The Best Sci-Fi Shows You're Still Not Watching

  • Published: 30 September 2019
  • The world of science fiction is endless and there's no shortage of new stories to tell. But sometimes, the best sci-fi stories on television are the ones you've never even heard of.

    Set in a small German town, Dark is a sci-fi thriller where strange, supernatural occurrences have exposed secrets hiding in the closets of several families.

    More than living up to its title, the show includes scenes of adultery, kidnapping, and homicide. Plus, it's all set against the backdrop of time travel. This Netflix series is a slow burn and, at times, the physics of Dark's time travel can be a little hard to follow. But when it all comes into focus, the emotional impact of the larger storyline is worth every second of the journey.

    Fans of Superman will find many reasons to binge Syfy's prequel series Krypton. Set two generations before the destruction of the Man of Steel's home planet, the show focuses on Superman's grandfather and on the choices he must make to ensure his grandson's future survival.

    In its second season, Krypton started introducing some DC fan favorites into the mix, including Lobo, an intergalactic bounty hunter in the same gritty vein as Marvel's Wolverine and Punisher...only much cooler.

    Although most comic-book geeks already know how the story turns out, Syfy has found a way to deliver enough surprises to keep even the most hardcore Super-fans guessing about what will happen next.

    Watch the video to see more of the best sci-fi shows you're still not watching!

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    On the Dark side | 0:09
    Steel yourself for Krypton | 0:44
    Go big with The Expanse | 1:23
    Unplug with The Society | 1:55
    The OA FTW | 2:23
    Make room for Final Space | 3:14
    The Magicians will enchant you | 3:57
    Find time for Future Man | 4:35
    Electric Dreams is a shocker | 5:13
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  • Looper
    Looper   3 weeks back

    What is your favorite Sci-Fi show on tv right now?

  • Dr. Gamer World1010
    Dr. Gamer World1010  6 hours back

    Honstly one of the worst list ever made ,,, the only one who deserve really to watch in this list is dark and it is soooooo puplar !!!

    • Waylander huehue
      Waylander huehue  8 hours back

      Just stopped to say that there are no good sci fi shows anymore.

      • crgzero
        crgzero  23 hours back

        Any show that thinks putting "inclusive" in it's about page is an instant no go for me. Just make the fucking show, if the part requires a minority awesome, but shoe-horning a woman or black dude or whatever into a part for "woke" points never ends well, the "get woke get broke" is quite true. Just make the fucking show and stop pandering.

        • Brian Korten
          Brian Korten  1 days back

          You missed that the Magicians show is based off of the books by Lev Grossman. Sera Gamble, to her credit, did a fantastic job adapting it to TV, but he deserves credit all the same.

          • Tom van Eldik
            Tom van Eldik  1 days back

            Fantasy is not Sci-Fi.. stop lumping them together.

            • Mit Vorsicht
              Mit Vorsicht  1 days back

              The Expanse & Dark because they are both got good cinematografie but excellent Storytelling as well. Most of the Problems with SF Series are that many got good storys but cheap looking or sometimes all is only about the effects and the story is dumb.

              Expanse got a good story and looks outstanding. Dark ist looking very good but nothing compares with its excellent, complexe storytelling as i can see so far.

              • ksymx
                ksymx  2 days back

                The OA, best on this list!

                • TPM 2019
                  TPM 2019  2 days back

                  Lost in Space on Netflix. Certainly in the top 3 of all the mentions here with Expanse and Impulse.

                  • Δ
                    Δ  2 days back

                    Alien Nation

                    • seansverige
                      seansverige  2 days back

                      ARGGHH! Electric Dreams is *not* an Amazon series - like the brilliant Catastrophe, both are from Channel 4, where they were first transmitted on, y'know, old fashioned *TV* and then _bought_ by Amazon. This might not seem that important outside UK but, given that this is where Black Mirror got their first break, maybe giving them credit where it's due might help future creation of this kind of content.

                      • 81Earthangel
                        81Earthangel  2 days back

                        Like usually a completely useless list from Looper. A quarter of these shows are not even Sci-FI shows. And the other shows are literally some of the best known scifi tv shows online.

