Ja Morant Showed Off Elite Passing Ability vs. New Zealand Breakers


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  • Biz Denardo
    Biz Denardo  5 days back

    JaMarant getting comfortable

    • Winston Smith
      Winston Smith  5 days back


      • THendo 3
        THendo 3  5 days back

        Isn’t RJ Hampton on the opposing team?

        • Yeet Man
          Yeet Man  5 days back

          Hampton locked Ja Up Tbh

          • VinBin
            VinBin  5 days back

            4 points WOW HE IS ELITE

            • Austin Chirp
              Austin Chirp  5 days back

              Dumbass look at his 10 assists

            • fjordexplorer
              fjordexplorer  5 days back

              lol this guy only counts points

            • King Kuda
              King Kuda  5 days back

              10 assists 5 boards YES HE IS.

            • Knicks Tape
              Knicks Tape  5 days back

              Read the damn title lmao

            • Jared
              Jared  5 days back

              Elite PASSING ability

          • Surge Vinooo
            Surge Vinooo  5 days back


            • Jacob Hewitt
              Jacob Hewitt  5 days back

              Imagine if the knicks got the number one pick...

              • Omar Salinas
                Omar Salinas  5 days back

                Sebastian Martinez sucking is how you get the #1 pick lol

              • Sebastian Martinez
                Sebastian Martinez  5 days back

                We suck every year there's no way we get the 1# pick

              • Mkxgamer 1001
                Mkxgamer 1001  5 days back

                Jacob Hewitt we can on,y imagine