No. 14 Villanova holds off DePaul 79-75 in overtime thriller | FOX COLLEGE HOOPS HIGHLIGHTS


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  • FOX Sports
    FOX Sports   1 weeks back

    Are DePaul's NCAA tournament hopes already over after an 0-4 start in conference play?

    • neetrab
      neetrab  1 days back

      Not at all.

    • strwbrybabyg245
      strwbrybabyg245  7 days back

      FOX Sports no, they still have a chance

    • Joe Spilatore
      Joe Spilatore  1 weeks back

      They need to set their sights on the Big East tournament

    • Matthew Roberson
      Matthew Roberson  1 weeks back

      Not quite, theses games are close, and I have high hopes they will eventually learn how to win these 2 - 4 point losses. It's a matter of figuring it out, then watch out big east. #Playingpossessed

  • neetrab
    neetrab  4 days back

    Go Nova!!

    • Ruben Gutierrez
      Ruben Gutierrez  6 days back

      Depaul might unite the city of Chicago! Because Chicago's a basketball town!

      • strwbrybabyg245
        strwbrybabyg245  7 days back

        that should’ve been 3 shots at the end for depaul!!

        • strwbrybabyg245
          strwbrybabyg245  7 days back

          they did get the best parts 🙄 like charlie’s crossover stepback that made sportscenter and his spin move

          • strwbrybabyg245
            strwbrybabyg245  1 days back

            Kelvichu 27 how can you be proud of the refs cheating and handing you the game??? lmaooo pathetic 😂

          • Kelvichu 27
            Kelvichu 27  7 days back

            strwbrybabyg245 well the best part is actually winning though.

        • strwbrybabyg245
          strwbrybabyg245  7 days back

          this was TERRIBLE on the refs. so many bad calls. the disparity between calls on depaul vs nova was ridiculous. the whole world is against depaul. poor guys. don’t worry, you’ll persevere and come out in the end.

        • DillySeeDilly
          DillySeeDilly  1 weeks back

          Who is guy from DePaul with the glasses? That dude is my hype guy!

          • BKnudsen5
            BKnudsen5  1 weeks back

            There’s no way that’s his real name that’s crazy

          • ItsNando20
            ItsNando20  1 weeks back

            Pantelis Xidias