Why It's Important To Care About Data Rights, Facebook & 'The Great Hack' w/ David Carroll


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    The Black YouTube David Carroll gets way more views than this white one

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      F J  2 weeks back

      Who tf doesn’t know what an algorithm is 🤣 smh shouldve graduated high school

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        Hardest Snot_rocket  2 weeks back

        No google alert for this interview... Go figure... #Staywoke

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          Asset Ra  2 weeks back

          There’s a smoke screen

          Everything search save delete via phone laptop tablet etc all goes to the artificial intelligence archive Buikding it’s brain and developing its intel on everyday ppl

          When ever you sign up don’t read t&c and click I accept all accredits to it too ..

          • Vaudree Lavallee
            Vaudree Lavallee  2 weeks back

            Hi Ebro,
            Jehane Noujaim was also behind Control Room and there is a similarity between its treatment of Josh Rushing and The Great Hack's treatment of Brittany Kaiser.  Even if you are not on Facebook and Instagram, if you go onto a webpage that gives the option of sharing to Facebook or Instagram, Facebook knows about it.  SCL, the parent company of both AggregateIQ (not shown) and Cambridge Analytica, started off life doing contracts for the British Military before becoming cyber-mercenaries, sometimes working in conjunction with traditional mercenaries.  AggregateIQ is  also known as SCL Canada by everyone except them because they don't want to be subject to British law - they were not part of American David Carroll's suit.  SCL / Cambridge Analytica only went "bankrupt" because that was the only way they could avoid giving David Carroll his data, but not before Elizabeth Denham of the ICO got hold of a few of their hard drives so David Carroll will get something.  The "bankruptcy" was basically a name change - the same people, the same business, but now they are the cyber-mercenaries Emerdata and Data Propria.
            Cambridge Analytica was the first to employ psychometrics, but not the first to use Facebook's micro-targeting feature.  If you wanted to only sell your product to women who drive trucks, own Shepherd-Labs and are married to men named Fred, you could do that.  If you use data-mining in conjunction with that feature, theoretically, you could predict when someone is about to buy a dog to bombard them with dog food ads before they develop brand loyalty or if their dogs are starting to go off their usual food (ie persuadables).  Traditionally for politics, you micro-target one message to environmentalists and another message to coal workers and hope that they don't get together and compare notes and give vague speeches so that people on opposing sides of an issue figure that you are their guy.  Before the internet, this happened during door knocking.  Now, they know your desires, your fears, how you want to see yourself and whether you are more apt to click on a yellow ad or a blue ad etc.  They create multiple versions of the same ad, meme or advertorial with small modifications geared to your personal characteristics.  That is very different from showing the same ad to everyone who watches your show.
            This is from when Professor David Carroll appeared before the Ethics Committee (transcript, audio link on top) - it was just after they moved from Centre Block to West Block for the renovations and everything was not completely set up yet: https://openparliament.ca/committees/ethics/42-1/134/?singlepage=1
            After his performance before Congress (where The Great Hack footage was from), Zuckerberg refused to go before the Canadian Ethics Committee and British Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee (they are the Committee that Nix, Kaiser and Christopher Wylie went before) so the two teamed up to form the Grand Committee initially as an attempt to hold him to account but it has evolved since then to include other data-opolies - not just Facebook. 
            The first Grand Committee meeting was held by the British Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee in London UK.  The second Grand Committee meeting was held by the Canadian Ethics Committee in Ottawa.  The third Grand Committee meeting will be held by the Communication Committee in Dublin Ireland in November.  Zuboff and McNamee give the first half of their speeches on May 27th and the second half and took questions on May 28th.
            === Grand Committee - London UK
            Mark Zuckerman sent Lord Allan in his place to face questions from politicians from nine Parliaments ...
            Elizabeth Denham - Ashkan Soltani - tell politicians when Lord Allan lied
            Damian Collins Pikini dump (an app that lets you find women wearing bikinis on facebook -they were in a legal dispute with Facebook and the Brits got their documents) - https://www.parliament.uk/documents/commons-committees/culture-media-and-sport/Note-by-Chair-and-selected-documents-ordered-from-Six4Three.pdf
            Background on head of the ICO, Elizabeth Denham (too lazy to pull up her interim report at the moment)
            Zuckerberg's and Sandberg's Summons
            International Grand Committee on Big Data, Privacy and Democracy - Ottawa
            Transcripts (video top of page)  - https://openparliament.ca/committees/activities/6349/
            McNamee and Zuboff gave the first half of their speech May 27th, then gave the second half of their speech and took questions May 28th. 
            Facebook - Kevin Chan, Neil Potts
            Google - Derek Slater, Colin McKay,
            Twitter - Carlos Monje, Michele Austin,
            International Grand Committee on Big Data, Privacy and Democracy - SHOS part 2
            - Roger McNamee, Author of Zucked: Waking up to the Facebook Catastrophe
            - Shoshana Zuboff, Author of The Age of Surveillance Capitalism
            - Maria Ressa, CEO and Executive Editor, Rappler
            - Jim Balsillie, Chair, Centre for International Governance Innovation; Retired Chairman and co-CEO of BlackBerry

