Tesla Model 3 Review: The TRUTH After 26,000 Miles

  • Published: 26 March 2019
  • Tesla Model 3 Review after 1 year & 26,000 miles! Still the best car or was it a mistake?
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    Almost a year ago I took delivery of my Tesla Model 3 and since then I've driven it over 26,000 miles. Is it still the best car I've ever driven or was it a $50,000 mistake? Let's find out.

    In my original Tesla Model 3 review I mainly went over the features of the car but in this video I'm going to go over my experience of owning a #TeslaModel3 and focus on the 3 most important factors:


    When I first got my Model 3 I was skeptical on how reliable it would be since it was a first generation of its kind, and there were a few horror stories online from early adopters who were experiencing software & hardware issues.

    I can honestly say my Model 3 has been 100% reliable for me so far, and yes even though that should be expected for a brand new car, it’s still a nice surprise how reliable it has been since Tesla is still relatively so young & since Model 3 is a very unique car. Range anxiety does exist, but the Model 3’s energy graph is extremely accurate in predicting the estimated range left when driving so as long as you pay attention to that and plan ahead you’ll be fine and shouldn’t ever have to worry about running out of battery.

    For how heavily it’s integrated with software I’m actually surprised my Model 3 has worked this well, and I’ve been extremely satisfied with it over my first 26,000 miles.


    Out of all those things during the first 25,000 miles in a Model 3 you only need to do tire rotations and I know this isn’t the norm but luckily for me there’s a local tire shop that gives free tire rotations to Tesla owners, just one of the many perks of going all-electric I guess.

    The only thing that has cost me money to drive my Model 3 this far is electricity from either at home or a Tesla Supercharger. My city is one of the best locations to put the Model 3 range efficiency to the test and with an average of 248 Wh/mile through all the seasons means the LR Model 3 is one of, if not the most efficient electric car out right now.

    It took 6,457 kWh to drive just over 26,000 miles, and since the Model 3 gets about 80% efficiency it actually took about 8,071 kWh and at my current electricity rate of 6.8 cents per kWh that comes to $549 that I’ve spent on electricity to drive my Model 3 over 26,000 miles. I’ve also charged for free at hotels, parking garages, and family members houses so my total cost to drive over 26,000 miles in my Model 3 is less than $600. My monthly electricity costs have only increased by an average of $36. To put it in perspective, a car that gets 30 mpg at $2.75/gallon would cost $2,383 to drive 26,000 miles and if you add a $50 oil change every 4,000 miles that would be an additional $325. This shows how much a person can save in fuel & oil by going all-electric, especially a Model 3.


    It’s no surprise that the Tesla Model 3 is a joy to drive but I’ll quickly go over a few things that I don’t like because nothing is perfect. The windshield and windows fog up more than any other car I’ve ever driven. Fortunately I got some fog reducer that helps. I wish the frunk had a better closing mechanism or was able to close automatically because I hate leaving hand prints on the hood from closing it. I also wish the driver profiles would save the lumbar setting. Luckily that can be fixed with a software update which is one of my favorite things about the Model 3.

    Now moving along to the other things that I enjoy most about my Model 3: How a car can be this simple & minimalist yet pack so much power and torque is something I’ll always be impressed with.

    Yes there are times when it phantom brakes but if you're using it as it's designed you will always have a hand on the wheel ready to take over and I love knowing each time I use it it's getting better through the neural network.

    It charges overnight while I sleep, it stops charging when it reaches whatever limit I have set, and I wake up to an 80% charge every day or 100% charge if I'm about to take a road trip - no more stopping at gas stations. I can tell it to drive somewhere and it gives me real-time step-by-step directions on the beautiful responsive 15” touch screen which is the best screen in any vehicle out right now in my opinion.

    Now after a free software update and even after any battery degradation from driving 26,000 miles, my Model 3 now gets 320 rated miles on a full charge.

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    Tesla Model 3 Review: The TRUTH After 26,000 Miles
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  • Andy Slye
    Andy Slye   6 months back

    *Ordering a Model 3? Get FREE Supercharging* ➡️ http://geni.us/t3sla
    Check out my favorite Model 3 accessories on Amazon: https://geni.us/tV1EvF

    • dthao227
      dthao227  4 weeks back

      Why ordering a new one when you can just buy one of the ones in stock?

