Boeing's China Problem

  • Published: 10 September 2019
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    Animation by Josh Sherrington
    Sound by Graham Haerther (
    Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

    Music by
    Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
    China Eastern 737 Takeoff Video Courtesy PDX Aviation


Comments • 3 352

  • solisium
    solisium  11 hours back

    FAA took too long to call the obvious and now China has taken a foot hold against America

    • EdP IV
      EdP IV  12 hours back

      Lol. China’s main airline will be from China. Duh

      • A Cabsalt
        A Cabsalt  18 hours back

        well, you all say: oh, those chinese government is bad, because of the lack of human rights in china, but all countries want to get a share out of the market. The reason china stoped the 1 child policy was kind of the understanding that the amount of chinese population is one of the key factors. All this " all foreign companies have to get into a joined venture" is there whole perssure point , don´t support any chinese company..

        • Crystal Ball
          Crystal Ball  18 hours back

          Another shitty clickbait title

          • David
            David  19 hours back

            Go move to China, good luck on your rights.

            • lim eddie
              lim eddie  19 hours back

              In 50 yrs, fossil fuel will be scarce, by then, airplanes have to be redesigned ..

              • SilverHayze
                SilverHayze  19 hours back

                Anything the Chinese design and build is low quality rubbish. The wings will probably fall off mid flight

                • David Lloyd-Jones
                  David Lloyd-Jones  20 hours back

                  Bay-Jing, NOT Bei-Zhing.
                  It's Chinese, not French.
                  Frenchifying a word because it's furrin is kinda down-on-the-farm, doncha think?

                  • Pyro Gaming
                    Pyro Gaming  1 days back

                    Why don’t China just order more Airbus planes they have proven to be better than the 737 max and if they order airbus planes that would harm the American market which is what China wants

                    • Vasting
                      Vasting  3 hours back

                      because they want to hurt EU as well

                  • Lori Lanili
                    Lori Lanili  2 days back

                    Boeing can build another ,better plane .

                    • Zands
                      Zands  2 days back

                      Article just released that investigated the massive hacking operations the Chinese government has taken to attempt to build their new plane and how officers and spies have been jailed. Massive article amazing read. China is truely evil.

                      • Mark Cookman
                        Mark Cookman  2 days back

                        Voice over drove me away after six mins; nice bit of tech but rather wearing on the ears!

                        • Slosh MaGee
                          Slosh MaGee  2 days back

                          Fuck China.

                          • Jurassic Aviator
                            Jurassic Aviator  2 days back

                            This is why you should never listen to any of our bill**** propaganda the USA gives out. The capatilism idea hurts everyone but the ultra rich, they don't give enough support to the people and they can't make good planes nowadays

                            • Krish Maharaj
                              Krish Maharaj  2 days back

                              Please I don’t ever want to fly on a Chinese plane

                              • Simon Barr
                                Simon Barr  2 days back

                                China building their own aircraft is a game-changer. While it may take a few years for these craft to prove themselves, this has tremendous export potential for China. It severely dent Airbus & Boeings market share internationally. The C919 will use many european & US parts - putting it almost on par with existing aircraft from other manufacturers.

                                • Arole Flynn
                                  Arole Flynn  3 days back

                                  China. The country that murdered and starved to death 78 million of its own people.

                                  • Not Sure
                                    Not Sure  3 days back

                                    This just proves what we already know, the Chinese are brilliant at copying what others have made, but are completely inept at creating something of their own.

                                  • V Philip
                                    V Philip  3 days back

                                    Boeing is the problem !

                                    • Aaron Kasér
                                      Aaron Kasér  3 days back

                                      6:42 why the hell is Australia connected to Indonesia on that map? 😂😂😂😂😂

                                      • Edward George
                                        Edward George  3 days back

                                        It’s there own fault!

                                        • Coleen West
                                          Coleen West  3 days back

                                          Your anti-American bigoted hate is starting to show. You have got all your facts exactly backwards. Very ugly of you.

