KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] – Launch Trailer

  • Published: 06 April 2017
  • KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] is available now!


    KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] is the relaunch of the chart-topping mobile action RPG KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ! This update brings 6-player multiplayer quests and continues the exciting story of this chapter of the KINGDOM HEARTS saga!

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Comments • 183

  • Azarious Vazquez
    Azarious Vazquez  7 months back

    I cant even play the full game it just says thanks for playing the game do I need to pay for the fully game or what?! its frustrating me!

    • &I
      &I  8 months back

      Looks like garbage, those great soundtracks have their potential wasted in this game.

      • PillowyMounds
        PillowyMounds  10 months back


        • Qawiem
          Qawiem  1 years back

          I cant download it because it not available in my country.i want to play the game

          • cosmosofinfinity
            cosmosofinfinity  1 years back

            Why all the name changes? [chi], Unchained, Union [Cross], what does it all mean?

            • Rirei Hiyake
              Rirei Hiyake  1 years back

              So this is an entirely different game? Does that mean i have to start from the beginning again? As in my previous game data from unchained x will not be transfered to union x? Is it? If it is, no thanks, not playing it...

              • Jacki B
                Jacki B  2 years back

                Interesting worlds there is nothing interesting about Snow White

                • Alice Valentine
                  Alice Valentine  2 years back

                  I love this music. I have to find out how I can download it somewhere

                  • Nick The Stick
                    Nick The Stick  5 months back

                    We all over this music then but now we dispeise it

                • Buckwild Screening
                  Buckwild Screening  2 years back

                  Song ?

                • Mackenzie Wachter
                  Mackenzie Wachter  2 years back

                  The download is very slow!

                  • Im a Weeaboo
                    Im a Weeaboo  2 years back

                    This new call of duty looks way better than Infinite Warfare.

                    • Flandre Scarlet
                      Flandre Scarlet  2 years back

                      I honestly really want to try this game..oh whats that, google play? WHAT DO YOU MEAN ITS NOT AVAILABLE IN MY COUNTRY?

                      • Sean Abella
                        Sean Abella  2 years back

                        Pls release universally

                        • Ria N.
                          Ria N.  2 years back

                          Song, if anyone needs it: Kingdom Hearts-- Dearly Beloved Union Cross X

                          • steve rodriguez
                            steve rodriguez  2 years back

                            -favorite, KH2
                            -favorite song, destati
                            -looking foward to in KH3, new Heartless
                            #KhDolby #KH

                            • Thao Tran
                              Thao Tran  2 years back

                              Honestly, I just love this music

                              • Rand B
                                Rand B  2 years back

                                To be entered, please answer the following questions on this blog, then also post your answers on the official Kingdom Hearts social media channels with the #KHDolby and #KH. Keep your answers short, simple and clean!

                                •    What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts game?
                                Every Kingdom heart's game
                                •    What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts song?
                                Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru
                                •    What are you looking forward to in Kingdom Hearts 3?
                                The overall story, and the ending of the Xehanort Saga.

                                • midnightsdarkangel3
                                  midnightsdarkangel3  2 years back

                                  • Kingdom Hearts 2 because of how beautifully it all comes together.
                                  • The instrumental version of Hikari.
                                  • The character growth and development.
                                  #KHdolby #KH

                                  • Kevin Baxley
                                    Kevin Baxley  2 years back

                                    1.) kingdoms hearts II
                                    2.) simple and clean instrumental
                                    3.) the incredible music, story, and the nostalgia that will follow from my childhood. #KHDolby #KH

                                    • Kinzie Daniels
                                      Kinzie Daniels  2 years back

                                      ‪1) Kingdom Hearts 2‬
                                      ‪2) Ventus's theme‬
                                      ‪3) New worlds and Drive forms‬
                                      ‪#KHDolby #KH‬

                                      • NaNa L. L. Michaelis
                                        NaNa L. L. Michaelis  2 years back

                                        For your Kingdom Hearts Concert Tickets:
                                        What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts game?
                                        - Kingdom Hearts II

                                        • What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts song?
                                        - Lazy Afternoons (Twilight Town)

                                        • What are you looking forward to in Kingdom Hearts 3?
                                        - The world of Tangled
                                        #KH #KHDolby

                                        • angel bermudez
                                          angel bermudez  2 years back

                                          • What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts game?
                                          - Kingdom Hearts chain of memories (my first KH game)

                                          • What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts song?
                                          Vector to the heavens , its the only KH song that can bring me to tears.