                        • Mandoran44
                          Mandoran44  2 days back

                          The Expanse is one of the best shows atm, but as others already said Altered Carbon had a promising first season.

                          • Adrian
                            Adrian  2 days back

                            The expanse was shit. I saw it all and after 3 seasons I still couldn't give a damn what happened to the main characters. They had next to no character development and the relationship between them was as extremely stale. The detective guy was the sole reason I stuck around.

                            On the other hand if you watch something like Andromenda, it's hard not to become attached or even curious after just 1-2 episodes.

                            • Justin Robichaux
                              Justin Robichaux  2 days back

                              I'm sorry, but The Society is terrible.

                              • Brandon Comer
                                Brandon Comer  2 days back

                                All of these are pretty much garbage except "The Expanse". "The Magicians" is a particularly awful and hamfisted series

                                "Altered Carbon" is really good, I can only assume you left it off because you suck at your jobs.

                                • crgzero
                                  crgzero  23 hours back

                                  I gave up on the Magicians halfway through the first season.

                              • Jo Smo
                                Jo Smo  2 days back

                                there was a second season of Future Man?
                                Excuse me, I have to head over to an illegal streaming service

                                • crgzero
                                  crgzero  23 hours back

                                  No no,, it's "sailing the high seas".

                              • TigerDan04
                                TigerDan04  2 days back

                                So many of the shows you listed are already cancelled. OA, Krypton, etc. Makes me all sad-like

                                • Go Throne
                                  Go Throne  2 days back

                                  The Magicians is Science Fiction now?

                                  • Peter Lehtret
                                    Peter Lehtret  2 days back

                                    You are totally right and i will continue not to watch them

                                    • Kosmogonik
                                      Kosmogonik  2 days back

                                      Expanse is a great show, but not the best like people say here. What about Babylon 5, Firefly, SG1 and off course Star Trek.

                                      • Rick Hoffman
                                        Rick Hoffman  3 days back

                                        when asking why people are not watching shows on pay services.. that alone is one reason, with Netflix people are getting tired of the woke crap they are pushing so they are flushing their subs. But to hide thing behind paywalls and ask why people don't like it.. Time for YOU to wake up.

                                        • Lisa J
                                          Lisa J  3 days back

                                          There are actually people who haven't seen The Expanse? WTactualF?

                                          • 1MrErling
                                            1MrErling  3 days back

                                            Miss so much STARGATE!!!!!!!

                                            • Kiki Lang
                                              Kiki Lang  3 days back

                                              The Ezpanse? Really? Long on muscle, short on acting. It's shite.

                                              • thomas pedersen
                                                thomas pedersen  3 days back

                                                how can netfliks "impulse" not be on this list ?

                                                • Gregg Murray
                                                  Gregg Murray  3 days back

                                                  Krypton is unwatchable, Love death and Robots & Star Trek Discovery are Excellent.

                                                  • Mortifix
                                                    Mortifix  3 days back

                                                    From your description of The Magicians... that's gonna be a hard pass for me.

                                                    • TheyCalledMeT
                                                      TheyCalledMeT  3 days back

                                                      the expanse is a must,
                                                      dark is realy good if you're into time travel and it's complexities
                                                      the OA is .. seriously different .. but very captivating
                                                      rick and morty .. not worth mentioning .. if you haven't seen it you're wrong here

                                                      final space .. realy liked it .. it has a .. earthy/childish .. humor good for a laugh

                                                      • ohifonlyx33
                                                        ohifonlyx33  4 days back

                                                        Um, shoutout to *12 Monkeys* for it's philosophical, gritty-but-human, mind-bending, post-apocalyptic time travel that rewards it's viewers with answers to questions. Competent plot twists that are earned but still surprise you? Check. Complex and interesting REAL characters with understandable motivations and flaws? Check. Cult-like mystery surrounding the near-end of humanity? You betcha. Still funny and entertaining? Absolutely! Intriguing, creepy villain? So intriguing, SO creepy. Cool aesthetics? Yeah, it's pretty... but like... in an apocalyptic way! Love Story along the way? MY HEART YEARNS AND SO WILL YOURS. Still has time for other character dynamics? You better believe it. Makes you cry but doesn't make you mad at the writers? EXACTLY. One of the best series finales I have ever Witnessed. YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT A MASTERPIECE IS UNTIL YOU WATCH 12 MONKEYS. 4 limited seasons from Syfy. THANK YOU TERRY MATALAS.

