Emron: Emma Chamberlain and Aaron Hull Dating? Fans Think So!


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  • Andrew Adkins
    Andrew Adkins  12 hours back

    I don’t wanna believe this video cause I’m in love w her 😥 still happy for her though

    • I’m Cloudy
      I’m Cloudy  15 hours back

      Why did I read his name as Aaron samuels?

      • Maya Farren
        Maya Farren  23 hours back

        does he skate board tho ?

      • M.F
        M.F  24 hours back

        I approve

        • Kunsang klt
          Kunsang klt  1 days back

          Ugh so cute

          • Cherise Viljoen
            Cherise Viljoen  1 days back

            I still Ship #ETHMA and that's not changing anytime soon

            • Noelle Cusimano
              Noelle Cusimano  3 days back

              People really watch people this close to know all of this??? Ya'll wild lol

              • Samantha Neuah
                Samantha Neuah  3 days back

                This just really goes to show how controlling the Dolan Twins management is. I think it was very likely she was dating Ethan but their management probably made her sign an NDA or some type of contract that prevented her from talking about him in a romantic way because of the twins’ audience. I’m so glad that she seems genuinely happy now.

                • Samantha Neuah
                  Samantha Neuah  15 hours back

                  Phoebe Dowling even after she turned 18 they still were quiet though. It’s just sad that she couldn’t be open with her audience in my opinion

                • Phoebe Dowling
                  Phoebe Dowling  15 hours back

                  Samantha Neuah She was 17 tbf so they probably kept it hush because she was still a minor and Ethan wasn’t

              • kaelyn twist
                kaelyn twist  3 days back


                • xo baby
                  xo baby  3 days back

                  He looked so nervous when she joined his live

                  • Starla Jem
                    Starla Jem  2 days back

                    lion baby it was SOOO cute!

                • Hannah Mariden
                  Hannah Mariden  3 days back

                  y e s

                  • Akiko Fink
                    Akiko Fink  3 days back


                    • Lana del rey Is my mom

                      They’re definitely cuter than ethma sorry not sorry

                      • Elise Garcia
                        Elise Garcia  9 hours back

                        fr they areeee

                      • Starla Jem
                        Starla Jem  2 days back

                        Lana del rey Is my mom yuhhh👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

                    • Sofia Di Marco
                      Sofia Di Marco  3 days back

                      They have a similar voice.

                      • Rio Gyenes
                        Rio Gyenes  4 days back

                        It said emmechambie

                      • Kelsey A
                        Kelsey A  4 days back

                        Please don’t ruin their relationship like how some of y’all ruined Ethan and Emma’s

                        • Phoebe ;-;
                          Phoebe ;-;  2 days back

                          you're arrested for first-degree clownery luv beauty is in the eye of the beholder

                        • Kelsey A
                          Kelsey A  2 days back

                          you're arrested for first-degree clownery luv just because you find her unattractive doesn’t mean he does

                        • Leia Yasmine
                          Leia Yasmine  2 days back

                          you're arrested for first-degree clownery luv people have different preferences 🤷‍♀️

                        • you're arrested for first-degree clownery luv
                          you're arrested for first-degree clownery luv  2 days back

                          @Kelsey A because a guy like him wouldn't date a girl as unattractive as Emma

                        • Kelsey A
                          Kelsey A  2 days back

                          you're arrested for first-degree clownery luv why do her looks matter?

                      • Maria Gu
                        Maria Gu  4 days back

                        WHO TF IS HE ????? WHERE DID HE COME FROM

                        • lalisa love
                          lalisa love  4 days back

                          y’all she is one day older than him lol

                          • J Mac
                            J Mac  4 days back

                            seems like a clout chaser just a bit

                            • Chillz Ville
                              Chillz Ville  3 days back

                              Yall think whoever hangs out with emma is a clout chaser? Tf

                            • amanda sky
                              amanda sky  3 days back

                              Estephanie Sanchez nope

                            • Estephanie Sanchez
                              Estephanie Sanchez  3 days back

                              He is a clout chaser af

                            • amanda sky
                              amanda sky  3 days back

                              J Mac hes actually not at all. hes super genuine and sweet! i watch his lives all the time

                          • Queen Zey
                            Queen Zey  4 days back

                            dating means what? liking each other?

