Half in the Bag: Joker


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  • Alex Dworkin
    Alex Dworkin  17 minutes back

    Sorry but a "true anarchist" is nothing like the Joker. common mistake.

    • jackalackb17
      jackalackb17  1 hours back

      I also thought this film was good but not great and am a big fan of Taxi Driver. Do those who have not seen Taxi Driver or King of Comedy enjoy it more? Because it does feel like a watered down version of those, which gives me (and probably Jay) a warped perspective of this films quality.

      • Sickjuicy's Jam Shack
        Sickjuicy's Jam Shack  1 hours back

        It's obvious at 14:38 that Jays desire to hate the movie doesn't stem from the movie itself

        • Louis Johnson
          Louis Johnson  1 hours back

          whaaat???? he can't find his medications because the care facility he's going to is shutting down and his psychologist can't give him an answer. they establish this in the same scene she tells Arthur they've been defunded. i think these guys gotta rewatch the film

          • Louis Johnson
            Louis Johnson  2 hours back

            i dont agree that they shouldn't have shown his delusions and fantasies. i feel that if they didn't show it then the twist would feel cheap

            • jamie madrox
              jamie madrox  2 hours back

              It was Wayne who inspired the protest by calling the lower class clowns cause he arrogantly thought the killings on the subway were motivated by politics.

              • BigBad Bryant
                BigBad Bryant  2 hours back

                Man, Jay really missed the mark on this one. His gripes with the movie are very inconsistent

                • DaC00kieM0bsta
                  DaC00kieM0bsta  2 hours back

                  Didnt Thomas Wayne say something in an interview that sparked the protests? comparing those who werent well off to clowns who couldnt apply themselves or something?

                  • Richard Bubb
                    Richard Bubb  2 hours back

                    I think they should do a full blown trilogy and not even introduce Batman until last one or at the end of the second. Also, in the second, it would be all about his rise to the top of the cities crime organizations, acquisition of henchman (maybe a couple with some unique character traits...you know...like Bob! lol) and leading up to a somewhat large attack on some 1% banking/Wall St. type shit, maybe even a successful attack at that. Last scene is some guy that just ran to the top of a mountain for training, he turns around and looks forlornly into commissioner Gordon who just got dropped off via a helicopter or X-Wing.....AAAND SCENE!

                    • FauxTeal
                      FauxTeal  2 hours back

                      I dunno why everyone kept saying things were awful - I think Gotham looked real tidy for a city overrun by garbage and rats considering there wasn't a single frame of either of those things shown. Imagine when it's supposed to be clean.

                      • Alex Shepard
                        Alex Shepard  3 hours back

                        Without Joaquin Phoenix this movie definitely would not have been as impactful as it is.

                        Also when you say that the movie doesn't do a good job addressing the classism and political / social themes I think you kinda miss the whole thing movie trying to show you that it is nothing but a background noise for Arthur. He even himself states that he doesn't care about the riots or the politics. It felt like it was just Gotham living its own life and it's not the shooting of those 3 people that incited the riots it was Thomas Wayne blaming common people and Arthur just observed and struggling with his mental health he managed to convince himself that he had this powerful impact and what he did wasn't actually bad in his own warped mind.

                        • Alex Shepard
                          Alex Shepard  3 hours back

                          also weird how it always goes back to comparing Phoenix's joker to Heath Ledger's joker...

                      • nemanjajovanov
                        nemanjajovanov  3 hours back

                        I've got a fucking bone to pick with this movie. If the plot is set in fictional 1981, what the hell did they film Artur Fleck's stand-up routine with? Is there a guy just hanging out at a stand-up dive club with an old school three-piece camera rig, just in case something hilarious happens?

                        Also if you want to portrait a terrible stand-up routine, can't you write one? Because those two jokes he made were actually good.

                        • P3RRI
                          P3RRI  3 hours back

                          I'm actually surprised jay didn't like it

                          • GlassCake
                            GlassCake  3 hours back

                            That's wrong, Jay!

                            • blah blah
                              blah blah  3 hours back

                              I cried

                              • blah blah
                                blah blah  3 hours back

                                Vauge & confusing bc he was not on a political stance. The movement used JOKER as the excuse.
                                Come on ppl wake up.