    • dthao227
      dthao227  4 weeks back

      I thought supercharging is not free for models 3?

    • Bea F.
      Bea F.  4 weeks back

      Jay O I also live in apartment so having three super chargers near home and work is a life saver. I tinted all my windows including sunroof because I live in sunny San Diego so it keeps it cool and I get the sun protection. Spent an extra 5k on the tint and the ceramic coating but it’s well worth it in the end

    • Jay Stepp
      Jay Stepp  1 months back

      I have the window fog issues too. It’s simply too humid inside the car
      A quick fix on the fly is.
      Windshield defrost vents on with hi heat with AC on. It will dissipate quickly

    • Kalpesh Chaudhari
      Kalpesh Chaudhari  2 months back

      Glad to go through all your videos of Tesla Model 3. I am ordering one today through your referral. Thanks again.

  • Henry Kim
    Henry Kim  10 hours back

    Andy. I want model 3 but have no garage. I live in NY where it snows frequently in the winter. Would it be ok to own one without a garage?

    • vegass04
      vegass04  4 hours back

      It wouldn't be OK to own one if you live somewhere where it rains considering the panel gaps that new Tesla comes with... Quality control - NOT. 50 grand?? I'd drive a BMW 3 series or an Audi A4 any day of the week and twice on weekends.Watch a suggested video on the left titled "Everything wrong with my Tesla Model 3"..

  • BIll Ligon
    BIll Ligon  19 hours back

    What about buy a used Tesla??

    • BIll Ligon
      BIll Ligon  19 hours back

      Are you in a house or condo?? Tell me about where you charge your car?

      • Aiden Commodore
        Aiden Commodore  21 hours back

        The carbon footprint of electric cars are equal to that of normal petrol driven vehicles. From factory, to the day the car's propulsion gives out (its engine or batteries), the footprint is just about the same. The factories that produce both cars use a lot of non renewable resources. The only difference: petrol cars dont have to create the complex batteries as an electric vehicle needs, so its emissions are lower to make, but the petrol cars life makes up for the rest (including gas station stops). Electric cars do all the pollution in one go right at the factory, then play the minor "catch up pollution" at the charging stations. The electricity needed to charge the car has to come from somewhere!

          AVOIDING TREES  1 days back

          Amazing Tesla, still cheaper and still ahead with high standards.WELL DONE AMERICA .
          Cheers from france👋

          • Ramya Wandering
            Ramya Wandering  2 days back

            it's sad to know that Tesla isn't available in India

            • Kristian F. L. Amlie
              Kristian F. L. Amlie  2 days back

              Have you tested the Getaround rent out (keyless) function?

              • Snapzinc S
                Snapzinc S  2 days back

                Lucky. Central Valley California’s gas is around 3.50...Lol.

                • Peter Korte
                  Peter Korte  2 days back

                  Can it tow a camper/trailer?

                  • Yuping Hu
                    Yuping Hu  3 days back

                    I've had it for merely two weeks. So far everything is perfect.

                    • Tony Medecke
                      Tony Medecke  3 days back

                      I have a 2014 Model S and have similar issues. Dash and windows fog up constantly even on days that are warm. Seems like I have to constantly run the AC. I’ve just adapted to the car and it defrosts quickly once engaged. I just ordered a 3, thank you for the post.

                      • djthproductions
                        djthproductions  3 days back

                        I, driving in an old car, had to correct 3 massive traffic failure from a Tesla now withing a month time! One of them was a REALY REALY REALY dangerous mistake from that vehicle! So do not get to comfy with autodrive!

                        • Kyle Sipherd
                          Kyle Sipherd  3 days back

                          Thanks man! Just waiting to pick up my long range. You have amazing quality videos that answer a ton of my questions!

                          • BaeJiaoFlying
                            BaeJiaoFlying  3 days back

                            We go one a year ago. Performance, long range. Fantastic car. The only thing I don't like are the windshield wipers. The auto mode isn't very accurate and has to be flipped to manual sometimes. Other than that, fantastic. As an enthusiastic petrol head (gear head), I'm now converted.

