I Hired 10 Bassists to Create the Best Bass Solo EVER...


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  • Davie504
    Davie504   1 months back

    *slap* like or I'll *slap* *YOU*

  • Eva Pettai
    Eva Pettai  2 hours back

    A zit disappeared at 01:00

    • Eva Pettai
      Eva Pettai  2 hours back

      and at 03:45 it reappears :O

  • Rendra Pranata
    Rendra Pranata  2 hours back

    69 lemar

    • The Merdrago
      The Merdrago  4 hours back

      Quadruple camera guy, I'm proud of you.

      • Chandan kr Mondal
        Chandan kr Mondal  5 hours back

        69 no.2

        • Patrick Hagan
          Patrick Hagan  5 hours back


          • Freefrombondage
            Freefrombondage  5 hours back


            • Kubiplayz
              Kubiplayz  5 hours back

              how does davie got all his money to spend on fiverr

              he’s the 245 dollar guy

              • Gr ant
                Gr ant  6 hours back

                still your the best

                • Joseph Cook
                  Joseph Cook  6 hours back

                  Personally, I think the 27 dollar guy did the best, especially for the price. The pro was really good too, but that 27 dollar guy was phenomenal.

                  • lntkling
                    lntkling  7 hours back

                    The only thing that I focus on was his pimple :v

                    • Storm.57Z
                      Storm.57Z  7 hours back

                      D minor only or could you use F major?

                      • Softy Pigeon
                        Softy Pigeon  9 hours back

                        Very impressive, but can you play Bassukulele?

                        • Tereapii Taua
                          Tereapii Taua  9 hours back

                          You suck

                          • Dany is
                            Dany is  9 hours back

                            the quadruple camera guy won my heart

                            • The bearded hamster
                              The bearded hamster  9 hours back


                              • cody neely
                                cody neely  10 hours back

                                There is a guy named Colaps that copied your video. I think you should troll him

                                • CLASSIFIED 666
                                  CLASSIFIED 666  10 hours back

                                  Bro you look like you are dead inside

                                  • Gabriel Śwdziński
                                    Gabriel Śwdziński  10 hours back

                                    It felt for me that the pro was the most skilled one, the 69 guy was also really good but the the 27$ nr 2 seemed to be most "solo" like so this is my favorite.

                                    • Silas Carter
                                      Silas Carter  12 hours back

                                      27 dollars number 2

                                      • GIANLUCA SEDDA
                                        GIANLUCA SEDDA  14 hours back

                                        The last one was the best,no doubt...

                                        • Reese Arnett
                                          Reese Arnett  14 hours back


                                          • edin Izairi
                                            edin Izairi  15 hours back

                                            The poor fela he thinks 69 is a weed nuber so pure

                                            • Zarko Kilibarda
                                              Zarko Kilibarda  16 hours back


                                              • Ryan Campbell
                                                Ryan Campbell  17 hours back

                                                Does #10 have his own channel or site?

                                                • imjst mikey
                                                  imjst mikey  17 hours back

                                                  27 dollars number 2

                                                  • Max Libertor
                                                    Max Libertor  17 hours back

                                                    I personally liked Bassist number 3.

                                                    • Georgi Bisolnev
                                                      Georgi Bisolnev  20 hours back

                                                      I like this guy, he is funny omg slap slap

                                                      • Bruno Campos
                                                        Bruno Campos  22 hours back

                                                        LOL... Funniest video ever! In my opinion, the second guy took the second place of this competition, because the best solo ever was performed by you! 😃

                                                        • marijn177
                                                          marijn177  24 hours back

                                                          number 2 and those last 2 were really nice

                                                          • Eric Sibayan
                                                            Eric Sibayan  1 days back

                                                            Man you're good

                                                            • Matsung Wati
                                                              Matsung Wati  1 days back

                                                              for me second guy

                                                              • AStriker
                                                                AStriker  1 days back

                                                                I like number 11😉😉 David

                                                                • John Pangan
                                                                  John Pangan  1 days back

                                                                  Are you lack of sleep dude??

                                                                  • Intel Kore
                                                                    Intel Kore  1 days back

                                                                    Pro and 69er. Classy S L A P P.

                                                                    • John Cornelius Yonatan

                                                                      bassist number 10 $136.50

                                                                      • Kimberly lewis
                                                                        Kimberly lewis  1 days back

                                                                        Pop that pimple with a bass slabb

                                                                        • Rainbow Raccoon
                                                                          Rainbow Raccoon  1 days back

                                                                          Drums and *guitar*? I don't know about this *guitar* you speak of! I only know about the 6 string 🅱️🅰️SS.

                                                                          • Chris Joosten
                                                                            Chris Joosten  1 days back

                                                                            Dude, yours was awesome!

                                                                            • jerk chicken
                                                                              jerk chicken  1 days back

                                                                              what?? he added a fourth camera angle!

                                                                              • Terry Julian
                                                                                Terry Julian  1 days back

                                                                                Slap the bass with that HUGE ZIT on your chin🌋

                                                                                • jerk chicken
                                                                                  jerk chicken  1 days back

                                                                                  that pimple on your face is so gross and distracting. you must fix your face before the video. i know that sounds mean but yuck

                                                                                  • Akeem Osbourne
                                                                                    Akeem Osbourne  1 days back

                                                                                    This dude is hilarious lmao

                                                                                    • Steve Brown
                                                                                      Steve Brown  1 days back


                                                                                      • Terrence Anderson
                                                                                        Terrence Anderson  1 days back

                                                                                        3 and 2 are under charging by a lot. 10 was the guy you hire to replace your band bassist for sure. 9 was probably the best non 'pro'.

                                                                                        • No0ne Official
                                                                                          No0ne Official  2 days back

                                                                                          69$ number 2 is the best

                                                                                          • Impish Bergström
                                                                                            Impish Bergström  2 days back

                                                                                            You look like Al Pacino

                                                                                            • K
                                                                                              K  2 days back