                                • Murphy Topheles
                                  Murphy Topheles  3 hours back

                                  Ok, first of - 10:16 I call bullshit on that, I think if it wasn't set up, Jay would've said "that came from nowhere".
                                  Also, the incident inciting the riots is not exactly the shooting, it's that Thomas Wayne goes on TV and in a way calls the poor people clowns who never made anything from themselves. For me it's kind of believable that it would send every poor person into fury. And as Mike says, the tensions were boiling from the first scene.
                                  And on an unrelated note, I like to think that it is questionable if Arthur's actually not a Wayne. I felt like Thomas Wayne could have been the type of person who just payed off some doctors and officials to falsify the documents.

                                  • BIG DUMMY MANE
                                    BIG DUMMY MANE  3 hours back

                                    Riots happen because the city is going bankrupt like 1970s NYC so no garbage collection,civil services are out of order. Crime is up etc. Fleck kills the Wall Street types but the WITNESS ie the girl that was being harassed told them that he was a vigilante. So people liked the clown killer because he was a working class criminal type and when Wayne called the protesters clowns they got mad and went occupy mode.

                                    • Clarence Dass
                                      Clarence Dass  4 hours back

                                      I wanna see a David Fincher/ Seven style Batman vs the Riddler movie. Dark, moody, and more a thriller than an action film. Detective Batman, chasing down a mad man who is using riddles to kill people. That low key Detective Batman would suit This version of the Joker.

                                      • aaron wilson
                                        aaron wilson  4 hours back

                                        I think jay had already made his decision before even watching it just because of the director which he dislikes

                                        • Leo Farnsworth
                                          Leo Farnsworth  4 hours back

                                          I wish Jay would really stop talking so "film critic" like. Mike just seems so honest and sincere. He realizes it's flaws but understands how the film really just feels good. I respect all of Jays points but I feel he never gives it up for modern classics.

                                          • Ese Güerito
                                            Ese Güerito  4 hours back

                                            Seems like everyone agrees that the third act was GREAT!

                                            • eelshark12345
                                              eelshark12345  4 hours back

                                              I would love to see how Batman handles Joker with this movie's context to his parent's murder.

                                              • Ese Güerito
                                                Ese Güerito  4 hours back

                                                10:18 But most people WOULDN’T have realized that. It Would have just seemed like a jarring narative choice.

                                                • Eric Adler
                                                  Eric Adler  5 hours back

                                                  I really liked the movie in spite of a few (dance) scenes being too long, and I hope they will make more films like it, adult, character driven, and discussing real problems in society.

                                                  • C Schrank
                                                    C Schrank  5 hours back

                                                    Fire the guy in the brown shirt.

                                                    • JesusIzAPunkRocker
                                                      JesusIzAPunkRocker  5 hours back

                                                      I agree with Jay that the class stratification riots in Gotham came about due to a small incident, and didn't have much transition. Also that his turn from being a nervous loser to an evil genius was almost instantaneous without much of a transition.

                                                      • Jonatan Pina
                                                        Jonatan Pina  5 hours back

                                                        He had fantasies before, when they cut his meds he had delusions, little diference there. I don t think the psychology of the character made much sense anyway though, I was dissapointed. First he is presented as depressed, then autistic, then brain damaged, then schizofrenic...This needed better psychiatric consultation. In the end he was just "hollywood crazy" with an ounce of "hollywood humanized and justifiable".

                                                        • Dave Alvarado
                                                          Dave Alvarado  5 hours back

                                                          Dude on the right. Quit this job 😬

                                                          • Austin Heath
                                                            Austin Heath  5 hours back

                                                            Way off base on this one guys.

                                                            • Ethan Bale
                                                              Ethan Bale  5 hours back

                                                              I don't believe you've ever cried in your life

                                                              • MickyAvStickyHands
                                                                MickyAvStickyHands  6 hours back

                                                                His poorly timed laughs never stopped. He just eventually learn how to created actions around him that warranted, albeit sinister, laughs.

                                                                • MJ Trace
                                                                  MJ Trace  6 hours back

                                                                  It sucks people can’t get over what a movie is now. Being stuffy with a message doesn’t make something “cinema”

                                                                  • NickD73
                                                                    NickD73  6 hours back

                                                                    I normally think your guys' reviews are spot on, but I just couldn't find myself agreeing with either one of your assessments here.

                                                                    • Milk Spank
                                                                      Milk Spank  6 hours back

                                                                      Were you high while you watched this?

