Which Car Undercoating Is Best? Let's find out! Is Flex Seal the Best Rust & Salt Protection?


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  • Harvey Griffin
    Harvey Griffin  4 minutes back

    Thanks for your nice honest video they are a joy to watch and learn from

    • Andres Sanchez
      Andres Sanchez  13 minutes back

      I would love to see the winner go againt Amsoil HD MP

      • ormorphe
        ormorphe  59 minutes back

        Thank you for this! I’m wondering: What about 2 coats? I’m wondering if one coat of fluid film then CRC on our farm roads, for example, (combining 2 products) or what 2 coats of the same product (2nd coat after first coat completely dried) makes any difference?

        • twicebitten thasme
          twicebitten thasme  1 hours back

          I wonder how well the CRC would function in conjunction with another product applied over or under it...such as WD-40 first then the CRC or the CRC under Flexseal. I believe that would be a potent combination provided there wasn't some type of negative interaction such as chemical breakdown or a bizarre form of electrolysis.
          Another great video.
          Thank you for sharing!

          • matthew williams
            matthew williams  2 hours back

            I wonder if you used fluid film or crc with a flexseal over coat.

          • Alex Moi
            Alex Moi  2 hours back

            By the way, road dust helps to improve resistance to washout and stones. After I apply Liquid film in the summer, I run my car on unpaved roads. goo absorbs dust and become like an armor.

          • Alex Moi
            Alex Moi  2 hours back

            I have been using "liquid film" on my Toyota Corolla 2000 since 2004 . It still in good shape. I live in Canada, and we have a lot of salt on the roads. I wish, I have to start this treatment early, don't rely on dealership treatment.

          • ______
            ______  3 hours back

            chainsaw bar oil works great too! i use it yearly on my vehicles and have no issues. it has the nitrates in it to stop rust from getting worse.

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   1 hours back

              Thank you for the feedback on Bar and Chain oil

          • Dylan Crow
            Dylan Crow  4 hours back

            Look underneath that flexseal and i can guarantee you its full of rust

          • Johan Skåuning
            Johan Skåuning  4 hours back

            Love your videos, awesome! Linseed or flaxseed oil (cold pressed not boiled) is supposd to be the very best, have a few rustproofing expetrs here in scandinavia that swears by it

          • chielliemans
            chielliemans  4 hours back

            Have you heard of geckotape? Ive seen some adverts lately and the claims they make are quite astounding. Can you put it to the test?

          • Steveee Katzburg
            Steveee Katzburg  5 hours back

            I did/am doing a very similar winter experiment on my steel truck wheels. Marine grease, generic petroleum jelly, fluid film, and chainsaw bar oil. So far the obvious winner is the marine grease but the petroleum jelly is working great and less visible. Fluid film is working well too. Thanks for the great videos.

          • IRONWOLF _OMEGA
            IRONWOLF _OMEGA  6 hours back

            Have you made a video comparing removal products ? Like goo gone and paint thinner etc?

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   2 hours back

              Not yet. Thank you for the video idea!

          • IRONWOLF _OMEGA
            IRONWOLF _OMEGA  7 hours back

            Make a video comparing pneumatic impact guns or heck the air lines they use ? Wonder if it matters rubber vs hard plastic air lines ?

          • Zancoth
            Zancoth  7 hours back

            Thank you for this video! I just bought my very first car and it's a Subaru Forester from 2000 that's been used here in northern Norway where we have a lot of snow in winter and rough roads. It was pretty rusted up and I had to swap out one of the parts of the undercarriage (?) (the part that held the back drivetrain/axle together? I'm not a car person yet but I'm learning since this is my first car) as one of the 4 bolt holes had rusted away entirely so it was only holding on with 3 bolts... The rest of this thing is pretty rusted too but not as badly. I'm hoping to do some work on it myself to get the rust treated. Any tips on how to treat already rusted metal? Video idea?

          • Chris Storer
            Chris Storer  8 hours back

            Fluid film has also been around for a very king time and used by the navy for things. It’s very useful stuff

          • Timothy Midkiff
            Timothy Midkiff  9 hours back

            I wonder why motorcycle manufactures would recommend gear oil for chain lubricant? These things rust quick.