                            • Vicky Jadhav
                              Vicky Jadhav  4 days back

                              Government in British Columbia gives more than 10% discount on your already discounted car insurance.

                              • mackharder3
                                mackharder3  4 days back

                                The Tesla is a nerd’s sports car. Every dude I know who owns a Tesla is a nerd. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s true. It’s also ugly as shit.

                                • Mike c
                                  Mike c  4 days back

                                  Vs how's buying a used s

                                  • bikephil
                                    bikephil  4 days back

                                    Your insurance went up as much as the gas cost you save. Why bother?

                                    • bikephil
                                      bikephil  3 days back

                                      @Cody Crowder and in 5 years he can buy a new $8k battery.

                                    • Cody Crowder
                                      Cody Crowder  3 days back

                                      Insurance went up $500/yr. He saves $2000/yr gas. Still saving $1500/yr...

                                  • bikephil
                                    bikephil  4 days back

                                    Teslas are for stuck up snobs and dorks. Which are you?

                                    • Love Richardson
                                      Love Richardson  4 days back

                                      ahahha idk why that was so funny to me but you just shifted to Drive going 5mph in reverse ahahaha idk might just be me lol

                                      • EnforcerMan
                                        EnforcerMan  4 days back

                                        That was a nice recap. I subscribed

                                        • Markey11
                                          Markey11  5 days back

                                          How did you drive 26k miles in one year man

                                          • Vasco Almeida
                                            Vasco Almeida  5 days back

                                            If I remember correctly, the price on announcemenr was in the $30000 range. You bought yours for $50000!

                                            • fessells ahmed
                                              fessells ahmed  6 days back

                                              Get Tesla on a lease. Then you would love.it more

                                              • bikephil
                                                bikephil  4 days back

                                                Leasing is moronic. You never own anything.

                                            • Bobby Hinton
                                              Bobby Hinton  7 days back

                                              Thanks for your review and I am buying the 3. I was concerned about the roominess, but not that is not a thought.

                                              • B D
                                                B D  7 days back

                                                Buying my Model 3 was the best purchase I've ever made. Hands down.

                                                • gz hh
                                                  gz hh  6 days back

                                                  yes and your ex wife tge badest

                                              • Rodger Jacobsen
                                                Rodger Jacobsen  1 weeks back

                                                Good review, I love mine, BUT there are problems never mentioned, the screen is a little dangerous the tiny fonts on the screen are difficult to read especially for an old person wearing distance glares this would be SO easy to fix. The rear shelf doesn't remove like other hatchbacks making it much less versatile. The aluminum body is very thin and fragile unlike the almost indestructible body on my wife's i3. On the other hand our house has solar panels and our cost for driving two electric cars for almost two years is $0.00, pretty hard to argue with that.

                                                • iQamar America
                                                  iQamar America  1 weeks back

                                                  Andy the way you explain Tesla Model 3 awesome. I went for test drive and Tesla stole my heart. 🙏

                                                  • Chang Noi
                                                    Chang Noi  1 weeks back

                                                    Would have went up? What about “would have gone up”? I hear this every day from Americans many times a day. They simply do not understand Past Participles especially for irregular verbs. They seem to think if they are talking about the past they have to use Simple Past form of the verb in every tense. They don’t understand that in Present Perfect in this sentence which is modified by the Modal Verb “would” which is here in the epistemic modality is in the Bare Infinitive form. In Pesent Perfect and Past Perfect and Passive Voice and Past Subjunctive Mood the Past Partiple is used. For the irregular verb “to go” the present/past/past participle forms are : go/went/gone. As this is in epistemic modality which is a condition based on prior knowledge, what appears to be a past tense is really Past Subjunctive Mood to indicate conjecture or an imaginary situation.
                                                    Well you don’t have to know or understand all this just to remember to use the Past Participle in Present and Past Perfect tenses and Passive Voice. I know Strunk and White advised avoiding passive altogether which is impossible and basically Strunk either didn’t understand it or thought you were too stupid to use it correctly. You do it naturally in a sentence like “The pyramids in Egypt were built thousands of years ago.” That’s passive as you don’t say who built them. Try to say it without using Passive Voice. You could say “The Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids thousands of years ago.” How do you know? Were you there? There is some question as to who built them as the Egyptians never say anywhere how they did it as if they were already there or forgot or thought it was too obvious to mention. So the Passive sentence is more correct whereas the second sentence is based on a vague assumption that may be correct but we don’t really know for sure.
                                                    But this kind of misunderstanding of past tenses seems widespread in America at least. No it is not evolution of the language but devolution into inaccuracy and fuzzy thinking. English in the past and distant past was extremely accurate in expressing degrees of exactitude in thinking that is rapidly being lost which is why you see so many political arguments over what someone meant. Or someone dodging an argument by claiming they meant something else.
                                                    It really is because you were never taught basic grammar in school as part of the dumbing down process so you can’t think clearly. It’s worked very well over the last 60 to 70 years. Even less educated Americans in the 1930’s spoke and understood English better than Americans today where it seems at least one in ten have a college degree or advanced degree but can’t write a coherent sentence. They find a shopping list challenging.

