Pixel 4 XL Review: 3 Weeks Later!


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  • Raoul Simon
    Raoul Simon  4 days back

    They removed the unlimited original quality but you still have unlimited photo upload. The image quality is hardly noticeable

    • Raoul Simon
      Raoul Simon  3 days back

      @Dan Barbera maybe tweaked with a update if not something easily updated in the next iteration.

    • Dan Barbera
      Dan Barbera   4 days back

      I agree. But videos on the other hand....

  • Alan Williams
    Alan Williams  5 days back

    Great review but I have a different take on the battery situation. I have forced the 90hz refresh rate on permanently and I'm still getting over 7 hours screen on time minimum! I really wouldn't worry about it affecting battery life. I don't have motion sense on so maybe that makes a difference 👍

    • iFlYsOlO
      iFlYsOlO  3 days back

      Alan Williams people are making it a bigger issue than it is I believe!

  • Jeff W
    Jeff W  1 weeks back

    Isn't the refresh rate fixed

    • David Martrano
      David Martrano  2 weeks back

      I had considered the base model pixal4. But on a 800.00+ dollar phone the battery at 2800mamp's would never be my choice. It's sporting a 90hz display radar-soli, these are demanding features. I can't pull the trigger on a very expensive phone with a pitiful battery. Very good review. Google made a huge mistake with the battery capacity!

      • Gary Dean
        Gary Dean  2 weeks back

        You forgot to mention the pixel 4 finest feature, the recorder

      • Mick Harro
        Mick Harro  2 weeks back

        Worst phone of the year. Congratulations google.

      • Innerhype
        Innerhype  2 weeks back

        Having it face unlock with even with your eyes closed isn't a bug, it's an intended feature.

        • Chip Decker
          Chip Decker  2 weeks back

          Why would you want to be able unlock ur phone with ur eyes closed? How is that a real use case?

        • Innerhype
          Innerhype  2 weeks back

          @Dan Barbera I can't imagine how.

        • Dan Barbera
          Dan Barbera   2 weeks back

          It’s a terrible terrible security risk feature

      • jonah travisano
        jonah travisano  2 weeks back

        Good review and I like the style you did it in. I bought a pixel 3a in May to try it out and ended up selling my iPhone because I really enjoyed it. I’ve been watching the reviews of the pixel 4 as I was planning to upgrade but now I honestly don’t think it’s worth the money. Yes I’m sure it’s a better camera than my 3a but not a giant leap better, the battery life is way worse and I won’t buy another phone with only 64 gb and Maybe that last review and I watched kind of sealed it for me as I watch Jerry rig test the durability of the Pixel 4 and it cracked in four places , it has a design flaw similar to the iPhone 6. Structurally the phone is not built well enough so maybe you have it in your back pocket and you get in the car you sit down maybe it will crack in those four weak points . I’m not writing this as a pixel hater I really think my Pixel 3a is a great phone I just want an upgrade and I don’t think the Pixel 4 is it. Yes the Pixel 4 has some really cool features, But it didn’t get the basics right... build quality, battery, brightness level of the screen , starting storage.

        • Kevin Davis
          Kevin Davis  2 weeks back

          Good review, thanks, but no, I wouldn’t recommend either of the Pixel 4’s to anyone this year.
          Aaand, I’ve owned/own the first 3 generations of Pixel XL’s.

          • Sungkyul Kim
            Sungkyul Kim  2 weeks back

            Thanks for the great review! I am still waiting for the black Friday sale 😑

            • Sungkyul Kim
              Sungkyul Kim  1 weeks back

              @Chip Decker Have you tried Google fi? I am switching from Tmobile to fi this time w the pixel 4 XL or 3a XL on black fri day.

            • Chip Decker
              Chip Decker  2 weeks back

              Best Buy will be offering $400 off Pixel 4 (and XL) for Black Friday.

          • NSAgent
            NSAgent  2 weeks back

            Serious serious question. What are people doing with their phone where 64gig isn't enough?!? I don't even use 32!

            • Raoul Simon
              Raoul Simon  4 days back

              Poor management. I've seen people become app hoarders. 64gb is good enough but the only caveat I would say to that, at least for my use, is streaming music and having the cache take up a considerable amount of time space just to ensure continued listening when signal is not available. Not a deal breaker but the extra space can help with that because, from my experience when you reach 50% to a little over it, android phones start to get a little wacky. But again a lot of it is poor management and hoarding why people would need more space as well marketing egged on by influencers.

            • TheFourthWinchester
              TheFourthWinchester  5 days back

              @NSAgent At the end of 2019, 64GB with a top midrange chipset and 1080p panel is the standard at $200.
              Apple and Google are just ripping people off. Phones which are sold for their camera abilities at that price must have 128GB base storage with 512GB option as well.

            • Jim Kanaris
              Jim Kanaris  2 weeks back

              @andyH_England from a marketing point of view, the phone is crazy expensive. What they don't provide that other companies do for even cheaper (OnePlus, now Realme, etc.), Google gains in profit. Hiding behind the "50% of people don't even need 64G storage" excuse (while, incidentally, pulling their infinite cloud storage option for photos) diverts attention from the Company's bottom-line concern. You're being ripped off. No need for company loyalty. None of these companies care about you, the individual consumer.

            • andyH_England
              andyH_England  2 weeks back

              @Dan Barbera lots of YouTube polls and they all have 50% of users not needing more than 64gb and I agree, no one in my family comes even close. I think influencers do not get that not everyone uses 4k and that we tend to offload our stuff so if we lose our phone we don't lose out photos. With 5g coming there will be even less need for 64gb for some as we can near-instantly download or upload data. So I believe that 64gb is fine, and it is good that Google and Apple are not joining the spec war that Samsung and Huawei are in where they just give us more ROM and RAM and call it innovative. Such a waste when we should be caring for our environment some people advocating having specs that 50% of users will never need. So I think influencers are falling for the marketing schlock and should instead be praising Google. Now of course whether it is worth $900 is another question that most of us would agree it isn't, but for many of us even if it had 256gb at that price it would not sell as we do not need it.

            • Mick Harro
              Mick Harro  2 weeks back

              4k video and photos?

          • Walter Watts
            Walter Watts  2 weeks back

            Enjoyed this video. Subscribed

            • Róbert László Györgyi

              thanks for not starting your video with 'hey guys'!!!!

              • Dan Barbera
                Dan Barbera   2 weeks back

                I’m guilty of it but trying not to do that anymore haha

            • werfo1
              werfo1  2 weeks back

              Motion sense does not work better when you wave your hand on the top section of the phone. This is why a lot of people are having a hard time making it work. If you swipe your hand through the middle section of the phone it should work 90-95% of the time.

              • Kunal Sharma
                Kunal Sharma  2 weeks back

                How's the battery stats been?

                • Thi Henry
                  Thi Henry  2 weeks back

                  64 gig in 2019 ??? 1000+$ iPhone said hi !

                  • Bill Dineen
                    Bill Dineen  1 weeks back

                    and that $1000 iPhone still doesn't give you 64g 64G on an iPhone is $1100 so yeah that's $200 MORE for your iPhone.

                • JK
                  JK  2 weeks back