Why didn't Joker have 'Mental Illness' tattooed on his forehead (Joker Review)


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  • yazmin wolfhard
    yazmin wolfhard  2 months back

    he didn’t say “let’s put a smile on that face” he said

    𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭𝐬 𝐬𝐨𝐜𝐢𝐞𝐭𝐲 𝐥𝐮𝐯

    • Conor Orion
      Conor Orion  1 days back

      he says and remember 'that's life' . coz that's how murray ends his show

    • Conor Orion
      Conor Orion  1 days back

      @decay cs80 exactly

    • Conor Orion
      Conor Orion  1 days back

      he said 'that's life'

    • Hybridchik Uwu
      Hybridchik Uwu  1 days back

      That’s life

    • Amanda Hair
      Amanda Hair  3 days back

      @Inigo Yeah I was honestly rather disappointed when I came to this point in the video. I very much enjoy in depth analytic and synopsis videos of movies, but when he speculated incorrectly on something most viewers came to conclude on their own.. and then only to scroll down to see if he rectified it in the comments. (Only to see this Suicide Squad comment, that was hopefully a joke.) I kinda lost my faith.
      As you said, Murray signs off every night by quoting the Frank Sinatra song, which is the ending theme song to the program. It's especially disappointing since the song appears more than once, letting us know the song is a theme within the film. Something that he seemed to miss. Then to add insult to injury he speaks of the irony of them "censoring" his non existent bad language, right after shooting a man on live television. When it was really the network finally pulling the plug on what turned into a live broadcast snuff film. To think it was censorship of his language is just insulting to the director, he did a very good job of storytelling in this film. Which he seems to be getting recognition for this award season. Sorry for the long comment, but I appreciated seeing yours which inspired me. Because this video, well.. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. (I'm quoting a meme for those who think I'm serious.)

  • Spartan War118
    Spartan War118  59 minutes back

    Man, i always heard this and that about the Joker movie
    But when i sat down and watched it was finally able to form my own opinion
    And that is:

    It's fucking amazing
    Why aren't more movies like this?
    Joker is already an interesting character but they somehow made the creation of Joker just as, if not, more interesting than Joker himself
    And the things you mentioned in the video, i also agree with
    The only uncivilized people here are the ones trying to make the movie and everyone who likes it look like a bad thing

    It is indeed a wonderful story of a dangerous society, one that carves it's own villainy from the pure polarizing friction alone
    And although i wasn't always able to feel what Joker did, i was able to understand it, such a rather wild ride, his story was

    • Cancer Christine
      Cancer Christine  2 hours back

      I think the comment about how the Ted Bundy netflix movie was “just trying to make Ted bundy sexy” was uncalled for. You see him the way every woman that passed him, his long time girlfriend views, and his victims to-be saw him before they knew he was a real killer. And when he silently confessed to his woman that he really was a murderer you got all the charm and “sex appeal” taken away and filled with shocking horror.
      Literally fan girls and the press were waiting outside because they thought he was innocent, which is mostly because of his charm. so they couldn’t make him a socially awkward loner like the joker, because his charisma was a large part of his kill count and what makes him more deadly.
      And they had to make the joker socially awkward because it was part of the plot.
      Both are great movies imo :)

    • Sperm Dragon
      Sperm Dragon  4 hours back

      Good interview great movie

      • Marcus Knight
        Marcus Knight  4 hours back

        No. Joker was going to say "thats life" its how murray ends his shows.

        • Connor Tefft
          Connor Tefft  5 hours back

          Is it bad that I laughed maniacally at the joker killing Murray?

          • Marcus Knight
            Marcus Knight  8 hours back

            people that say this movie sucks don't get the meaning behind it. they were looking for Batman's joker instead they got Arthur and all the pain that created his madness.

