I Found The RARE END SHIP in Minecraft Hardcore!


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  • vivian han
    vivian han  14 minutes back

    Keep making vedios, DanTDM

    • WasUpEthan
      WasUpEthan  30 minutes back

      Bring Tray and Grim back to Minecraft

      • WasUpEthan
        WasUpEthan  31 minutes back

        Name him Grim
        ; )

        • Michelle Ryan
          Michelle Ryan  3 hours back

          Me:Wow almost 50 episodes this series is getting long
          Diamond dimensions:Am I a joke to you

          • Jade Olivia
            Jade Olivia  4 hours back

            Happy birthday 🥳

            • KevBoi Crouch
              KevBoi Crouch  4 hours back

              The curse of vanishing doesn’t matter on hardcore because it vanishes when you die.

              • Ethan's World
                Ethan's World  4 hours back

                I’m just kidding

                • Ethan's World
                  Ethan's World  4 hours back

                  I’m a fan of Preston

                  • Ethan's World
                    Ethan's World  4 hours back


                    • BlossomPugPlays 2112
                      BlossomPugPlays 2112  5 hours back

                      Dan has spend 24 hours making this video LOL

                      • JustSomeGuyMakingVideos

                        Who realised it was uploaded on his birthday

                        • ETH LIVE
                          ETH LIVE  9 hours back

                          Keen star is not in faze ?

                          • jonathan childerley
                            jonathan childerley  10 hours back

                            dan you r stupid cus you got curse of binding

                            • infinite world of cube diy cool

                              Happy birthday Dan Tdm

                              • Gh Ff
                                Gh Ff  12 hours back


                                • Anime Mark
                                  Anime Mark  12 hours back

                                  9:39 we don’t wanna know what your gonna do with the end rods

                                  • Valerie Sandmann
                                    Valerie Sandmann  13 hours back

                                    Curse of vanishing doesn’t matter in hardcore it means that it will vanish when you die and when you die you vanish too:p

                                    • Emma& Megan
                                      Emma& Megan  14 hours back

                                      Dan u can eat chorus fruit but it teleports u. Once i found diamonds and i eat 1 becauae i didnt know what it did and i never found those diamonds again p.s LOVE YOU XX

                                      • Aizam Danish
                                        Aizam Danish  18 hours back

                                        Hey Dan i found a end ship and in there have a DIAMOND but watch out for shalker box.

                                        • Jack Ramsden
                                          Jack Ramsden  18 hours back

                                          EVERBODY MINECRAFT EARTH IS OUT ON MOBILE ITS TYE BETA VERSION

                                          • azizi jahaya
                                            azizi jahaya  19 hours back

                                            HAPPY BIRTHDAY,DANTDM

                                            • Ian Lee
                                              Ian Lee  20 hours back

                                              DanTDM: bridges slowly to another island
                                              me: speed bridges and almost always falls off (thankfully I'm good at pearl-clutching)

                                              • Kärt Evi Auksimäe
                                                Kärt Evi Auksimäe  20 hours back

                                                They are good to eat so try that fruit from the end

                                                • Lyuba Voronova
                                                  Lyuba Voronova  21 hours back

                                                  I love when Dan says They make incredible noice *BLAH*

                                                  • best team ever!!!! BEST TEAM EVER!!!!

                                                    BRUH NOBODY SAW THE SHIP WHEN HE LEFT THE AREA Just he never noticed That He wasted his time

                                                    • Hector Raphael Osegueda

                                                      I made a brige over 600 blocks

                                                      • alexis grondin
                                                        alexis grondin  1 days back

                                                        try the sky block again and meet me in the farm zone pls

                                                        • Antonio Ramirez
                                                          Antonio Ramirez  1 days back

                                                          TDM meme

                                                          Dan: this boat is so slow

                                                          Wave comes.

                                                          Dr T you did it again sees no rockets

                                                          What the
                                                          Remembers he’s dead watcha say no way

                                                          • Nathan Animates
                                                            Nathan Animates  1 days back

                                                            8:02 music name?

                                                            • epickiller6662 YouTube

                                                              hello dan

                                                              its me one of your oldest subscribers back in 2014

                                                              • FalconPlayz
                                                                FalconPlayz  1 days back

                                                                This is a choice everyone can pick if they want! But i just started a channel and i try very hard to make good videos. I am sorry for stealing this youtuber's viewers but i am trying my best to get out videos. Please don't hate on me. :( I always get enough hate from games and discord servers. Any video ideas let me know. :/

                                                                • Ravi Kant
                                                                  Ravi Kant  1 days back

                                                                  11:00 omg I thought he was gonna die lmao

                                                                  • Kamie Ibison
                                                                    Kamie Ibison  1 days back

                                                                    EVERY END SHIP IS BY A TOWR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                    • UltraGeo
                                                                      UltraGeo  1 days back

                                                                      Got really afraid he was going to put the curse of binding iron helmet on...

                                                                      • Leo Faught
                                                                        Leo Faught  1 days back


                                                                        • Max Louie
                                                                          Max Louie  1 days back

                                                                          Dan Play sky block

                                                                          • Real Life Videos
                                                                            Real Life Videos  1 days back

                                                                            Name the dog grim

                                                                            • Tana Youngs
                                                                              Tana Youngs  1 days back

                                                                              I found the ship in under a minute next to spawn

                                                                              • Caiden Brennan
                                                                                Caiden Brennan  1 days back

                                                                                you can revive the dragon for an achievement by crafting end crstals with 4 gas tears 4 eyes of ender and 28 glass

                                                                                • Gina Plays
                                                                                  Gina Plays  1 days back

                                                                                  20:12 who else saw that group of enderman just appear? 😂😂

                                                                                  • Romeo Labruja
                                                                                    Romeo Labruja  1 days back

                                                                                    It's called a Shuler bullet

                                                                                    • CI_ T0IDI
                                                                                      CI_ T0IDI  13 hours back

                                                                                      No its called a Shulker Billet

                                                                                  • _IanAnima73z _
                                                                                    _IanAnima73z _  1 days back

                                                                                    DAN DAN DAN DAN DAN! The elytra dont actually break, They just stop working, Monjang was nice Dan

                                                                                    • Cindy Yuying
                                                                                      Cindy Yuying  1 days back

                                                                                      Also the biggest part of the end city contains the loot

                                                                                      • Cindy Yuying
                                                                                        Cindy Yuying  1 days back

                                                                                        Dan the other end gateway gets you back to the end

                                                                                        • drawman404 Is here
                                                                                          drawman404 Is here  1 days back

                                                                                          He didn't die for three months

                                                                                          • Stinky Poopy
                                                                                            Stinky Poopy  1 days back


                                                                                            YOU HAVE 12 NAME TAGS

                                                                                            • ObiWan Kenobi
                                                                                              ObiWan Kenobi  1 days back

                                                                                              2:30 we don’t do that here

                                                                                              • Danielle Saliem
                                                                                                Danielle Saliem  1 days back

                                                                                                Name your dog greg