KINGDOM HEARTS III – Gameplay Overview Video

  • Published: 24 January 2019
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    Welcome to the world of KINGDOM HEARTS III and Sora’s epic journey to restore light to the worlds and attempt to finally defeat Master Xehanort, the real Organization XIII, and the darkness that threatens all!

    Check out this video to learn more about the wide variety of attacks Sora has at his disposal to take on the darkness!

    Learn about the mystical Keyblades and their powerful transformation. Sora will also be able to cast magical spells, link with the spirits of legendary Disney characters, and even call upon the power of the parks with Attractions!

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  • crystal_skillet
    crystal_skillet  2 months back

    The graphics are so good :)

      JOSH SPEED  3 months back

      Too little too late. I cared about this game a decade ago. No wonder its so cheap to buy only 4 months later. Best Buy is selling it new for $25. That didn't happen with Kingdom Hearts II. This proves that release dates matter and a mismanaged franchise can cost the company millions. Too many great options out there and with VR now, this looks dated.

      • Chantelle Borg
        Chantelle Borg  5 months back

        I wish there were actual games of disney and not only fighting. :(

        • knight light
          knight light  7 months back

          Making it a x masher instead of keeping kh2 gamplay was a mistake you screwed the game up then no coli and FF character s rushed story equals a permanent lost fan screw your game

          • Gabriel An. Agreste
            Gabriel An. Agreste  7 months back

            This is new to me.. and i am never seeing Disney the same way again. This is epic

            • Arkan NOA
              Arkan NOA  7 months back

              Imagine if this game came out all the way back in 2008(like I thought it would), we would've gotten world's based off world's from the 2000s era of Disney movies

              • ⱲilliAaⱮ Ƒermin
                ⱲilliAaⱮ Ƒermin  7 months back

                Is exclusive to ps? Or iguality xbox ?

                • Jackaboy
                  Jackaboy  7 months back

                  Switch port please?

                  • Pennywise _
                    Pennywise _  7 months back

                    Game Of The Year 2019???

                    • Rourke Bar
                      Rourke Bar  7 months back

                      is that the honest trailer guy?

                      • James Cox
                        James Cox  8 months back

                        My digital copy doesnt have any sound...

                        • Ice Knack
                          Ice Knack  8 months back


                          • Ramen
                            Ramen  8 months back

                            Mmm waiting for the instal to finish at mt. Olympis

                            • Eemix
                              Eemix  8 months back

                              TODAY IS THE FUCKING DAY FOLKS!!!!!!

                              • Mark Deluca
                                Mark Deluca  8 months back

                                The attractions are really over the top. I would rather fight enemies with my keyblade

                                • Skiddy Turtle
                                  Skiddy Turtle  8 months back

                                  Oh yeah yeah

                                  • kilyn smith
                                    kilyn smith  8 months back

                                    Sora in smash confirmed?

                                    • pinoygeek
                                      pinoygeek  8 months back

                                      The final journey will begin tomorrow 🔑❤️

                                      • MAX POPOLIZIO
                                        MAX POPOLIZIO  8 months back

                                        💯 hell yeah but I’m afraid that I won’t know 💩 because I haven’t played any of the previous games except a demo for dream drop distance

                                        • Lynn Mooney
                                          Lynn Mooney  8 months back

                                          I work till 9pm tonight. My local GS is doing an early release today from 9-10pm. I'm booking it like Flash after 9. 🎮 🏃‍♀️

                                          Can't wait to finally play this game. 🙌

                                          • White Emerald_
                                            White Emerald_  8 months back

                                            *I'm gonna buy this game and lose to xehanort every time on purpose. Because I root for darkness! muhahahahahahaha*

                                            • MrMW2nd
                                              MrMW2nd  8 months back


                                              • Ubergamer
                                                Ubergamer  8 months back

                                                23 hours!!! 😃😀😎

                                                • Kevin Nguyen
                                                  Kevin Nguyen  8 months back