          • gayrunnycumstain
            gayrunnycumstain  9 hours back

            i think non deisel motor oil, would have done much better if he didnt use that acid spray 2 "speed up" corrosion. makes sense that a artificial acid solution would cut thru/clean off petrolium based oil.

          • James Plotkin
            James Plotkin  9 hours back

            I once owned a car that leaked so much oil under the bodywork, there wasn't a chance for it to wash away in the rain. No rust at all.

          • Nicolas Li
            Nicolas Li  10 hours back

            Please testing the Costco Kirkland Signature Full Synthetic Motor Oil! I think it just came out to the market!

          • Bear 1mymm
            Bear 1mymm  10 hours back

            I know this will be a weird question. Is there a safe way to make a small 4 stroke engine smoke out of the exhaust substantially. I have a project in the future that I would rather use the existing exhaust from the motor instead of a separate fog machine to produce a visible exhaust.

            • Bear 1mymm
              Bear 1mymm  2 hours back

              Project Farm would seafoam produce this required effect and also help prevent buildup?

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   2 hours back

              It'll likely result in a lot of carbon deposits

          • Ben Brown
            Ben Brown  10 hours back

            I think a bb pistol or rifle would be a better simulator of rock chips than a hammer. Great comparison video anyway 👍🏼

          • bluesboytyler
            bluesboytyler  10 hours back

            Awesome video, I'm sure I'm not the only one who asked for this, but thanks for testing some of the products I was curious about.

            The rock-chip simulation was a great idea. This channel is quickly becoming the only place I look before I buy common household/DIY products.

            I currently have a Honda 1.5 turbo engine which is reknowned for heavy fuel dilution of the engine oil (0w20). Would a test of wear protection of various full synthetic oils diluted with gasoline be possible? I try to use oils with High Moly content to prevent wear like Quaker State ultimate durability, but don't know if it's a lost cause.

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   2 hours back

              Thank you very much! Great test idea on oils diluted with gasoline.

          • Spooningleadstoforking
            Spooningleadstoforking  11 hours back

            Back in the day a painter friend of mine sandblasted an old horn that I had ask him to and then spray it with mineral spirits right after blasting. Shortly after primed it with zinc chromate. The old days!.

          • kirk burkhart
            kirk burkhart  11 hours back

            Will you put an electric turbo on a lawn mower and see what difference it makes

          • J Lambo
            J Lambo  11 hours back

            I use Fluid Film and drive down dusty gravel roads after application on purpose. The dust layer helps it not wash off and it stays on throughout the rest of each year. I fill my rocker panels and coat wheel wells extra. The smell is awful inside my truck for a solid week, but the stuff works!

          • NoLegalPlunder
            NoLegalPlunder  11 hours back

            I read an article a long time ago in a boating magazine where they ran a similar test. Sure enough, CRC came out on top. We apply it every year before winter and our 95 civic is still in ridiculously good shape.

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   2 hours back

              This is great information! It's always great when the test results are consistent with other studies / tests!

          • Dustin H
            Dustin H  11 hours back

            Any chance of testing fuel injector cleaners? If/how well they work. Just a idea.

          • kakaboom55
            kakaboom55  11 hours back

            we need to clone this guy and replace every manufacturer R&D testing team with the clones

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   2 hours back

              Thank you for the positive feedback! I love testing products!

          • MiniH0p
            MiniH0p  11 hours back

            Wonderful stuff, youre a good man, theres not many of us left.

          • Connor Bunch
            Connor Bunch  12 hours back

            Someday that pen he uses to point to things will be worth a million dollars

          • imbadwrench
            imbadwrench  12 hours back

            You should grab a big old transformer battery charger and test it against the new smart chargers.

          • Chad Bell
            Chad Bell  12 hours back

            Can you do a video on accuracy (calibration) of different types and prices of torque wrenches?

          • Mike Hunt
            Mike Hunt  12 hours back

            More useful info. Thanks!

