Which Portable Tire Pump is Best? Let's find out!


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  • Project Farm
    Project Farm   2 weeks back

    Thank you all for requesting this one. I plan to give away all the tire pumps to random people I meet when I'm out and about buying stuff to test. Also, sorry it's taken me so long but finally have some new merch: https://teespring.com/stores/project-farm

    • Fredy Cardona
      Fredy Cardona  3 days back

      When a youtuber actually gives a shit about his commenters:
      *Huzzah! A man of quality!*

    • Amaroq Starwind
      Amaroq Starwind  4 days back

      I have a question: I have an old lawnmower with a Troy-Bilt T110 engine that's having a lot of difficulty starting (I often need to pull the cord multiple times with the lawnmower tilted), and I need help figuring out how to get it working again. Could you run some tests?

    • Komer West
      Komer West  4 days back

      Only way I know to reach you. Do one one murcury in gas. Will the engine survive

    • Gregory Kemp
      Gregory Kemp  5 days back

      most important thing is longevity. not performance

    • John Doe
      John Doe  5 days back

      Is it possible to see whats the best longest lasting gas stabilizer ?

  • Jessey Games
    Jessey Games  3 hours back

    Thank you for your videos. God Bless You

    • bigkarl63
      bigkarl63  14 hours back

      How about Dollar tree SMB octane boost vs name brand? Same goes for the SMB fuel cleaner

      • jchavins
        jchavins  23 hours back

        I would buy the Ryobi inflator/deflator....

      • Mike VanKempen
        Mike VanKempen  1 days back

        I want to see which padlock is the best. Everybody uses them, having a good one is important, but nobody really knows which ones are strongest

      • Andrew Macdonald
        Andrew Macdonald  2 days back

        Great video! Two years ago I bought the HuskyHD pump for topping up tires in my garage where I have lots of 120V AC power. The pump feels very durable and your video confirmed this. Yes, the short power cord is a nuisance though because I always have to use an extension cord.

      • BJ Taylor in Cocoa Beach, Florida

        Try the Heavy Duty 2X Pro Power Tire Inflator/Compressor by Slime & is what I have graduated towards see what cha think. I like this tire inflater tons & is very quiet.I truly enjoy your videos & the content & even the wacky ideas some of them.It's good to know which one works & which one works the fastest;Good Job & thank you for all of your efforts & information I truly benefit from them.Thanks

      • Elizabeth Sprinz
        Elizabeth Sprinz  2 days back

        I would like recommendations for a quality tire air compressor with decent length to reach all four tires with quality attachments and a set tire pressure to ramp up to. Which one is that?

        • Project Farm
          Project Farm   2 days back

          The Harbor Freight pump seems the best

      • John & Marie Dimech
        John & Marie Dimech  2 days back

        I have always stored my 12v air pumps in a utility box in the back of my pickup. Over the years I have found them to be unreliable as they would corrode due to being exposed to the varied temperature and humidity extremes here in Canada. So, I also carry a foot pump. A good workout, takes longer, but more reliable.
        Also carry plug and patch kits in my vehicles.

      • trm4life
        trm4life  2 days back

        I read recently purchased that slime tire pump myself. Inflated RV tires to 65 psi from 30 with no problem

      • Barry PURKIS
        Barry PURKIS  2 days back

        I have had two flat tyres in 53 years (over 700,000 miles) of driving, I long since stopped worrying about portable tyre inflators.

      • LeatherNeck 1833
        LeatherNeck 1833  2 days back

        "Sized for trunk or *glovebox* storage."
        Don't know about anyone else, but I can't fit a watermelon in my glovebox.

      • MosesE4u
        MosesE4u  2 days back

        Wait what about Kobalt, Craftsman, dewalt, and Ryobi?

      • Derrick M
        Derrick M  2 days back

        Dude, your videos are awesome. I appreciate you so much for making them.

      • Pastor Justin
        Pastor Justin  2 days back

        Excellent test!!
        New idea; explosive power of standard firecracker, black cat verses ??? How far can it vault/launch a quarter? 😂😂😂😎😎 if they are legal in your area.

      • MediocreMan
        MediocreMan  2 days back

        Maybe do a non-budget comparison? Like with a Viair compressor.

      • Heavy_Haul_N_Fool
        Heavy_Haul_N_Fool  3 days back

        Can you do a comparison of air tools like air ratchets? See the best value consumer brand ? I have a cheap harbor freight one does ok but would love to see others

      • Fůck Gøogle
        Fůck Gøogle  3 days back

        Thanks for making these cool videos :)

      • Leroy Jarvis
        Leroy Jarvis  3 days back

        Test battery powered weed eaters. Great channel, great videos!

        • Leroy Jarvis
          Leroy Jarvis  3 days back

          @Project Farm thank you for the work you do making the videos.

        • Project Farm
          Project Farm   3 days back

          Thank you for the video idea!

      • Zum
        Zum  3 days back

        Please test jump start portable batteries

      • The Kikendall
        The Kikendall  3 days back

        I'd like to see you test an ARB on board compressor unit like we run on jeeps...

      • Andre Gilbert
        Andre Gilbert  3 days back

        Glad to know my Harbor Freight pump scored well, but it failed a while back after a several years of use. I still have it, and this video is inspiring me to take it apart to see if it can be fixed. Thanks!

      • Ronald de Rooij
        Ronald de Rooij  3 days back

        I bought such a pump 20 years ago. It said it could go on to 250 psi (but the redline on the gauge begins at 150 psi) in my local supermarket. I never knew that it had a 10 minute maximum operating range. I inflated a big inflatable boat once with the thing. Took 3 hours of continuous use and still my small car battery was not empty and the pump still runs fine. No idea what the make is, it does not say. I am now tempted to go to 250 psi and see what happens. You bring up the worst in me, dude!