            • Jailine Artz
              Jailine Artz  9 hours back

              I'm not even kidding, the last 20 minutes of the movie had me somehow shocked, scared, impressed and fucking terrified. And I've seen horror movies with so much blood. This wasn't even supposed to be a scary movie and it gave me goosebumps for the first time in years

              • SJGsmooth
                SJGsmooth  9 hours back

                Incel is a joke term and mislabels people almost as much a Nazi and racist.
                The people accused of incel of nazi most likely outnumber the real popular of those respective groups 10,000 to 1

                If you think they are a there but Black Israelites and Antifa aren't ....big problem
                Antifa has killed people despite the common phrase "they never killed anyone"
                Usually they ruin lives and try to kill people but fail because they're usually moms basement types. The Ohio shooter was Antifa (even if you believe the Ohio and Walmart shooting were Fed hoaxes IDC)
                Antifa attempted 2 terrorist attacks but failed cuz they suck
                Thanks for listening now you know

                • SkaterBlades
                  SkaterBlades  9 hours back

                  The media:
                  "Don't go someone's going to shoot up the theatre
                  Don't go someone's going to shoot up the theatre!
                  Don't go you'll get shot!
                  Someone will shoot up the theatre!
                  Please god someone shoot up the theatre!"

                  • Anderson Alves
                    Anderson Alves  10 hours back

                    when I was watching it in the Theater there was a girl laughing like she was the Joker herself and it annoyed the shit out of me lmao
                    like, why would you do that let's just watch the damn movie ffs

                    • ya boi meowth
                      ya boi meowth  11 hours back

                      Why he doesn’t have “Mental Illness” tattooed on him?
                      *BECAUSE THE MOVIE IS GOOD*

                      • Aruna Rayasam
                        Aruna Rayasam  12 hours back

                        People who disliked this should get what they f*cking deserve

                        • Ben Swine
                          Ben Swine  13 hours back

                          is joker suppose to be gay in this movie?

                          • andy1324a
                            andy1324a  13 hours back

                            yep i kinda agree

                            • Ben Swine
                              Ben Swine  13 hours back

                              if heath ledger was still alive he could have made this the best movie ever.

                              • Moose
                                Moose  13 hours back

                                SUPERB VIDEO HERE!!!! Just watched the movie and its F'#%@$* phenomenal

                                • All the answers
                                  All the answers  14 hours back

                                  Incels are non aggressive by nature, hence why they dont do shit

                                  • Darth Insidious
                                    Darth Insidious  14 hours back

                                    Naw what Joker was about to say before the media cut him off was: "That's...the way the news goes!"

                                    • Lubomir Gaidarsky
                                      Lubomir Gaidarsky  14 hours back

                                      Greatest movie of the decade in my opinion!

                                      • Gustavo Fring
                                        Gustavo Fring  15 hours back

                                        But, what about his forehead :(

                                      • key bear
                                        key bear  17 hours back

                                        and then the Mobius turns out awesome and Jared Leto actually awesome actor, made us realized that the problem is the DC

                                        • Kookachulu
                                          Kookachulu  22 hours back

                                          Beautiful. But about Jared Leto, he is a good actor. Don't discount him based on his rendition of The Joker. Go watch The Dallas buyers club.

                                          • militarygasmasks423
                                            militarygasmasks423  22 hours back

                                            My reply to these liberals: Thats it! I had enough of all of you! I'm going to clown college

                                            • Luna-Rika UwU
                                              Luna-Rika UwU  23 hours back

                                              I saw this in theaters with my brother and sister, they said it sucked. I sat there and didn't flinch a single bit. Idk but a man getting stabbed by scissors over and over didn't phase me XD

                                              • Dylan Temporary
                                                Dylan Temporary  1 days back

                                                i think the whole movie is literally just everyone has a breaking limit and joker just broke it shatered it to pieces he finally showed that person who you kicked around like nothing has done the same

                                                • a meme duck
                                                  a meme duck  1 days back

                                                  i think the laugh js something he got from ptsd or something. you learn he got abused by everyone in his life and his mom just kept telling him he was always happy and to put on a happy face. everytime he’s supposed to be feeling a negative emotion he laughs. maybe he just convinced himself if he laughs he can’t feel those feeling. idk maybe im looking too far into this

                                                  • ileryon 3000
                                                    ileryon 3000  1 days back

                                                    But why would he? *closes video

                                                    • John Scopes
                                                      John Scopes  1 days back

                                                      Thank you so fucking much for every word you said in this video, literally I couldn’t agree more, and all the nuances and references, man this movie is absolutely perfect, before Joker I never even went near marvel, WB or “superhero” anything but this is really a cultural game changer.