                                                                      • Gary McAuley
                                                                        Gary McAuley  7 hours back

                                                                        This movie was historically set in the Summer of 1981 - Zorro the Gay Blade, was showing at the theater. Ronald Reagan's administration oversaw the dismantling of the mental health system by cutting federal funding; New York had massive garbage build up through sanitation department strikes.
                                                                        The city's civil unrest had been simmering for some time and were highlighted (in the background) through newscasts, i.e. garbage problem; rodent problem; political corruption; election season with a clear disconnect between politicians and citizens.
                                                                        The three white collars that were gunned down, but NOT robbed, painted it more as a vigilante action than a common robbery (99% v 1%).

                                                                        • AK V
                                                                          AK V  7 hours back

                                                                          I loved the movie, sure it's too similar, sure it's not too clean in what's it's trying to say.
                                                                          But overall, it's well acted, well paced and hella interesting and intriguing. It's was very intense and very dark, but it was well directed.
                                                                          I had no hope when I heard Philip was directing, because he's a comedy director, not an drama. So given that. This is easily his best movie

                                                                          • Oh MYGOD
                                                                            Oh MYGOD  7 hours back

                                                                            Thanks Mike. Jay, not so much.

                                                                            • Captain Dishman
                                                                              Captain Dishman  7 hours back

                                                                              I haven't played video games or watched shitty movies in a while. Yet I feel more violent and crazy. Maybe if someone would make GOOD video games and movies I would have more fun instead of the want to destroy things due to boredom. Keep up the good work RLM! My sanity depends on it!

                                                                              • 20,000 Subscribers Without Videos Challenge!

                                                                                No discussion of the excellent cinematography, and you completely misinterpreted the political significance. Haven't disliked a vid from you guys in awhile, but here we are.

                                                                                • Dark Super Saiyan
                                                                                  Dark Super Saiyan  7 hours back

                                                                                  Okay the Scorsese bit at the beginning has me frustrated. I love you guys’ content and Scorsese’s films, but to act like a film made in a way you don’t like them being made “isn’t cinema” is just bullshit. A lot of early cinema is just random goofy escapism for the sake of it, and that’s after the first movies which were literally footage of just things happening like Workers Leaving the Lumiere Factory, then it evolved into a more diverse and interesting medium. Any movie is cinema, regardless of whatever arbitrary criteria people wanna give that word. If someone wants to talk about a film not being complex or contributing to film in meaningful ways then they should do it in a legitimate way instead of just writing off something with a blanket statement.

                                                                                  • IEatPooPooForFun
                                                                                    IEatPooPooForFun  7 hours back

                                                                                    Jay, I love ya, but a war started over a soccer game. A riot breaking out in a crime-ridden city isn’t all that unbelievable

                                                                                    • Jonathan Porter
                                                                                      Jonathan Porter  8 hours back

                                                                                      Jay you hack fraud! You're supposed to like this movie so I can also like this movie!

                                                                                      • David Williams Life
                                                                                        David Williams Life  8 hours back

                                                                                        I know that some of you guys want to curate a masterpiece without it actually being a masterpiece, but for me Joker fell flat. The first twenty-five minutes or so was good, and then I felt like the structure began to sag and the pace began to slow. I did enjoy the final act, but a lot of the times I felt the movie was trying to tap me on the shoulder and say, “HEY. Hey. Just so you know—he’s going to become the Joker!!” The sudden appearance of the protestors was also amateurish. This film will be a case of a few people desperately defending it for the next decade or so, like the prequels. It was ultimately a dumb-dumb version of Taxi Driver and King of Comedy for people that need a teddy bear to hug.

                                                                                        • Taylor Lemoine
                                                                                          Taylor Lemoine  8 hours back

                                                                                          CONFIRMED : MIKE AND JAY WB SHILLS

                                                                                          • frankjohnson123
                                                                                            frankjohnson123  9 hours back

                                                                                            This is one of my favorite HitBs in a while. I love when Mike and Jay disagree on a movie and debate it intelligently with all their experience. I'm definitely more in line with Mike on my thoughts about this movie, but Jay brought up fair points as well.

                                                                                            • AdanALW
                                                                                              AdanALW  9 hours back

                                                                                              If they do a sequel, have it based on Joker becoming a mob boss OR a terrorist of some kind. In the back drop of a mob war A plot, have the B plot set up Anarky. Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham as the ending of Part 2. Part 3, Anarky vs Joker vs Batman would be interesting to explore as three philosophies resulting from Gotham in crisis.

                                                                                              • Tchuckraider McBrawl
                                                                                                Tchuckraider McBrawl  9 hours back

                                                                                                Music is a big deal in this movie, look at the relationship between music and his delusions