Brett Brown on relationships with Gregg Popovich and Joel Embiid | NBA Countdown | ESPN


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  • Mshall S
    Mshall S  8 months back

    "Should have asked for 7 years." ^_^ ^_^

    • PhillyG
      PhillyG  1 years back

      Great legs lol

      • trung huynh
        trung huynh  1 years back

        I hope Stephan A Smith gets his sorry ass fired

        • Tien Chi Fu
          Tien Chi Fu  1 years back

          shorts?! really?

          • Official Shrek Fan Club

            Brett Brown is punishing Fultz because he's mad the GM didn't take Tatum or Mitchell instead

            • PatriotsFan1243
              PatriotsFan1243  1 years back


              • Derrick Likes NBA
                Derrick Likes NBA  1 years back

                Demar and Lowry do an interview during the playoffs, they go down 0-2 against the Cavs

                AD, Jrue, and Rondo do an interview during the playoffs, they go down 0-2 against the Warriors

                Bret Brown does an interview during the playoffs, they’re down 0-2 against the Celtics

                Moral of the story, ESPN is cursed

                • Neighborhood Crackhead
                  Neighborhood Crackhead  1 years back

                  Joel Embiid is the BEST big-man in NBA and it’s not even close

                  • Vallecend
                    Vallecend  7 months back

                    Didnt know AD get caught in the thanos snap... RIP

                  • Lionel Muggeridge
                    Lionel Muggeridge  1 years back

                    Horford and Baynes are manhandling him in the 2nd round. Not playing that well at all

                  • Eobard Thawne
                    Eobard Thawne  1 years back

                    AD>Joel Chokebiid

                  • 2pac
                    2pac  1 years back

                    Neighborhood Crackhead AD & Cousins are 1,000x better

                  • Sghregh
                    Sghregh  1 years back

                    Embiid = most overrated player in the nba Boogie maybe 4 times better horford better to

                • TheButler DidIT
                  TheButler DidIT  1 years back

                  Play MARKELLE

                  • Derrick Likes NBA
                    Derrick Likes NBA  1 years back

                    Yea they might as well try it at this point. Bret is seriously being out coached this series

                • Lil Dagga
                  Lil Dagga  1 years back

                  What about yo relationship with Fultz lmao 😂

                  • J. Jo
                    J. Jo  1 years back

                    no surprise here. a wonderful product of the Spurs organization. he could coach an AAU team to the conference finals if given the opportunity.

                    • Quentin Turner
                      Quentin Turner  1 years back

                      Worst coach of all time

                    • Jesse Bean
                      Jesse Bean  1 years back

                      J. Jo considering he's about to get swept by Boston's bench I don't think he could do that