                                          • Abraham ZHANG
                                            Abraham ZHANG  3 days back

                                            Boring AF

                                            • Crusader
                                              Crusader  3 days back

                                              Why does everybody have a China problem?

                                              • Crusader
                                                Crusader  36 minutes back

                                                @Vasting it was a joke😑

                                              • Vasting
                                                Vasting  3 hours back

                                                If you're too blind it see, it's too late for you.

                                            • Type-13 XUE
                                              Type-13 XUE  3 days back

                                              sorry, but where is taiwan?

                                              • lppoqql
                                                lppoqql  3 days back

                                                Stop bashing China you salty losers

                                                • Mods_o_joy
                                                  Mods_o_joy  3 hours back

                                                  @lppoqql Tiananmen Square Massacre, June 4th, 1989. Free Tibet. Democracy
                                                  Tiananmen Square Massacre, June 4th, 1989. Free Tibet. Democracy
                                                  Tiananmen Square Massacre, June 4th, 1989. Free Tibet. Democracy
                                                  Tiananmen Square Massacre, June 4th, 1989. Free Tibet. Democracy

                                                • Vasting
                                                  Vasting  3 hours back

                                                  If you're too blind it see, it's too late for you.

                                                • lppoqql
                                                  lppoqql  3 days back

                                                  @Mods_o_joy Hey loser, do you really care about well being of Asians so much???? Really? or are you just a racist little loser using this as an excuse? Think about that you toxic ugly little animal.

                                                • Mods_o_joy
                                                  Mods_o_joy  3 days back

                                                  Tiananmen Square Massacre, June 4th, 1989. Free Tibet. Democracy

                                                  etc etc

                                                • ScottJackson117
                                                  ScottJackson117  3 days back

                                                  China No# 4!

                                              • Matt Trantham
                                                Matt Trantham  4 days back

                                                Who gives a shit...anyone really wanna live in China?

                                                • slpip
                                                  slpip  4 days back

                                                  Soon China will go bankrupt and many people will lost jobs. Many Chinese can't afford to take airplane. Boeing will be in big problem.

                                                  • Kin FR L
                                                    Kin FR L  4 days back

                                                    Boeing is building shit planes and flying coffins

                                                    • TIAviation
                                                      TIAviation  4 days back

                                                      that ARJ21 is like a plane version of Berlin Brandenburg airport

                                                      • Marc LeBlanc
                                                        Marc LeBlanc  4 days back

                                                        I will not get on a Chinese built plane

                                                        • Brian Henry
                                                          Brian Henry  4 days back

                                                          Great video! Completion is a great thing. Monopolies are a terrible thing. Dualopoplies are just as bad.

                                                          • Brody Smith
                                                            Brody Smith  4 days back

                                                            Tertiary~~~!!! -Strong bad.

                                                            • Ernest Perri
                                                              Ernest Perri  4 days back

                                                              FAA and the FCC are paid off hacks

                                                              • niu chajianfa
                                                                niu chajianfa  4 days back

                                                                "the aircraft was plagued with reliability and capability issues" source? it's funny how an aircraft "plagued with reliability and capability issues" did not crash once but Boeing 737 max crashed twice in 6 months

                                                                • Mods_o_joy
                                                                  Mods_o_joy  3 days back

                                                                  @niu chajianfa But you dont deny that any of that is documented truth, and that chinese manufacturing is universally reguarded as fucking terrible?

                                                                • niu chajianfa
                                                                  niu chajianfa  3 days back

                                                                  @Mods_o_joy what are you smoking? i want one too

                                                                • Mods_o_joy
                                                                  Mods_o_joy  3 days back

                                                                  Tiananmen Square

                                                                  now that its out of the way, the 737 was fixed quickly, the issue was with boeing not initiating a pilot retraining program so that pilots coming from older jets would be able to know the inns of the new tech on board, specifically the anti stall system which had a flaw that could require it to be disabled during flight.

