Game Grumps: Arin and Dan Roast SuperMega Twice


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  • Grumps: The Movie
    Grumps: The Movie   1 years back

    Kid rage up ahead btw, also I like Grumps, I don't watch SuperMega, that doesn't mean I don't like them. Some of ya'll got a bit salty cuz you claim I don't like SuperMega. Also pay attention, Arin said they "suck" jokingly, not me. The thumbnail is describing what Arin and Dan said about Matt and Ryan.

    • JoaquizzleTwizzle
      JoaquizzleTwizzle  1 years back

      TheYummyBurrito he's definitely missing out with those podcasts. Hell I'd say start around episode 15.

    • TheYummyBurrito
      TheYummyBurrito  1 years back

      SuperMega is so good though. I know you'd love them. Try hopping into their podcast at around the episode 40 mark

    • It's Proxy Gaming
      It's Proxy Gaming  1 years back

      Grumps: The Movie Your channels not gonna get far

    • MrBblenden
      MrBblenden  1 years back

      I mean, not that it's a big deal. You are entitled to your opinion but you also put in your description that you think Arin means it partially when he says they suck. That and as the other person mentioned you do seem to go out of your way to mention that you aren't doing anything for Supermega and that you have no interest. It's cool if you don't care for them though, it just comes off as if you don't like them. You do you mah dude. :D

    • Black Sun Rising
      Black Sun Rising  1 years back

      Tobyn Naylor Lol no it isn't. You're clearly easily offended.

  • I don‘t have a name
    I don‘t have a name  1 months back

    I love Bens new editing but I will miss our Blond Boyz on GG. At least we still have their WHOLE ASS CHANEL UND SUBSCRIBE RIGHT FUCKIN NOW

    • Medium Well
      Medium Well  2 months back

      Supermega is better in every way, but alright

      • Stanky Lad
        Stanky Lad  3 months back

        Supermega doesn't have the huge fucking ego that the Game Grumps have.

        • gladiator96
          gladiator96  3 months back

          This is why Ben will never live up

          • _*H e l p*_ *_M e_*
            _*H e l p*_ *_M e_*  5 months back

            I love how dan has a spot on voice of ryan

            • Kir Kanos
              Kir Kanos  6 months back

              I love both.

              • Smash Bros. Ultimate Trailers

                Wild how Arin raised their rent so high they had to move to another studio

                • Heisenkirk 2000
                  Heisenkirk 2000  7 months back

                  0:57-1:12 Hello darkness my old friend…

                  • oh yeah yeah #497
                    oh yeah yeah #497  8 months back

                    supermega is better

                    • βrawl 乱闘
                      βrawl 乱闘  8 months back

                      Ive seen that Blonde Boyz video, and that line that Dan says from Ryan just kills me!!! That video is pure genius.

                      • cglunleashed
                        cglunleashed  8 months back

                        damn thats 3 roasts with 105k veiws

                        • JPOG7 TV
                          JPOG7 TV  9 months back

                          For me, super mega and game grumps. Got bored of oneyplays. Just my two cents.

                          • HipnikDragomir
                            HipnikDragomir  9 months back

                            Are all these people actually bickering in the comments about this? ffs get a life.

                            • David Ortiz
                              David Ortiz  10 months back

                              LIEK COMENT & SUBKRIBE 2 SUPERMEGA.

                              • Chris Columbo
                                Chris Columbo  11 months back

                                *tell ryan to f u c k o f f*

                                • LilKrazy9292
                                  LilKrazy9292  1 years back

                                  SuperMega deserves more subscribers. They're hilarious

                                  • UmamaGoblin
                                    UmamaGoblin  1 years back

                                    To be fair supermega does suck

                                  • Stephanie Rodriguez
                                    Stephanie Rodriguez  1 years back

                                    This is literally the only time I’ve seen super mega fans who don’t like game grumps.

                                    • Jessica The Egg
                                      Jessica The Egg  1 years back

                                      I actually prefer game grumps to supermega,,,,

                                      • animalface
                                        animalface  1 years back

                                        ironically game grumps is bad and super mega is good, not to be a triggered fanboy but game grumps isnt what it used to be, not saying that won't happen to supermega

                                        • The Ghost of Yankee Jim

                                          SuperMega is better than Game Grumps change my mind

                                        • ThatRedHoodie
                                          ThatRedHoodie  1 years back

                                          Your channel name makes me want a film where Arin and Danny are sucked into their most famous video games they've played, and JonTron turns out to be the villain in the end.