                                          • What are you looking forward to in Kingdom Hearts 3?
                                          Im looking forward to the reunion of Lea and Roxas.
                                          #KHDolby #KH

                                          • Sindy Monroy
                                            Sindy Monroy  2 years back

                                            #KH #KHDolby 1. Favorite game has to be KH3D
                                            2. Favorite song is Dearly Beloved
                                            3. Looking forward to the new worlds or how itll look on ps4

                                            • HENRY ⭐️
                                              HENRY ⭐️  2 years back

                                              • What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts game?
                                              KINGDOM HEARTS (1st Game)
                                              • What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts song?
                                              Friends in my Heart
                                              • What are you looking forward to in Kingdom Hearts 3?
                                              New Disney Worlds

                                              #KHDolby and #KH

                                              • J. Tupas
                                                J. Tupas  2 years back

                                                Cool, can't wait for the concert too!
                                                1.) kingdom hearts 2 for ps2 2.) Musique pour la Tristesse de Xion 3.) the new worlds to visit, especially Big Hero 6 #kh #khdolby #KH #KHDolby

                                                • Annastasia Wolfe
                                                  Annastasia Wolfe  2 years back

                                                  What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts game?

                                                  KH2 & 358/2 Days I love Axel's story line.

                                                  What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts song?

                                                  ORGXIII, so somber and beautiful!

                                                  What are you looking forward to in Kingdom Hearts 3?

                                                  The beautiful graphics and story line! I can't wait to see the magic and worlds we get to visit!
                                                  #KHDolby #KH

                                                  • INCOOM13
                                                    INCOOM13  2 years back

                                                    thought this would ve the best way to get some attention.
                                                    You make KH3 episodic I will not buy it. And neither will a majority of your fanbase. I will wait until 2025 for a complete and real Kingdom Hearts 3.

                                                    • marioandsonic4
                                                      marioandsonic4  2 years back

                                                      Can't you just work on KH3 instead of this mobile garbage that no one gives a damn about?

                                                      • rob19ny
                                                        rob19ny  2 years back

                                                        +Jhonery Contreras The ignorant folk always expose themselves. lol

                                                      • Jhonery Contreras
                                                        Jhonery Contreras  2 years back

                                                        Yes, because the exact same developers of kh3 is definitely working on this game..

                                                    • Naemzo
                                                      Naemzo  2 years back

                                                      my history with kingdom hearts:

                                                      in 2006 i saw a game in the closet called "Kingdom Hearts" for the PS2. i wanted to play that game so badly for some reason when i was at my cousins. i was stuck at Destiny Islands and got beated up by Riku alot.. XD. i tried to take a paupu fruit of a tree in Destiny Islands. Little did i know i was wasting hours! trying to reach the paupu fruit for Kairi. after that day i needed to go home. never thought of the game since. then in 2010 i hear a game called Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. i was like... this title feels so familiar. so i searched the KH title in Google. Turns out i found multiple games of that! back when Final Mixes were for Japan 😠. and not only that but i didn't had any of the consoles for that game so i watched cutscenes of BBS on YouTube. 1 year later 3ds DDD came. i was like... Square why ya always changin platforms for tha series? eventually in 2013 i bought a PS2 for KH1 and KH2 (not final mixes). i played KH2 first cause i thought the original is much better. after i beated KH2 i played KH1. i was always stuck at Maleficents Dragon Form. then when i almost beated her the game broke because my PS2 fell. i couldn't play further in the game. later in 2015 i bought a PS3 for 2.5 HD ReMIX cause i wanted to play BBS so badly! then.. i sold in 2016 my PS3 and bought a PS4 Pro for KH 2.8 LEGENDARY Experience bytheway! loved it! then later in march 2017 i saw 1.5+2.5 i was like O.O THIS HAS TO BE A DREAM!!! I PRE-ORDERD it as fast as i could... you know... i literally grew up with this series and Kingdom Hearts will always have a special place in my heart. i am almost 15 and i don't want to play this game when i am an adult. cause i want all that precieus free time for that Game. Square Enix. Oh and also... WHATS INSIDE SORA'S SHOES? OWH COME ON! PLZ REPLY! IF TheGamersJoint doesn't answer or make a video of it... will you??? WHO'S WITH ME?