      • The Jack of All Trades

        I wish you would have had the new dewalt digital one sold by mac tools.

      • Leighton Samms
        Leighton Samms  3 days back

        Hello, My car a 2013 TAURUS, does NOT HAVEE A SPARE , and I have NOT YET Checked the system as it has a storage lifespan+ a pump, but over the years I have been through some BS PUMPS,,so now I’ll get the HARBOUR FREIGHT UNIT , and thanks for this REAL GREAT TEST, as always CHEERS FROM NJ

      • FR Rapp
        FR Rapp  3 days back

        i have the harbor freight pump in our good pu have used it several times like the storage bag would love to see a test on patching tires after tire sealant put in

      • Nixel
        Nixel  3 days back

        Love this video. I haven’t had to use my new tire inflator with my new (used) vehicle yet. But it reminds me how much shopping I did and how much abuse my old pump took... the old pump still works but it was one that had two pumps one for 12v and one for 120v with separate plugs. When I killed the 12v side by overheating it and stripping the plastic gears, I was able to get the 12v side working again by cannibalizing parts from the 120v side.

      • Common Tater
        Common Tater  3 days back

        Great one once again! Thanks for this one!
        Husky (Home Depot) also has a 12 volt version. I own both. Glad to know my purchase didn't score at the "low end" of the Project Farm comparo!

      • Ernest Ells
        Ernest Ells  3 days back

        I was just in a standstill on which pump to buy to pump up my car in my bicep thank you for the test

      • Victor Sanchez
        Victor Sanchez  4 days back

        Real good video, I like it a lot, thanks.

      • Shadowmaster625
        Shadowmaster625  4 days back

        can you test the Viair 00073 70P?

      • TheDon427
        TheDon427  4 days back

        I’d love to see a part 2 to this video, specifically comparing to the Viair pumps. They were the top rated pumps according to Wirecutter.com. Your testing & opinion means a lot so I’m curious to see what your take is on them!

      • Jim Yohe
        Jim Yohe  4 days back

        Are the pump test result charts available to review?

      • Fredy Cardona
        Fredy Cardona  4 days back

        *when u stub ur toe*

      • Michael Gill
        Michael Gill  4 days back

        Can you test a Viair pump from Amazon? A 70, 80, or 85?


      • Alex Emrick
        Alex Emrick  4 days back

        Check out the Milwaukee one I use mine all the time at the track and autocross they just use a m12 battery and you set the psi and it goes to it

        • NOAH DUNAWAY
          NOAH DUNAWAY  4 days back


        • David
          David  4 days back

          The Hyper Tuff seems like the best value, very surprising. But the Pittsburg seems like it's going to be the most durable of the portable pumps. Worth the extra money imo if you're going to be using it and especially for emergency situations. Imagine one of those crappy pumps dying on you in an emergency, that would lick.

        • Chris T
          Chris T  4 days back

          I think it's funny how the cheap no-name pumps kick the crap out of the name brand ones lol. Good test like usual, project farm!

          • MadStew
            MadStew  1 days back

            They're all made in China...

          • Project Farm
            Project Farm   4 days back

            I'll be honest, I expected LLPT to finish last. Sort of humbling to be so wrong!

        • Fabian Konrath
          Fabian Konrath  4 days back

          You could compare older cordless drills to the new brushless ones, to see if there is any real improvement.

          • William Garrison
            William Garrison  4 days back

            Would love to see a video on water injected fuel system engines and your thoughts

            • Bob Powers
              Bob Powers  4 days back

              Excellent video-- I love your scientific approach to product comparisons. I have a twin piston Slime branded 12v pump, and I was hoping you'd test it too. It'll go from flat to inflated in about 2 minutes, for a 16" car tire, and is open design similar to the Pittsberg one you tested. In fact, it looks similar, except having a piston at either end of the electric motor.

              And I absolutely agree: having a tire pump in the vehicle is a must-- especially with 80psi space saver spares. No rubber bladder can maintain that high a pressure, unattended, over time. And these tiny spares all say to never run under-inflated. I think all cars should come with air pumps included, or at least a can of compressed CO2.

            • Practical Guy
              Practical Guy  4 days back

              I have the Ryobi small inflator. https://www.ryobitools.ca/power-tools/products/details/790. I like it since it works with my tool batteries and is the size of a drill. I only used it once and it worked well for my car tire that was low and I used it a few times for my mountain bike tires. It claims it has an over sized piston for fast inflation. Also I heard the Dewalt works well. Might be worth trying some tool grade models to compare.

            • Chris Rock
              Chris Rock  4 days back

              This should be titled "Which below $40 portable tire Pump is best?" Much better options are available for a few dollars more.

            • Chris Rock
              Chris Rock  4 days back

              Hmmm....I wonder if my 12v to 120v power transformer can handle the wattage required of the Husky?

            • Tommy Nordberg
              Tommy Nordberg  4 days back

              PLS test Xtreme green products, engine life treatment and fuel max plus, it looks to good to be true.

            • arska1986fin
              arska1986fin  4 days back

              You should do testing with X1-R products (maybe motor against something with same reputation) 😁

            • Bagged Canadian
              Bagged Canadian  4 days back

              Hey got some ideas for you,

              Was wondering if you could compare/test concrete sealers, asphalt sealers, and maybe home DIY kits for epoxy floor costings for concrete?