Making Of The Cypher Ft Iman Shumpert, Kash Doll, IDK, King Los & Travis Thompson |Hip Hop Awards'19


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  • ebonyprncezz
    ebonyprncezz  6 days back

    kash doll is beaaaaaaautiful!!!!!!!!

    • C Dubb
      C Dubb  7 days back

      Iman 🔥🎤🏀. Low key best hooper I ever heard spit.... Fo Sho

      • Max Mustermann
        Max Mustermann  7 days back

        They should form a group

        • Robert Motión
          Robert Motión  1 weeks back

          🤦🏾‍♂️, Shump cyph was definitely better than the average that be in this new-era BET cypher, but man....

          Y’all better stop gassing my man up cause when Shump put out a next album or mixtape, who coppin?



          • TSTheSolution
            TSTheSolution  1 weeks back

            Travis reppin on that! 🔥🔥

            • RBr. 03
              RBr. 03  1 weeks back

              Never heard Iman rap before until this 🤭

              • Venus Earth
                Venus Earth  1 weeks back

                King Los Lit the cypher up🔥🔥🔥🔥 BET HIP HOP AWARDS 2019

                • King B
                  King B  1 weeks back

                  I knew that dude look familiar 😂😂

                  • Xavier Branch
                    Xavier Branch  1 weeks back

                    Shump my guy but take that top grill out G

                    • josh posey
                      josh posey  1 weeks back

                      King los the great need to be more respect he's up there Rakim bar for bar word for word.....

                      • Miguel Elias
                        Miguel Elias  1 weeks back

                        Y'all still need a gospel rap category but whatever...

                        • Tshyne
                          Tshyne  4 days back

                          No doubt. And You know the Lord got some dope spitters.

                      • One Quirky Individual
                        One Quirky Individual  1 weeks back

                        Iman dnt got no choice but to rap now. Anybody pick him up yet? 🤔

                        • One Quirky Individual
                          One Quirky Individual  1 weeks back

                          @W B Do you know millions of dollars run out when u dnt have any investments or no more money coming in at the moment hmmmm 🤔

                        • W B
                          W B  1 weeks back

                          He don't got no choice. Do you know this man has millions of dollars?

                      • MakeupBy Jai
                        MakeupBy Jai  1 weeks back

                        Iman Noooooo

                        • Clout Adobo
                          Clout Adobo  1 weeks back

                          No Griselda Crew 🤔

                        • Robert Riojas
                          Robert Riojas  2 weeks back

                          King Los!!!! Do it again my G 💯 u second to NOBODY

                          • TyTy O
                            TyTy O  2 weeks back

                            IDK is the clear cut best out of this cypher. Top 5 best rap album of 2019.

                            • Heso Shuttlesworth
                              Heso Shuttlesworth  4 days back

                              TyTy O boy stop it tf are you saying Los only 3 letter name on here who “clear cut” best out of this cypher

                            • Robert Riojas
                              Robert Riojas  2 weeks back

                              King Los 👑🐐

                          • dehall21
                            dehall21  2 weeks back

                            ONLY HERE FOR KINGLOS

                          • Jobe Jacobs
                            Jobe Jacobs  2 weeks back

                            KING LOS IS THE GOAT!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Best rapper alive!!!

                            • The Big Homie BMORE 4 REAL

                              Los should had been on here. Name ten rappers on the billboards that spit harder than slick........ Crickets

                              • Jobe Jacobs
                                Jobe Jacobs  2 weeks back

                                Facts. Los is GOAT and this generation is trash thats why.

                            • TheDirtyBird_ 11
                              TheDirtyBird_ 11  2 weeks back

                              Los the Goat. Can’t wait for the music.

                            • Kiara Wilson
                              Kiara Wilson  2 weeks back

                              Oct.8th bet hip hop AWARDS HONORS lil kim

                              • T Stan
                                T Stan  2 weeks back

                                I'll be here one day forsho 💯

                                • markdominice1
                                  markdominice1  2 weeks back

                                  KING LOS!!!

                                • il-La Soul
                                  il-La Soul  2 weeks back

                                  King Los is back on there. Yess

                                  • Tshyne
                                    Tshyne  4 days back

                                    @Jobe Jacobs -- People have no clue. They think Los is offbeat when he syncopates his rhymes into difficult rhythmic patterns. That's how far ahead he is of everyone else. They have to catch up.

                                  • Jobe Jacobs
                                    Jobe Jacobs  2 weeks back

                                    @Yee Glock who? Not Los

                                  • Yee Glock
                                    Yee Glock  2 weeks back

                                    Jobe Jacobs bars with no flow or rhythm

                                  • Jobe Jacobs
                                    Jobe Jacobs  2 weeks back

                                    Facts. Los IS THE GOAT.

                                • CorkedBoss 12
                                  CorkedBoss 12  2 weeks back

                                  So glad King Los on here

                                • CQ Channel
                                  CQ Channel  2 weeks back


                                  • asia white
                                    asia white  2 weeks back

                                    Iman lose the teeth. There not working

                                  • BlossomingTalent
                                    BlossomingTalent  2 weeks back

                                    KING LOS! 🔥🔥🔥

                                    • Xilla Stephan
                                      Xilla Stephan  2 weeks back

                                      YESSS MF, @IamKingLos on that Bytch

                                      • Jobe Jacobs
                                        Jobe Jacobs  2 weeks back

                                        Facts!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

                                    • Growth & Developement
                                      Growth & Developement  2 weeks back

                                      S/o Trav 💯 ☔ City 💩 ⛅

                                      • Neicy Nunnery
                                        Neicy Nunnery  2 weeks back

                                        I really don't listen to rap but I like kash doll. Guess I'll watch for the song release

                                        • BBW Queen
                                          BBW Queen  2 weeks back


                                          • Jeff 3wa
                                            Jeff 3wa  2 weeks back

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                                            • Jeff 3wa
                                              Jeff 3wa  2 weeks back

                                              Abonnez-vous à cette chaîne et nous trouverons beaucoup de vidéos pour faire rire les gens de moi❤❤

                                              • Love Me by Adell
                                                Love Me by Adell  2 weeks back

                                                Looking forward to hearing from these artist