

                                                          • Abhishek Biswas
                                                            Abhishek Biswas  4 weeks back

                                                            That's it I'm giving up eating these good for nothing junkies now.. Only diet and training for next 3 months so that when I start my next job, Im catching the eyes of sexi good looking women 🤣😂😅

                                                            • rainbow dash
                                                              rainbow dash  4 weeks back

                                                              Weight loss
                                                              Better nutrition
                                                              Fewer colds
                                                              Lower health risks
                                                              Clearer skin
                                                              Better muscle tone
                                                              Better sleep
                                                              Better mood
                                                              Improved eyesight
                                                              Stronger nails
                                                              Shiny hair
                                                              More energy
                                                              Decreased craving
                                                              Increased craving for healthy food
                                                              Less Cellu-leet
                                                              Improved Digestion
                                                              Migraine relief

                                                              Like if it helped you 😄
                                                              It took me so much time plz like

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                                                                *wEiGhT LoSsS*

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                                                                    firing yousef  4 weeks back

                                                                    These is the best video I saw it in my life I even eat healthy foods on all my life not for just a week but you will take time to do that.

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                                                                      Juls Barz  4 weeks back

                                                                      Watching this while eating Doritos

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                                                                        Amazing Pug  4 weeks back

                                                                        Who else came here hoping that "stop eating junk food" was a bad thing

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                                                                          1:51 Weight losss

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                                                                            Did I just hear weight loss? Help me
                                                                            1 like = 1 week without junk food
                                                                            I just need help

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                                                                              Make me improve my diet! One like = One day without junk food.
                                                                              One comment = One hour of excersising that day.

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                                                                                Um nothing happened to me if I don’t eat junk food fore 7 days cuz I really don’t eat so much junk food

                                                                                • Lol Lol
                                                                                  Lol Lol  1 months back

                                                                                  1:51 who noticed that it said "losss" instead of "loss"

                                                                                  • Raj Bala
                                                                                    Raj Bala  1 months back

                                                                                    Here I've quit the junk food from my diet

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                                                                                            but can you drink cola and whiskey if not junk food ?