            SHOS - part 1
            The night before when they gave the first half of their speeches
            International Grand Committee on Big Data, Privacy and Democracy
            Daniel Therrien, Privacy Commissioner of Canada
            Joseph A. Cannataci, Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy, United Nations
            Ellen Weintraub, Chair of the United States Federal Election Commission
            International Grand Committee on Big Data, Privacy and Democracy
            Amazon - Mark Ryland
            Microsoft - Marlene Floyd, John Weigelt
            Mozilla Corporation - Alan Davidson
            Apple - Erik Neuenschwander
            AIQ - Jeff Silvester & Zack Massingham
            AIQ - just Jeff Silvester
            AIQ - just Zack Massingham
            Thanks to Facebook, Your Cellphone Company Is Watching You More Closely Than Ever
            (video) WHOSE DATA AND WHOSE CITY?  Google / Alphabet - "smart city" - Sidewalk labs - proposal
            Bianca Wylie - sidewalks - https://openparliament.ca/committees/ethics/42-1/119/?singlepage=1
            Other hearing on sidewalks - https://openparliament.ca/committees/ethics/42-1/137/?singlepage=1
            "At a news conference in Ottawa, federal privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien and his B.C. counterpart Michael McEvoy discuss findings from their joint investigation into privacy issues surrounding the social media platform Facebook and the political consulting agencies Cambridge Analytica and AggregateIQ. Their offices have concluded that the company committed “serious contraventions” to Canada’s privacy laws. Therrien says that his office plans to take the matter to Federal Court to force Facebook to correct its privacy practices. "
            Daniel Therrien before the Ethics Committee - May 7, 2019 - to answer questions about Facebook - click Watch - https://www.ourcommons.ca/DocumentViewer/en/42-1/ETHI/meeting-147/notice
            More on Zuboff - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2s4Y-uZG5zk
            More on Elizabeth Denham - https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/jul/15/elizabeth-denham-data-protection-information-commissioner-facebook-cambridge-analytica
            More on Brittany Kaiser - mentions Obama campaign
            The Great Hack Post Screening Panel Discussion - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUsvdNJb3jc

            • Sacha Allong
              Sacha Allong  3 weeks back

              Another great interview by this channel which was very informative. But once again this type of interview has a low view rate, maybe if this had been explained by a Cardi B type character the views would be higher. Please keep these interviews going Ebro because they are needed. Good work

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                Malik Dougan  3 weeks back

                I'll take 23 hits for sinners and brothers and sisters to have peace!!

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                  S & H RECORDS  3 weeks back

                  Dope Interview Watched When It Came Out And It Just Put Me On To Many New Things I Didn’t Know.Crazy World We Live In.💯🌎👨🏽‍💻

                  • You Know
                    You Know  3 weeks back

                    15yrs+ later and people are "barely" finally starting to realize their being pimped. But even this narrative being brought to light is still misdirection to the real agenda at hand. Being in the tech and data field and a student of behavioral science, this another classic maneuver in the playbook. Just when you think you got it figured out, you realize you haven't even scratched the surface. Anyways, I'm sure a new dance will come out in a few weeks and this will be forgotten about as it should be. Simple minds trying to understand complex issues never works. Is why CEOs dont have meetings with janitors about company operations and management. B+ to everyone for effort though. Stay "woke" as people say lol.

                    • Vaudree Lavallee
                      Vaudree Lavallee  3 weeks back

                      I think that The Great Hack was meant as a gentle introduction to the topic - enough for people new to the topic to figure that they should be looking into this further but not so much all at once that they shut down. Everyone has to start some place - even those whose understanding of the concepts will always be very black box. Sure there are plot holes and omissions in the doc and, if you have half the skill you profess, you should be pointing those out. Should note that both Edward Snowden and Christopher Wylie were high school drop outs. And as much as I hate to refer to the custodians of our democracies as janitors (allergic to so-called disinfectants), they have figured out the most important thing - that the data-opolies want them to be intimidated by the technology, to figure it too difficult to understand - or legislate. PS. Have already suggested that they should have Elizabeth Loftus before Committee ...

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                      It's hard to win against data

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                          Ebro gets too conspiracy theory for me

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                            It's not conspiracy if it's true, you should watch the doc.

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                          Because you can sign in a lot of Apps through Facebook...

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                            🙄Cause Data Helps Civil🤫

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                              I respect y'all for waking up so early to put these live stations up on youtube and on the radio🙌

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                                      Informative content. Did you do a video on The Family? I hope so. Also, STILL hoping you consider having the cofounders of The #ADOS political movement on. I think you may be one of the ones who actually gets it!

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                                            ID APPRECIATE THE LOVE GOD BLESS ALL 🙏🏽😇

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