                                                        • jetnavigator
                                                          jetnavigator  4 days back

                                                          They all look like garbage.

                                                          • Above All, United
                                                            Above All, United  4 days back

                                                            I loved future man, love death and robots, altered carbon, but no other sci fi show can hold a candle to the brilliance of the expanse, what a show!!!

                                                            • Yardash
                                                              Yardash  5 days back

                                                              Seriously if you take 1 thing from this list. FREAKING WATCH FINAL SPACE!!! Seriously the best TV show on these days!!
                                                              You'll laugh, You'll cry.... You'll Curse Olan to the depths of hell for toying with your emotions like his own personal play thing to torment.

                                                            • UnKoolKev Clay
                                                              UnKoolKev Clay  5 days back

                                                              loved the OA and Future man. I was hoping someone will pick up on impulse though. that show really needs a second season.

                                                              • UnKoolKev Clay
                                                                UnKoolKev Clay  3 days back

                                                                @Mikkel Schmidt yes imagine my surprise when I checked my android app the next morning. feels like the gods are listening XD

                                                              • Mikkel Schmidt
                                                                Mikkel Schmidt  3 days back

                                                                I've got good news for you, IMDB says the second season premiered yesterday.

                                                            • Joel Otto
                                                              Joel Otto  5 days back

                                                              Wow have your writers watched these shows?

                                                              • winsomehax
                                                                winsomehax  5 days back

                                                                Electric Dreams is definitely worth a watch. it's one of the few anthology SF shows that has been infected with woke.

                                                                • MS NPC
                                                                  MS NPC  5 days back

                                                                  Another Life has potential... and Katee Sackhoff.
                                                                  Doom Patrol is pretty brilliant.
                                                                  Star Trek Discovery has cinema-grade production value.
                                                                  Black Mirror... who doesn't love a good pig f*cking.
                                                                  Love, Death, and Robots is great.
                                                                  Battlestar Galactica '04 set the bar for modern sci-fi.
                                                                  Farscape is still epic.
                                                                  Firefly needs a reboot.
                                                                  But if you want epic-level sci-fi... The Expanse.

                                                                  • PANTA
                                                                    PANTA  3 days back

                                                                    Just finished Another Life. I kinda have a love/hate relationship with it. The characters are sometimes written like they are teenagers at school. Highly annoying teens on a ship.
                                                                    However, at the end, I kinda got curious about season 2. It's not a waste of my time, definitely not. But can't say it's among the best. It's a great time off :)

                                                                  • G. Waldmeister
                                                                    G. Waldmeister  4 days back

                                                                    "Doom Patrol" is great but I pretty much hated everything about "Another Life" But to be fair, I never liked Katee Sackhoff as an actress, so her inclusion didn't work for me anyway.

                                                                • Matthew Reed
                                                                  Matthew Reed  5 days back

                                                                  I found Dark to be confusing and lost interest pretty quickly. Krypton was a lot of fun but sadly canceled already. The Expanse is excellent, can't wait for S4 on Amazon. The Magicians is amazing but not for everyone. You should have included Altered Carbon - a crazy good show and S2 is coming soon on NetFlix. Also the re-imagining of Lost In Space was superb and S2 is coming soon also on NetFlix. Honorable mentions: Dirk Gently (already canceled but the two seasons that made it are well worth the time); Stranger Things - a Goonies for the 2000's with a dark side, you'll love it, again on NetFlix; Black Mirror - another great anthology series. The 100 - it may, from the outside, look like a Twilight/teen angst show but its actually anything but, its dark and gritty and takes turns that will take your breath away. The first 3 seasons are great. HBO's Westworld is a do not miss too. Season 2 may have been weaker than Season 1, but its only to set up what is sure to be an amazing Season 3. Special Mention: Castle Rock, Mr. Mercedes, Star Trek: Discovery, The Umbrella Academy, The Orville, Agents of Shield, Legion, American Gods, The Rain, Nightflyers, all are worth the investment of your time. Its a great time to be a scifi fan.