                                                    • Roger Navai
                                                      Roger Navai  1 weeks back

                                                      It is still a GM electric crap.Wait until Toyota comes up with some quality stuff.

                                                      • Nechita Stefan
                                                        Nechita Stefan  1 weeks back

                                                        i've just skip over the audiobook thing... i am here for information and there were none

                                                        • Walter Ivanjack
                                                          Walter Ivanjack  1 weeks back

                                                          What is cost of replacement batteries? Am I right in assuming the batteries will eventually not charge well and will need to be replaced - how much will that cost?

                                                          • Terry Rodbourn
                                                            Terry Rodbourn  1 weeks back

                                                            Just look up up ChrisFix’s Super Clean Windshield and Super clean inside Windows! It’s cheap and really works!

                                                            • HAYCH
                                                              HAYCH  1 weeks back

                                                              There’s a fog setting

                                                              • Annie S.
                                                                Annie S.  1 weeks back

                                                                I wish Tesla would create a nice hatchback.

                                                                • RequiemFrost
                                                                  RequiemFrost  1 weeks back

                                                                  5:42 wow truly S3XY

                                                                  • Eduvigues Calderon
                                                                    Eduvigues Calderon  1 weeks back


                                                                    • Eduvigues Calderon
                                                                      Eduvigues Calderon  1 weeks back

                                                                      I am thinking of buying a Tesla

                                                                      • zoner
                                                                        zoner  1 weeks back

                                                                        Love that interior that belongs on a $25K car. lol

                                                                        • zoner
                                                                          zoner  1 weeks back

                                                                          @vishdroidrc Just a counter to blind fanboys

                                                                        • vishdroidrc
                                                                          vishdroidrc  1 weeks back

                                                                          Oh shidddd we have a hater over here!

                                                                      • - SoLo
                                                                        - SoLo  1 weeks back

                                                                        A nerd car for nerds. Every Tesla owner looks the same. White men and women, 30+ yrs old, and beta male body frame.

                                                                        • TheTruthQuest123
                                                                          TheTruthQuest123  1 weeks back

                                                                          It's not $50 every 4000 miles it's $36 every 3000 Miles also you're not saving money because my Honda Civic can go over 200,000 Mi without any major problems we'll see how much money you spent on your fucking Tesla before you even get to a hundred thousand 26,000 miles especially in

                                                                          • Kenji
                                                                            Kenji  2 weeks back

                                                                            Tesla should make a model 3 coupe.

                                                                            • Wulfgang Stern
                                                                              Wulfgang Stern  2 weeks back

                                                                              35,000 miles on mine so far, can’t stop driving it!

                                                                              • F15Ranger
                                                                                F15Ranger  2 weeks back

                                                                                No one cares about your audio book plug! Boo

                                                                                • Ryan Santos
                                                                                  Ryan Santos  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Dog mode!

                                                                                  • iam bovad
                                                                                    iam bovad  2 weeks back

                                                                                    the expense will come a few years down the track when you allegedly have to replace the batteries. have you factored that into your investment?

                                                                                    • gajustempus
                                                                                      gajustempus  2 weeks back

                                                                                      6.8 cent per kWh?!?
                                                                                      We, in Germany, are at AT LEAST 33 EURO-Cent (35 dollar-cent!) per kWh....and that's CHEAP!