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  • Jared Somerville
    Jared Somerville  2 hours back

    I kinda want Matt Reeves Batman to be a continuation of the Bruce Wayne we saw in Joker, traumatized as a kid from what events Arthur set in motion leading to the death of his parents

    • Matthew Jones
      Matthew Jones  3 hours back

      The one thing I don't get about this movie was why were there soooooo many Gothamites or Gotham citizens who embraced the joker and his actions. I would argue some folks would, but Arthur legit started a mini revolution in that city in like a week.

      • Meatball
        Meatball  3 hours back

        I didn't wear bottoms while watching Joker 😊

        • Shinzenbi
          Shinzenbi  3 hours back

          The reason I didn't love it mostly, is because it felt derivative of better films (that oddly also star Deniro..). It was also extremely heavy handed with how shit everyone is to him, not just how many people are but HOW MUCH they are. It was so over the top to the point of being distracting. This film is to bros that "female empowerment" films are to would be feminists. The connector is that neither of them feel genuine. Like I can buy someone being shit on repeatedly but Arthur also has a mental illness brought on by some gnarly trauma, both physical and emotional. It shouldn't take that much, but it does so we normal folk will sympathise with him. Which is why people don't give a shit about him killing those garbage humans on the train. The plot serves him, like pages of script would flash before my eyes. I didn't hate that he killed them, he's The Joker, I expected him to kill them. But I didn't cheer either, it wasn't a gratifying moment for me. I liked the movie enough but I should say that most of those props go to Joaquin, he's just so damn good at his job. He's always a pleasure to watch to the point I could even forgive the director inserting himself into the character at times.. Well almost forgive.

          • The Knave
            The Knave  4 hours back

            You know what the funny part is?
            The funny part is all of the people who are using The Joker to get page views and 'likes'.
            They are the same people who treat all of the 'Arthurs' in the real world like crap, irl.
            That's the true 'killing joke', right there.

            • AeroRomeo
              AeroRomeo  4 hours back

              I just kind of wish he got revenge on the guys that beat him up in the alley at the beginning. Other than that, pretty good film.

              • Ayush Wagle
                Ayush Wagle  4 hours back

                On my second watch, i saw it. Her room number is 8B. He went into Room B after the train scene.

                • Gus Alcon
                  Gus Alcon  4 hours back

                  Bloody Yanks cant pronounce for ahit. Here read this : Hoakin now you are getting it.

                  • FreeKickerz_Portland
                    FreeKickerz_Portland  5 hours back

                    Honestly if Phoenix doesn't win the Oscar, there's bullshit going on behind the scenes. This is the best performance of the year by at least 40 miles, I mean c'mon. Nothing is even in the same league

                    • Demetrius Brown
                      Demetrius Brown  8 hours back

                      Dope ass movie...

                      • Alchemistic Academician

                        When the Joker was on the talk show and after he shot Murray, that was probably the best cinematic portrayal of the Joker I have ever seen. Ledger was a great portrayal but very different to anything from comics or cartoons. This portrayal is something I could imagine in a comic. It was perfect. As far as ingenuity and intelligence, Arthur Fleck isn't there. But everything else is perfect. Even he doesn't know whats real and what isnt, about himself and his life. Perfect.

                        • Elmar live
                          Elmar live  10 hours back

                          Are you kidding? Thomas Waynes death winds up the core theme of the story. Not a reshoot.

                          • Fate/Zeroth
                            Fate/Zeroth  10 hours back

                            *”not really journalism”* LOL oof take that blogs

                            • Pablo Ovalle
                              Pablo Ovalle  10 hours back

                              I think that "you wouldn't get it" is why I hated this Joker, others try to prove a point, or hell even whats to have a laught, but this Joker is just boring, he is angry with the world and victimizes himself so people notice him. I hate that sort of people, so yeah I think this is the worse Joker, Jared Leto included

                              • RuggedWalnut
                                RuggedWalnut  11 hours back

                                Phoenix was great.
                                The movie overall was pretty bland.
                                And to the idiots saying it outdid endgame? It's got about 2 billion dollars to go, so good luck.

                                • andvas1994
                                  andvas1994  11 hours back

                                  Joker was everything it had to be and so much more! The film nailed the feel! It really fealt like this was the origins of The Joker. It was pretty much perfect. It for sure is in the running for one of the best movies of the year. Heck it might take the win. It's an important movie! We need movies like this. That challange what the general public accepts. Weaker minds will never trouly accept art that is real. This art is real. It fealt real. It fealt like The Joker could be real. And they did all of that without losing any of his great qualities. I could totally see this Joker being The Heath Ledger Joker in his early days but Unleashed. Without the kid friendly rating to hold him back. Not gonna say he is better or worse then Heath because it would be unfair as both have their streangth. Heath's weaknes in the end of the day was being stuck in a PG-13 film. But Phoenix was nothing short of Amazing. It blew my mind how great this film was. I loved how it was shot. The music.... Everything about this film is art. If this doesn't get an Oscar then the oscars are trouly a lost cause. I have no respect for the Oscars. It's a joke the whole thing. It's the problem that Joker touched upon. So in a way it would be fitting if this film didn't get an oscar. Because in the eyes of the people it's a winner. We see it. We know it's great. And yes.... At the end when he shot Murrey... That Looked so fucking real. It fealt real. And i enjoyed it. It was a beautifuly disgusting moment. It was so well crafted. And at the end.. When he made the smile with his own blood... Yeah... That was the final part of the puzzle that made this Joker perfect. I allways tought that this would be the real Joker. No gass.... But fingers and blood. That would be the Real joker smile. And i got to see this film with the most wonderful person on this planet. As we walked out she said ''It was almost too good''. She was actually sort of freaked out by it. In a good way i believe. It fealt so real. And yeah, it left an impact on her. But she loved it. She wasn't offended by it. She didn't see anything wrong with it. She praised it as much as i... It was too good. And that's never a bad thing. It means the film went above and beyond. I can't wait to own this on Blu-ray.