                                                  Please addd new game plus to the game pleeeeasee

                                                  • SuperStar846
                                                    SuperStar846  8 months back

                                                    Why do ya need this guy all ya need is the Link and the Master Sword

                                                    • StanSmith Qwertt
                                                      StanSmith Qwertt  8 months back

                                                      M A s T E r XeNahoRt XD

                                                      • CB 666
                                                        CB 666  8 months back

                                                        They really used that time to make this omg this trailer stuff you can do and details games like this is why console is the real master race

                                                        • Shurue
                                                          Shurue  8 months back

                                                          Nothing about synthesis? Huh. I wonder if it got cut.

                                                          • Jake Enderby
                                                            Jake Enderby  8 months back

                                                            How surreal that the time just seemed to drag on forever and ever while KH3 was in development for 6 years. But the wait is FINALLY over! I can’t believe it!!!

                                                            • Jesus
                                                              Jesus  8 months back

                                                              But where is fps?

                                                              • RealMuthaF
                                                                RealMuthaF  8 months back

                                                                Fuck disney and everything related

                                                                • Roger London
                                                                  Roger London  8 months back

                                                                  The Dogs selling this on Amazon last year took my Pre-Order for the DeLuxe Edition, then cancelled it two days ago, leaving my kid without their designated Birthday Present next Month.

                                                                  • Jax Figliola
                                                                    Jax Figliola  8 months back

                                                                    Man I can’t wait to play with the f l a n 1 3

                                                                    • Jax Figliola
                                                                      Jax Figliola  8 months back

                                                                      2 more days. Yes

                                                                      • Lamesha Forby
                                                                        Lamesha Forby  8 months back

                                                                        What happened to sora

                                                                        • Ramen
                                                                          Ramen  8 months back

                                                                          Guys im going off the grid too many game play videos showing spoilers.

                                                                          • Sand
                                                                            Sand  8 months back

                                                                            This voice over guy sounds like the person who does game sins

                                                                            • Ages Hedgehog
                                                                              Ages Hedgehog  8 months back

                                                                              This is my first kingdom hearts game but I know the story

                                                                              • Cheyenne Neufeld
                                                                                Cheyenne Neufeld  8 months back

                                                                                Just to let every one know that there's a youtube by the name of ps4 kid who has game play of the English version of the game since yesterday he needs to be taken down due to the game isn't even out yet

                                                                                • Tabby Scientia
                                                                                  Tabby Scientia  8 months back

                                                                                  Why such a dorky voice?

                                                                                  • JustForAMemeLaugh
                                                                                    JustForAMemeLaugh  8 months back

                                                                                    if you want to buy kingdom hearts 3 just like me:

                                                                                    • GeoBlox
                                                                                      GeoBlox  8 months back

                                                                                      Like who would like it on Nintendo Switch

                                                                                      • SuSmallville
                                                                                        SuSmallville  8 months back

                                                                                        This better than Fallout 76....

                                                                                        • Alm1ghtyG0D
                                                                                          Alm1ghtyG0D  8 months back

                                                                                          Cuz when I pre ordered all I got was the impossible odds theme for my ps4

                                                                                          • Alm1ghtyG0D
                                                                                            Alm1ghtyG0D  8 months back

                                                                                            Sooo I got a question soo i preorder kingdom hearts 3 before they announce the star seeker keyblade variation for the ps4 since I pre ordered it already do I still receive dat keyblade when it comes out or no ?

                                                                                            • SB14 And more
                                                                                              SB14 And more  8 months back

                                                                                              Sucks it couldn't be on switch, but, oh well, kingdom hearts 1&2 are still good games though, hopefully kingdom hearts 3 is gonna be twice as good as kingdom hearts 1&2

                                                                                              • Silver Chariot
                                                                                                Silver Chariot  8 months back

                                                                                                Where is FF ?

                                                                                                • Gomita Games
                                                                                                  Gomita Games  8 months back

                                                                                                  Se ve muuuuy geniaaaaal yo lo quieroooo.