                                                      • Tetitous
                                                        Tetitous  2 years back

                                                        They changed their channel logo.

                                                        • tra tra
                                                          tra tra  2 years back

                                                          Square Enix,please,NOW FOCUS IN KH 3

                                                          • Daniel C.B
                                                            Daniel C.B  2 years back

                                                            que chato meu celular não aguenta tanta beleza

                                                            • Jeffrey Dimunah
                                                              Jeffrey Dimunah  2 years back

                                                              yo kingdom hearts 3 better have focus AND drive or I'll quit!!!!

                                                              • Elijah Temporal
                                                                Elijah Temporal  2 years back

                                                                Jeffrey Dimunah Its Has Didn't You See At There Twitter Its Already Confirm And There Trailer You Can See There Focus to

                                                            • SagaKM
                                                              SagaKM  2 years back

                                                              Why this game is not available for Lenovo Vibe K5? ;--;

                                                              • Jaashwant Sanichar
                                                                Jaashwant Sanichar  2 years back

                                                                hey guys anyone new to the game and had a problem where you finish downloading the game and you have to download more and it closes the app and is not done installing because I have that problem I already tried to uninstall and reinstall the game and it's still popped up even if I sync my unchained x account because I have good data I'm not letting go to waste someone help me please

                                                                • Tom Spagnola
                                                                  Tom Spagnola  2 years back

                                                                  It'd be funny if they announced that this was kh 3. Lmao.

                                                                  • Collin Roberto
                                                                    Collin Roberto  2 years back

                                                                    Let me start off by saying, I love Kingdom Hearts as a franchise, and I love this game for its game play alone. As I have only started playing yesterday and I have been addicted since and I have already put in over 12 hours of playing this game alone. It's a fast paced, addictive arcadey kind of brawler. And honestly, the whole medal system is great, it is essential the card system from CoM, but it actually is well done. 9/10

                                                                    • rob19ny
                                                                      rob19ny  2 years back

                                                                      My second favorite version Dearly Beloved.

                                                                      • Twero
                                                                        Twero  2 years back

                                                                        When will this game come to my country, Brazil? :(

                                                                        • akpimpjuice
                                                                          akpimpjuice  2 years back

                                                                          how bout u just release kindom.hearts 3

                                                                          • Teapots and Ink
                                                                            Teapots and Ink  2 years back

                                                                            And yet my friends and I still can't play it cuz it's not available in Brazil's Apple Store and it's rather disappointing to have to create an account in another country's app store just because of that KH game when SE already released FFBE, FFRK and FFMobius in our stores, so I cannot figure out why this game only is not released here.

                                                                            I was really looking forward to play this game when it was announced, but as time pass I'm starting to give up hope.

                                                                            • Francesco Piluso
                                                                              Francesco Piluso  2 years back

                                                                              we don't have info about KH 3 from 2 years...Are you kidding Square?!

                                                                              • Dorrynho Man
                                                                                Dorrynho Man  2 years back

                                                                                after this update the game keep crashing every time when the download finish :l

                                                                                • IceCreamMan945
                                                                                  IceCreamMan945  2 years back

                                                                                  If KH3 isn't at E3 I'm going to kill myself

                                                                                  • Sonic Gamer
                                                                                    Sonic Gamer  2 years back

                                                                                    Is downloading 300 Jewels still nessarrary? That was the reason why I was unable to play Unchained X, I kept getting save errors.

                                                                                    • Paulino Garcia
                                                                                      Paulino Garcia  2 years back

                                                                                      That was a whole lot of, 'what the hell is going on?' right there.

                                                                                      • thejayminecraft
                                                                                        thejayminecraft  2 years back

                                                                                        does anyone have a problem with the union x app doesnt open?

                                                                                        • Toroti Elegbede
                                                                                          Toroti Elegbede  2 years back

                                                                                          What's the name of the OST that plays at 0:28?

                                                                                          • Chibi
                                                                                            Chibi  2 years back

                                                                                            Which is located at the very end of the Cavern of Remembrance. :P

                                                                                          • gaming biz
                                                                                            gaming biz  2 years back

                                                                                            HolyBiscuit69 or when you go into the organization data boss battle room in kh2

                                                                                          • Chibi
                                                                                            Chibi  2 years back

                                                                                            Pretty sure it's just called 'Cavern of Remembrance' but it might have a different name, I just know that's where it comes from originally.