                                  • Albie
                                    Albie  11 hours back

                                    that scene when he stabs the fat guy who sold to him his gun and casually shrugs off and let the little guy go was an excellent representation of joker's unpredictable nature and I fuckin love it

                                    • crazy cat lady
                                      crazy cat lady  11 hours back

                                      at the end when he's in police car and he looks what's happening on the streets and we see reflection of fire on him smiling, i remember that some men just wants to watch the world burn

                                      • Daniel Heflick
                                        Daniel Heflick  12 hours back

                                        Jeremy: "This is an ultra realistic movie about a man who inspires a bunch of other people to turn into murderous, rioting clowns."

                                        Also Jeremy: "It's completely unrealistic to think that this movie could inspire someone to do something violent."

                                        • Gary McFarez
                                          Gary McFarez  13 hours back

                                          Beetz was a hopeless persons hope and cope

                                          • Georgi Atanasov
                                            Georgi Atanasov  14 hours back

                                            Joaquin Phoenix please don't die, i want to see more of your work. No hard feelings.

                                            • KanWoo76
                                              KanWoo76  14 hours back

                                              Joaquin definitely channeled Bernard Goetz for that train scene!! Saw Joker 3 times. . .love it!!

                                              • Yumidori Iro
                                                Yumidori Iro  16 hours back

                                                Brilliant critique, I almost entirely agree

                                                • Alex G. Blanco
                                                  Alex G. Blanco  17 hours back

                                                  Flayed bodies? Weren't they nude women?

                                                  • THE INFINITY STITCHES SHOW

                                                    A Tom and jerry moment. It is rated r too

                                                    • THE INFINITY STITCHES SHOW

                                                      How is there so many clowns in Gotham city

                                                      • THE INFINITY STITCHES SHOW

                                                        The gun scene is crazy where the lady shows him to shoot him self in the face

                                                        • THE INFINITY STITCHES SHOW

                                                          How do you have this good of memory

                                                          • THE INFINITY STITCHES SHOW

                                                            Because the joker is so popular

                                                            • Austin Bacon
                                                              Austin Bacon  17 hours back

                                                              I just wish he just asked Murray if he wanted to hear another joke and then laughed as he shot him.

                                                              • THE INFINITY STITCHES SHOW

                                                                They spoiled everything in the joker trailer

                                                                • THE INFINITY STITCHES SHOW

                                                                  The can you introduce me as joker scene is crazy

                                                                  • THE INFINITY STITCHES SHOW

                                                                    The joker trailer spoiled a lot of the movie

                                                                    • THE INFINITY STITCHES SHOW

                                                                      I like the subway scene

                                                                      • King Lee
                                                                        King Lee  19 hours back

                                                                        Crazy thing about the movie is can be viewed that everything was done after the last scene of the asylum. Like the end is actually the beginning of the movie before the killing spree. The psychiatrist ask him in the beginning “why do u think u was in the asylum before?) which hints the end scene couldve happened already

                                                                        • Kev's Channel
                                                                          Kev's Channel  20 hours back

                                                                          What the hell? Jeremy you liked that moment too? I thought I was the only one and too afraid to say...

                                                                          • Brian Kimboll
                                                                            Brian Kimboll  21 hours back

                                                                            If there is a sequel to this movie Bruce don't have to become a man in a bat costume better if he became FBI agent or something like that because it's needs more grounded performance.

                                                                            • Nikolo
                                                                              Nikolo  20 hours back

                                                                              After his parents were murdered in a dark alley in front of his eyes bruce wayne decided to work for the FBI...
                                                                              Lol to me that sounds like a comedy

                                                                          • Aram Qader
                                                                            Aram Qader  21 hours back

                                                                            How to get the joker into the Batman universe ?
                                                                            The answer is simple ; flashpoint

                                                                            • Parsa Dolatabadi
                                                                              Parsa Dolatabadi  21 hours back

                                                                              Beacause of dark knight reaturns I knew Murray is gonna die

                                                                              • Jack Dailey
                                                                                Jack Dailey  22 hours back

                                                                                I mean I caught on to her being fake - I saw it with my friend who already saw it and I thought he killed her way earlier

                                                                                • djjlc
                                                                                  djjlc  22 hours back

                                                                                  This movie was not made for idiots like you in fact people like you should’ve been banned from ever seeing it!! Now get back to watching your CGI Marvel bullshit black panther 2 is that way!!

                                                                                  • David Smith
                                                                                    David Smith  24 hours back

                                                                                    great movie

                                                                                    • Kenneth Wong
                                                                                      Kenneth Wong  1 days back

                                                                                      Well , maybe we’ll get Joaquin Phoenix and Robert Pattinson in crossover movie .

                                                                                      • Quinlan Caiger
                                                                                        Quinlan Caiger  1 days back

                                                                                        This whole video spits BARS

                                                                                        • Li R
                                                                                          Li R  1 days back

                                                                                          19 minutes...

                                                                                          too short!

                                                                                          • Vikram Das
                                                                                            Vikram Das  1 days back

                                                                                            The day "Joker" is born is also the same day "Batman" is born ... I thought this was intertwined really well

                                                                                            • parker bennett
                                                                                              parker bennett  1 days back

                                                                                              Pretty sure the whole movie Is a representation of the song he sings to his therapist, that's life by Frank sinatra.

                                                                                              • Brave Tsubasa
                                                                                                Brave Tsubasa  1 days back

                                                                                                God it makes me feel better to hear other people felt gross watching it, whole moral questioning thing. I couldn’t stop thinking about how gross I felt the entire movie