          • WSkidmarks
            WSkidmarks  12 hours back

            Thanks for the work ! I’ve been looking at my truck lately wondering what I need now I do ! I do think rustolium does pretty good, I try to get a coat on my trucks frames every couple years

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   2 hours back

              Great suggestion on testing Rustoleum

          • gonzalo4to
            gonzalo4to  13 hours back


          • bosshoss69lee
            bosshoss69lee  13 hours back

            I was watching an old video and came here so hopefully you’d see this comment
            I was watching the glue videos and noticed the HUGE difference in holding strength in many applications like PVC, I think a video or 3 trying to perfect the application of glued on materials would be super interesting! It’s hard to trust a glue that can hold over 2000lbs but might let go under a few hundred pounds! I would expect wood to be too difficult to test due to grain and moisture and other factors but for plastics metal and glass knowing how to apply epoxy and glue to get the max performance would be awesome!
            Video title idea “how to get the most out of your glue and epoxy”
            Keep up the great work!
            Also save a few bucks and clean the failed tests and try to reuse them because you can’t always throw away a project due to a failed repair!
            Even if the tests all fail, I think everyone would like to know and see for themselves

          • Michael Thom
            Michael Thom  13 hours back

            I had an idea for a comparison: Masking tape for paint bleed. I live in Australia and there are so many options proclaiming to be the best. It would be interesting to see which do better with acrylic and oil based paints. Enjoy your work also

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   2 hours back

              Great recommendation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2__lmMVYS6A

          • Zinn's Tiger Town Mowers
            Zinn's Tiger Town Mowers  13 hours back

            I used Fluid Film one time for mowers, was shown first hand by a person who does landscape and lawn mower servicing

          • iambigsteveo
            iambigsteveo  13 hours back

            Up in N.H. there’s a product a local company invented that’s supposedly the best to use. Would love to see a review of their product called N.H. Oil undercoating (creative, right?) and how it matches up with the major competitors.

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   3 hours back

              Great suggestion! I've added it to my list

          • Dryden Off Road Service
            Dryden Off Road Service  14 hours back

            Would you be willing to do this again with the "groil" from a fellow tuber and something called Spraflex 715 Gold? Spraflex is a "self adhesive" lube for gears & chains and man is it thick & tacky! like super sticky FF. I cleaned loose rust off of one of my wheel hubs and shot it with 715G then power washed it from an inch away. Appears to still have a nice film. thinking of using it instead of wool wax If you're up to it i'll send you a partial can. Chesterton makes it. Id like to see it put to the oxidizer test.

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   3 hours back

              Impressive! No need to send any. I can buy some.

          • Rob Sherbon Jr
            Rob Sherbon Jr  14 hours back

            I would like to see a video comparing different brands of headlight restorer

          • john kennedy
            john kennedy  14 hours back

            Would be curious to see how Ospho compares.

          • Tennessee Jeff
            Tennessee Jeff  15 hours back

            What about testing ceramic coatings for painted vehicles? I’d like to know which is best for being able to pressure wash off dirt and road grime without washing. Perhaps use a white painted surface as to see the dirt better.

          • Jay Yount
            Jay Yount  15 hours back

            I had a truck with undercoating on it and I had one that didn't . there was more rust on the one with undercoating on it because water gets behind the coating in spots and just sits. I will never Undercoat any of my vehicles

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   14 hours back

              Great point! Thank you for commenting on this

          • Jon Montelongo
            Jon Montelongo  15 hours back

            Hey Todd!
            Love all your videos man!
            Looking for some guidance on a light purchase. Sounds dumb but I’ve never seen so many options on lights to buy in my life!
            I’m looking to either use a bike light or a household light to attach to my mountain bike so I can see better at night.

            Was wondering if you could do a video of the best lights with the best beam spread out there on the market.

            Thanks Todd!

          • S G
            S G  15 hours back

            A battery/ solenoid connection protector test...! In the Midwest salt is used to melt snow and ice. I am a diesel mechanic. My workplace has spotter trucks with exposed electrical connections, corrode badly in winter! What product is best for combating corrosion, and hold up to engine heat?

          • Larry Selfridge
            Larry Selfridge  16 hours back

            My 97 dodge 2500 with 310k miles has had fluid film since day 1, I degrease and clean my frame every year and reapply . Minimal rust