                                                                  • The Extraterrestrial
                                                                    The Extraterrestrial  4 days back

                                                                    Watch season 1 Dark and kind of like it, but then, a year of blank kick in to wait for season 2. After season 2 is here, forget a lot of things in season 1 and felt completely lost and confusing😂😂 Lazy to re-run season 1😂

                                                                  • Matthew Reed
                                                                    Matthew Reed  5 days back

                                                                    Oh I forgot Lodge 49, quirky, lovable and definitely something "other" going on. People from Earth was another show I really loved but it got canceled after S2 sadly, still its worth watching. Me, You and the Apocalypse had a really great S1 but sadly no one watched and it got canceled, still if you can find it, its worth a watch.

                                                                • Eric Stodolnik
                                                                  Eric Stodolnik  7 days back

                                                                  The Expanse is BY FAR the best Sci-Fi series on this list BY FAR... possibly the best Sci-Fi series EVER! And that’s saying a lot from a die-hard Trekkie like me! And the books are FUCKING AMAZING as well!!!! Can’t wait for Book 9 to tie up the whole opus!!!! :D

                                                                  • Eric Stodolnik
                                                                    Eric Stodolnik  1 days back

                                                                    Zachary Read ... honestly, I still have yet to see battlestar gallactica. No real reason why I haven’t... didn’t have cable back when it originally aired, and, just haven’t gotten around to checking it out yet. I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually. Probably soon In fact... but I actually have heard some negative things about it from a couple people, so I’m just about 100% sure that it will fail to knock out The Expanse for my personal #1 spot.

                                                                    And yeah, The Expanse books really are amazing, and one thing I love about the Book to TV adaptation is how much they DON’T fuck up the books in the process of adapting it to screen, and in some areas even IMPROVE parts of the storytelling and character development. Basically the exact opposite of what Game of Thrones did by going off-book and taking the author’s IP and going off in their own direction... and the reason why they pulled it off so well and avoided the pitfalls of productions like GoT, is twofold... 1) they have producers and showrunners who actually are fans of the books and actually respect the books and want to do right by them and do them justice... and 2) They actually have the AUTHORS of the original material (aka James S. A. Corey (which is actually the pseudonym or “pen name” of two people)) in the freaking writer’s room and full-on part of the writing team... in fact they’ve actually said they see the show as a sort of rare opportunity to be able to go back and do a rewrite, or a sort of 2.0 draft of the original books and sort of edit them and fix things from the books that they wish they could have done the first time around now that the book has been out for quite a while and they’ve had time to sit with the story and digest them and approach them at a fresh angle... which, in the end, makes for an even better and more refined final product for the on-screen version of the story, instead of a bastardized version of the author’s original vision and intention which most adaptations from book to screen end up turning into.

                                                                    Exactly why Good Omens turned out so fantastic... because not only was Neil Gaiman the freakin showrunner of the series, but he was the sole writer for every single episode!!! Hollywood should wise up and start hiring the writers of the original works their adapting to make to film or TV versions of their works!

                                                                    I can’t friggin WAIT to see Ilus (aka New Terra) in Season 4... the trailers look AMAZING and it was one of my top 3 of the book series!

                                                                    Edit: one very small example of how they improved the story from the books to the TV series version is a very tiny edit, but had a huge effect on the story IMO: the book, when the Canterbury get the distress call from the Scopuli which the first tilt of the domino that sets the whole story in motion, in the book, the captain of the Canterbury simply says, “Welp!... The law is that we logged the distress call, and since we’re the closest ship, we’re obligated to go to their aid and check out the situation, so so much for our “on-time” delivery bonus for our shipment of ice-water from Saturn’s rings” and that’s that and they simply go out there to check it out and the events unfold...