                                                              • 1 2 3 Four Five
                                                                1 2 3 Four Five  4 days back

                                                                Does take a genius to figure out somethings wrong when two of the same plane crash within months of each other.
                                                                And it doesnt take a genius to figure out the FAA is a biased authority (And is basically owned by Boeing)

                                                                • Le Ruscino
                                                                  Le Ruscino  4 days back

                                                                  Boeing market depended a lot on Petro-Dollar recycling - also not touched ?

                                                                  • Le Ruscino
                                                                    Le Ruscino  4 days back

                                                                    The MC21 from Russia is the real Elephant in the room & not touched here as to why ?

                                                                    • Konata Izumi
                                                                      Konata Izumi  4 days back

                                                                      China should also hire the Russian and Ukraine engineers to work with them.
                                                                      Soviet Power Supreme.

                                                                      • Grace Pierce
                                                                        Grace Pierce  4 days back

                                                                        so you have boeing cutting corners for some extra bucks.. and you have huge companys like google, facebook and the rest spying on you.. or infrindging on your 1st amendment rights.. you have companys like the NBL supporting mainland china communism, because its in their monetary interest to do so. noone has your best interest in mind. none of them do.
                                                                        do you expect boeing to really be any different, even though in the past they made things for our government?
                                                                        in the end its always about the money, even when it comes to building things that fall apart instead of the quality they use to have.. its the same for their politics. money > everything else. im not against making a buck, but there is a point where morality has to come in... unless your immoral of course. which they are. the love of money is the root of all evil. should we be surprised? the only question left.. will google and the rest of these people eventually own you, telling you what is ok to think, or what to buy, etc? this trail is farther reaching than you might at first think.

                                                                        • Piontro Pechetrini
                                                                          Piontro Pechetrini  4 days back

                                                                          Boeing send their parts to be made in China , and China doesn't give a fuck about Quality.

                                                                          • p ryder
                                                                            p ryder  4 days back

                                                                            The Chinese government owns the companies, which means they are in control of the country. The western companies are corporate owned, and they control the governments. It means less government stability. It also means higher cost for the consumer because we must pay for the corporate shareholders profits.

                                                                            • p ryder
                                                                              p ryder  4 days back

                                                                              AS this is basically a hidden ADD it makes the credibility or the story doubtful

                                                                              • ShoDaWei
                                                                                ShoDaWei  4 days back

                                                                                2019 is the year that China took the number 1 spot in geopolitical standing.

                                                                                • james musisca
                                                                                  james musisca  4 days back

                                                                                  china is bigger than the us thanks to the us we gave them jobs and money

                                                                                  • JR Kipling
                                                                                    JR Kipling  5 days back

                                                                                    Boeing lands a landmark contract fitting out nuclear missiles to use against the US. Another first for the Globalists at the US Chamber of Commerce

                                                                                    • Ken Bellchambers
                                                                                      Ken Bellchambers  5 days back

                                                                                      The joker in the deck is that jet aircraft are insanely destructive to the entire atmospheric blanket. Jets pour massive pollution into the stratosphere, and most of the one hundred plus chemicals are compounds that have been synergised by the intense forces and conditions inside the engine and outside of it in the near vacuum of the frigid upper atmosphere. The intense heat deposition is very likely to be the primary cause of the terrible weather events that we are seeing globally. The aviation winner will be the ones who are first to develop a high speed electric aircraft. This isn't pie-in-the-sky nonsense. The pundits believe we can have fast electric planes in ten years due to advancements in frictionless magnetic levitation motors combined with super conductors and massive improvements in poly dimensional photoelectric cells. We already have small electric aircraft flying, so the future must go in this direction. Jets are obsolete and far too polluting, and the traffic just grows and grows.

                                                                                      • Lionel Mandrake
                                                                                        Lionel Mandrake  5 days back

                                                                                        The greatest generation spawned the so-so generation who spawned the worst ever generation. THAT is the problem in a nutshell.