                                                      • Durag Jesus
                                                        Durag Jesus  1 days back

                                                        These people are impotent retards

                                                        • pavanatanaya
                                                          pavanatanaya  1 days back

                                                          When Arthur realized that his life was a comedy, instead of a tragedy, he changed from victim to predator.. Murray got what he deserved

                                                          • fgfgfgf drtduud
                                                            fgfgfgf drtduud  1 days back

                                                            It was a copy of Scorcese stuff from that era. An OK film IMHO, but nothing groundbreaking. What I enjoyed the most is the SJW losing their minds.

                                                            • Isaac
                                                              Isaac  1 days back

                                                              Best movie of 2019. Easily.

                                                              • Hoshen Damri
                                                                Hoshen Damri  2 days back

                                                                14:34 i heard another youtuber say something among these lines : "The movie is not there to tell you if the joker is right or wrong, you don't see an opinion in it, all you see is just the reality one side needs to deal with and you get to choose which side you are on, what you think is right and wrong." And that actually fits pretty well with what you said.

                                                                • Michael S. Hall
                                                                  Michael S. Hall  2 days back

                                                                  As an incel myself Im a little offended

                                                                  • TFF_ Onida
                                                                    TFF_ Onida  2 days back

                                                                    Jared was the best joker

                                                                    • Dr Giggles
                                                                      Dr Giggles  2 days back

                                                                      ''oh nooo it'd really suck if someone SHOT UP THE JOKER MOVIE please plEAse don't shoot up the joker movie! please think of your actions before you SHOOT UP THE JOKER MOVIE PLEASE''

                                                                      • Keith
                                                                        Keith  2 days back

                                                                        I don't comment much. But that soccer mom picture got a good laugh out of me.

                                                                        • SunBunz
                                                                          SunBunz  2 days back

                                                                          0:50 “Fartman vs Superboi” 😂

                                                                          That alone earned you a sub, sir.

                                                                          • Alex Harwell
                                                                            Alex Harwell  2 days back

                                                                            ONE movie is made about how people ‘these days’ are just flat-out awful, and what does the media do??? They FREAK THE FUCK OUT and paint this movie as an enemy-of-women “feminist issue,” then write a bunch of bogusly bloviating Buzzfeed-tier articles of faux-intellectual vitriol, then get a hashtag on Twitter and Facebook going, ALL attempting to give fringe-feminists and wine moms even more of a reason to be absolutely gods-AWFUL to incels. Cause that’s what you do when movies like these come out, give real-life people who identify with the villain even MORE reason to embrace their inner darkness in real-life practical application... ya fuckin pyschos.

                                                                            • UCFKNIGHT65
                                                                              UCFKNIGHT65  2 days back

                                                                              Funny how there was no violence for Joker but there was a stabbing at Frozen 2 and stabbings and fights at fast food restaurants for a chicken sandwich. Way to fear monger.

                                                                              • Jojo Arigato
                                                                                Jojo Arigato  2 days back

                                                                                Quick comment...how the hell, when showing media brainwashing...they never show clips from Fox News...the no.1 right wing,state sponsor propaganda channel.

                                                                                • EmmyB64 23
                                                                                  EmmyB64 23  2 days back

                                                                                  Media will look for any excuse possible. They love excuses. They love fanning fires. If there's a coal, you damn well better believe they'll light that sob.

                                                                                  • Jody Strickland
                                                                                    Jody Strickland  2 days back

                                                                                    To me this movie was about retlation. You can only kick someone so much

                                                                                    • yoboiferfer Macias
                                                                                      yoboiferfer Macias  2 days back

                                                                                      Because he not gay

                                                                                      • Forcerunner -
                                                                                        Forcerunner -  2 days back

                                                                                        You wanna know why it didnt have a Mental illness tattoo BECAUSE IT WAS IN THE FUCKING PAST DUMB FUCK

                                                                                        • tronghoa tran
                                                                                          tronghoa tran  2 days back

                                                                                          the media is free advertisements lol

                                                                                          • scotty smith
                                                                                            scotty smith  2 days back

                                                                                            It's starting to seem like a good movie only comes out every three years or so.
                                                                                            Looks like we have a few years until anything worth watching comes out, boys.