                                                                    Now I’m THE SHOW, the writers saw the opportunity to use that situation to not only make a much more dynamic, interesting, and dramatic situation, but to also use it as a way to really add to Holden’s character development very early on... in the show, the captain says, “Fuck this, we’ve got an “on-time delivery bonus” waiting for us and I don’t think anyone here actually wants to add to our mission time, let alone lose that bonus... so we’re going to ignore this call, pretend we never hear it, erase it, and scrub any evidence that we logged the distress call from our system”... and everyone is for the most part n agreement with that decision... then in the middle of the night Holden actually decides to listen to the actual contents of the distress call... he hears Julie Mao’s voice saying, “Please! Anybody out there! Please help me!”... and not only does he show his character of playing the hero and the Good Samaritan and the person who tries to do the right thing early on by actually logging the distress call so that they legally HAVE to go out to investigate the distress call, but that one simple act is the cause of EVERYTHING that happens from that moment onward... from causing the entirety of his crew to be murdered when the Cant is nuked, to causing a full-on inter-system WAR between Earth, Mars, and The Belt... to so many other effects from that one action, large and small. And the whole rest of the show is Holden trying to basically fix the fallout and find personal redemption for this one action that starts an escalating chain of events that are increasingly catastrophic. He is constantly trying to fix his mistakes by doing what he sees as the right thing and they almost always end up making things worse and further out of his control.

                                                                    This is a great example that just goes to show how one extremely tiny, seemingly insignificant change to the story can cause a dramatic difference to both characterization and over-arcing story and motif.

                                                                  • Zachary Read
                                                                    Zachary Read  2 days back

                                                                    BSG IMHO is the best modern sci-fi tv series with the Expanse second. STO and STNG are legend when it comes to sci-fi tv. Books, on the other hand, I have not found a series in this genre I've enjoyed more than The Expanse!

                                                                  • Atom
                                                                    Atom  3 days back


                                                                  • polla2256
                                                                    polla2256  3 days back

                                                                    Yeah I really can't understand why it's in the same list as the OA which is total and utter garbage

                                                                  • AJ Bitch
                                                                    AJ Bitch  3 days back

                                                                    try Babylon 5....90s sci-fi masterpiece!

                                                                • Andrew Culverhouse
                                                                  Andrew Culverhouse  1 weeks back

                                                                  Thank you for this video I watched the expanse and it's brilliant, thankyou for putting me onto it.

                                                                  • Dondon
                                                                    Dondon  1 weeks back

                                                                    Save The OA

                                                                    • clumsiii
                                                                      clumsiii  1 weeks back

                                                                      You fans of sci-fi world-building would enjoy Counterpart! I just finished the 2 seasons available (3rd was wanted but it's complete as is) --- Compelling premise, amazing acting (main character played by JK Simmons -from Oz, Law&Order etc etc-- does amazingly as two people...who are the same...but separated by a rift between worlds) and great action sequences with tons of suspense. I loved it! And the theme song reminds me of The Expanse haha

                                                                      • theax9000
                                                                        theax9000  1 weeks back

                                                                        THe Orville???

                                                                        • Turco949
                                                                          Turco949  1 weeks back

                                                                          Logic dictates that you are not watching show X if you are here watching a YT video about that very same show.

                                                                          • sadstrangelittleman0
                                                                            sadstrangelittleman0  1 weeks back

                                                                            The Man in the High Castle. More speculative fiction, but still that sci-fi vein of parallel universes.

                                                                            • brooklyn560
                                                                              brooklyn560  2 weeks back

                                                                              The expanse is one of the best shows I’ve seen

                                                                              • V M
                                                                                V M  2 weeks back

                                                                                Ever notice how there are no black or brown people in White Peoples Future.. No free boat rides this time.

                                                                                • oneOfour
                                                                                  oneOfour  1 weeks back

                                                                                  Because there are no black or brown people in the future, they were either killed by other blacks or aborted. So sad.

                                                                              • Goodthrust69
                                                                                Goodthrust69  2 weeks back

                                                                                I know it was canceled but Santa Clarita Diet is is probably the best thing on Netflix. I don't know if it counts as sci-fi but OMG is it hilarious and over the top gory. Also the Expanse is the best thing currently on TV.