                                          • NateTheRad
                                            NateTheRad  1 years back

                                            "It's like Game Grumps but better"

                                            • EAT MY INSIDES
                                              EAT MY INSIDES  1 years back

                                              Pft, OneyPlays is better

                                            • HellHoundTSO
                                              HellHoundTSO  1 years back

                                              Don't insult my gods, game chumps.

                                              • Scout_VI
                                                Scout_VI  1 years back

                                                Nah I'll stick to SuperMega 👌

                                                • MoTuWeThFrSaSu
                                                  MoTuWeThFrSaSu  1 years back

                                                  Are we gonna pretend that game grumps haven't been in a steady decline for the last few years?

                                                  • ssantos88
                                                    ssantos88  1 years back

                                                    MoTuWeThFrSaSu Sadly that’s what most fans are doing, pretending. I think if the day comes that Dan leaves Game Grumps a lot of people will as well. Well at least that is my reason why I’m still subscribed to them.

                                                • Nanii
                                                  Nanii  1 years back

                                                  So SuperMega is with

                                                  • sophie kaczmarek
                                                    sophie kaczmarek  1 years back

                                                    i personally like supermega more than game grumps because i’ve been watching them longer, not trying to be a triggered fan, i get the joke lmfao (ur bitch loves the grumps too)

                                                    • Randy Rogers
                                                      Randy Rogers  1 years back

                                                      I love the SuperSmegma boys and their editing so much.

                                                      • Flatulence The Unending

                                                        I worked in retail for a few years and we all pronounced it as La Crotch.

                                                        • Brumbo Matter
                                                          Brumbo Matter  1 years back

                                                          I don't watch game grumps.
                                                          So....I....I guess I'll leave

                                                          • lolmao
                                                            lolmao  1 years back

                                                            Supermega is better. Don't @ me

                                                            • Rocksaltz WID A Z
                                                              Rocksaltz WID A Z  1 years back

                                                              I watch Game Grumps when I want to watch a Let's play because they seem to be more invested in the game, while I listen Supermega and Oneyplays more like a podcast.

                                                              • 토끼서현이
                                                                토끼서현이  1 years back

                                                                I guess if you compare them to Supermega and Oneyplays it counts, but most of the time they really don't focus THAT much on it lmao

                                                            • Goat
                                                              Goat  1 years back

                                                              I like Ryan from supermega. Took a while to come to the realization that Matt is a basic bitch, but perhaps we need that to keep us grounded.

                                                              • Shitpostin McGee
                                                                Shitpostin McGee  1 years back

                                                                ??? you guys realize this wasnt serious roasting...right? they're all friends??? the fuck guys cmon

                                                                • cpbritt
                                                                  cpbritt  1 years back

                                                                  Supermega podcasts is all i listen to these days haha

                                                                  • The shabs
                                                                    The shabs  1 years back

                                                                    The iron giant gets me every time

                                                                    • Penta Blue
                                                                      Penta Blue  1 years back

                                                                      OH WAIT MATT AND RYAN WERE IN THE BLONDE BOYS THING OMG

                                                                      • my channel was terminated

                                                                        supermega is way better than gamegrumps honestly, gamegrumps used to be great but now they're boring

                                                                        • TehPoptartKid
                                                                          TehPoptartKid  1 years back

                                                                          Heck. I'll roast with you guys.

                                                                          • agiar2000
                                                                            agiar2000  1 years back

                                                                            I love me some fake beefs. 😉

                                                                            • TheLimedew
                                                                              TheLimedew  1 years back

                                                                              Its funny when Grumps is Worse than Super Mega xD

                                                                              • Warden Hellfire
                                                                                Warden Hellfire  1 years back

                                                                                I know they’re just joking but I still think Game Grumps is incredibly boring among other reasons why I dont like them.

                                                                                • Escudero Calidah
                                                                                  Escudero Calidah  1 years back

                                                                                  Bro they mad jealous coz they're young and funny, unlike the game CHUMPS AMIRITE FELLAS

                                                                                  • Nova Switch
                                                                                    Nova Switch  3 months back

                                                                                    Please tell me this is a joke and that you don't hate Game Grumps right there friends and it just them all having fun

                                                                                • KermitingCrime
                                                                                  KermitingCrime  1 years back

                                                                                  If you at all think they're serious you're probably 12 years old and have no idea how actual close friendships work

                                                                                  • Johnny Clash
                                                                                    Johnny Clash  1 years back

                                                                                    Please roast SuperMega more