                            • Honey Sugar
                              Honey Sugar  4 days back

                              Yeah like boyfriend and girlfriend

                          • Morgan DeGeorge
                            Morgan DeGeorge  4 days back

                            or? maybe? they? became? friends? IDK MAN CRAZY THOUGHT

                            • iza
                              iza  3 days back

                              @Evelyn Sharp they shared a hotel room and theres pics of that, he had a visible hickey on his neck, and she wears his college sweater. also they have matching beanies his mom made for them

                            • Evelyn Sharp
                              Evelyn Sharp  4 days back

                              iza maybe it's not him

                            • Evelyn Sharp
                              Evelyn Sharp  4 days back

                              Morgan DeGeorge exactly!!!!!

                            • iza
                              iza  4 days back

                              she deadass made a video about him and it could not be more obvious

                          • rock roll
                            rock roll  4 days back

                            this is some kpop level dating investigation

                            • Violet M
                              Violet M  2 days back

                              Oh no 😂 some people don’t know until they announce marriage it’s only happens like once or twice a year for like the whole industry ..

                            • Fiora Kuinkoung Guayap
                              Fiora Kuinkoung Guayap  4 days back

                              Ahahah true

                          • abbey kate gregory
                            abbey kate gregory  4 days back

                            pls go blonde

                            • SARAYNA ZAPATA
                              SARAYNA ZAPATA  5 days back

                              Yet Emma is still following the twins

                              • Rhea O
                                Rhea O  3 days back

                                Yeaa okay so... what’s your point?

                              • Antonina Starczewska
                                Antonina Starczewska  4 days back

                                SARAYNA ZAPATA oh yeah because if she likes another boy she MUST UNFOLLOW THEM

                              • bianca nicole
                                bianca nicole  4 days back

                                SARAYNA ZAPATA are they not friends

                            • darkfeather111
                              darkfeather111  5 days back

                              Emma just uploaded a video saying she likes a guy..who skates anna oupthisiscute

                              • Anne
                                Anne  3 days back

                                I was thinking the same i think that there dating

                              • darkfeather111
                                darkfeather111  4 days back

                                @Evelyn Sharp same, i think its nice that she let us know like "hey i like a guy" but honestly the public ruins so many relationships so I hope she does keep her private life private

                              • Evelyn Sharp
                                Evelyn Sharp  4 days back

                                darkfeather111 i'm happy for her but i don't want to assume things but .. i want her to say she "is talking" him not other people

                            • Grizz1ee
                              Grizz1ee  1 weeks back

                              They look like the same crack head 10 years apart

                            • Guadalupe Marmolejo
                              Guadalupe Marmolejo  2 weeks back

                              Ashley cute

                              • Sarah Kirsh
                                Sarah Kirsh  2 weeks back


                                • Sarah Kirsh
                                  Sarah Kirsh  2 weeks back

                                  Throwback to when people thought Ethan Dolan was her bf. 😂

                                  • Rumeysa Mengi
                                    Rumeysa Mengi  24 hours back

                                    Ruth A during the time of the sister squad videos, a vid came out recently of the whole Polaroid situation and the guy who was interviewing Emma literally says “The fans zoomed in on the polaroids and figured out who her secret boyfriend was at the time so I had to tell them to blur it” 💀 so they were defff dating bc the guy said it but broke up a while ago :(

                                  • FaultyShy
                                    FaultyShy  2 days back

                                    Ruth A I think there’s a word called “secret”

                                  • angvlics
                                    angvlics  2 days back

                                    he literally was

                                  • Ruth A
                                    Ruth A  3 days back

                                    Elyse they “definitely” dated. There was barely any proof. Emma said countless times she was single during this period. If anything they were in a “thing” but weren’t official

                                  • Elyse
                                    Elyse  4 days back

                                    they definitely dated for awhile but most likely broke up around july.