Perfect 400 IQ Outplays Montage - League of Legends Plays | LoL Best Moments #168


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  • Joselito Acebo
    Joselito Acebo  4 days back


    • Ni K
      Ni K  4 days back

      yeah running into them as a mage with constant AoE damage for NOT fighting and doing nothing impressive is definitely an outplay!

      • League Of Int
        League Of Int  1 weeks back

        Nothing illaoi does is anything to do with IQ Or an outplay.

        • saidou sidiki
          saidou sidiki  1 weeks back

          Sad most of then are just smurfs having fun on noobs

          • HeartbeatKiller
            HeartbeatKiller  1 weeks back

            10:25 400IQ wardhop flash out of that neeko ult

            • HeartbeatKiller
              HeartbeatKiller  1 weeks back

              i hate to be a advocate of this but it's true to see a highlight montage and as much as i wish i could ignore that part of me but when i think good play when i think insane montage i don't like to see mistakes... i know that's hard from a content creators standpoint as someone who has tried streaming and youtube a few times and in a few ways and i know not everything can be perfect but i think you will get much more positive feedback cutting mistakes that happened to work out compared to genuinely good and perfect play in exchange for a slightly shorter or delayed video... no flame much love otherwise id not be subbed ofc still like your videos but i figure that tip might help your comment section a bit or maybe even improve the reaction to your videos in a way you truly enjoy.

              -Much Love, Heartbeatkiller

            • Alvaro Bogar Rodriguez
              Alvaro Bogar Rodriguez  1 weeks back

              Hahaha I know, I can't believe they put that clip on the video

          • Luis Torres
            Luis Torres  1 weeks back

            3:20 that clip not real imposible there is players like that and 3:40 soo fake

          • Neo Lermontove
            Neo Lermontove  1 weeks back

            Wow this Aurelion crazy 🤣

            • Robert Soloq Coach
              Robert Soloq Coach  1 weeks back

              irelia fed at 6min just go next guys xD

              • louis mhillaj
                louis mhillaj  1 weeks back

                Aurelion is op