Priyanka Chopra Reveals Her Movie Scene That Made Nick Jonas Cry | PeopleTV

  • Published: 09 September 2019
  • At the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival, Priyanka Chopra talks about the scene in 'The Sky is Pink' that made her husband-to-be, Nick Jonas, cry on set.
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    Priyanka Chopra Reveals Her Movie Scene That Made Nick Jonas Cry | PeopleTV
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Comments • 55

  • Jaiveer Singh Jaiveer Singh

    Aajkal priyanka ghabra rahi h paparazzi se public se.gadiyan Jane ni di ja rahi h,kya baat.kahi thi isne bheed Jaan h.ab Jaan Jaan h fark h.mjbur autographed MN aurdabbng ch

    • Juveriya Rockzz
      Juveriya Rockzz  1 weeks back

      Love her

      • Swapan Kundu
        Swapan Kundu  1 weeks back

        Lovely talented Priyanka.

        • Alfred David
          Alfred David  1 weeks back

          Floop heroin

          • Mallika Das
            Mallika Das  1 weeks back

            So nice interview.Priyanka is so natural and very charismatic.Lovely smile💜💗💖🧡💛She talks to her heart💓 beautiful fragrance of her simplicity and purity.

            • Rahul vinal Narayan
              Rahul vinal Narayan  2 weeks back

              Actually it was Sonali Bose that revealed Nick Jonas crying..Priyanka just confirmed it

              • Gauri v
                Gauri v  2 weeks back


                • Norm La Marche
                  Norm La Marche  2 weeks back

                  Preyanker Chakra is so...I don't know...face like tiger bunghole. 😳

                  • The Court Of Public Opinion

                    WHY THE FUCK IS THOS ON TRENDING

                    • KiTT FOXXE
                      KiTT FOXXE  2 weeks back

                      Whole thing sucks

                      • stop getting salt in your panties

                        Umm she has a really thick neck that I just noticed

                        • baji one
                          baji one  2 weeks back


                          • Aiza Khan
                            Aiza Khan  2 weeks back

                            Sitting pretty and false while Kashmir is burning! No one is talking about Zaira Wasim who is the main character of this movie. She is Kashmiri and no one knows how and where she is, if she is raped, tortured, still alive? Since 5. Aug India has started a genocide in Kashmir. So much for Priyanka being a goodwill ambassador. Unbelievable.

                            • Bulbasaur
                              Bulbasaur  4 days back

                              Kashmir is a part of India.
                              Balochistani women are raped vy Islamic clerics and Punjabi army.
                              Porkistan is a shitthole of Islamic terror.
                              Balochistan Freedom Zindabad

                            • attyease 10
                              attyease 10  6 days back

                              She didn't wanna participate for the promotion of the film she said it earlier. She didn't want the limelight anymore. Just give her a break. And everybody is working coz it's their profession. Govt is not doing anything what else anyone can do?

                            • Being Mortal
                              Being Mortal  7 days back

                              Zaira quit film industry. She finished this movie before her announcement

                              Don't be an idiot

                            • Karishma sheikh
                              Karishma sheikh  1 weeks back

                              Lol..what makes you say all that! It was zaira wasim who agreed to not to be part of any promotions!! And she also quit the entertainment industry and this would be her last film!

                            • Jay Gupta
                              Jay Gupta  2 weeks back

                              Kashmir and kashmiri both are alive

                          • Burkhanuddin Heya123
                            Burkhanuddin Heya123  2 weeks back

                            Her acting wasn’t that good lol

                            • John Bayang
                              John Bayang  1 weeks back

                              Movie isn't out yet. Where have you seen the movie ?

                          • Bie Touthang
                            Bie Touthang  2 weeks back

                            I just love Pcj 😘😘😘❤️

                            • Alex J
                              Alex J  2 weeks back


                              • riri queen
                                riri queen  2 weeks back


                                • Ambuj Singh
                                  Ambuj Singh  2 weeks back

                                  Why you are so great PC 😍❤️

                                  • Karan Singh
                                    Karan Singh  2 weeks back

                                    Priyanka Chopra is the best thing to happen to Bollywood. Best acting always

                                    • Si Lulu
                                      Si Lulu  2 weeks back

                                      So sick of them, really..

                                      • Snowflakes Swift
                                        Snowflakes Swift  2 weeks back

                                        Priyanka are promoting your movie or your wedding. PLEASE ENOUGH!!!! We have heard and seen enough splashed all over the internet. For god’s sake let the other women talk about the making of the movie rather than your wedding. I know every girl gets super excited about her wedding. But when you do professional interviews it is wise to stick to what you came for. The world doesn’t need to know so much...... you have already put it out there.

                                        • Oshini Perera
                                          Oshini Perera  1 weeks back

                                          What’s your problem . She’s giving context about the question . You can’t just say she’s promoting her wedding because she’s talking its part five the reason why it happened?

                                        • suga got no sugar
                                          suga got no sugar  2 weeks back

                                          It's in the title, why did you click on the video if you don't want to watch it??

                                        • amrn !
                                          amrn !  2 weeks back

                                          @Milo Taeyang haha yea

                                        • Milo Taeyang
                                          Milo Taeyang  2 weeks back

                                          Snowflakes Swift lol the interviewer is asking the question . She’s just answering what they’re asking

                                      • KevinShultz
                                        KevinShultz  2 weeks back

                                        She is gorgeous 💙..Her accent, skin,
                                        Her interviews popping up in my timeline n not complaining..😄

                                        • royal ranii srn
                                          royal ranii srn  2 weeks back

                                          Icon of world

                                          • Parshya S
                                            Parshya S  2 weeks back

                                            Prick Chopra Jonas

                                            • Parshya S
                                              Parshya S  2 weeks back

                                              Fake laughter

                                              • Ruchika Mendevell
                                                Ruchika Mendevell  2 weeks back

                                                no dude she laugh like that. every one has their own style

                                            • KUSH PAUL
                                              KUSH PAUL  2 weeks back

                                              She is truly global superstar icon 😍

                                              • KUSH PAUL
                                                KUSH PAUL  2 weeks back

                                                Aww so sweet Nick and Priyanka is truly global favourite couple ❤️❤️

                                                • Chelsea Daley
                                                  Chelsea Daley  2 weeks back

                                                  That's so cute

                                                  • SEX HOT HD NEW INDIA PORN DESI FULL HD 2019 NEW

                                                    *thanks for sharing nice video*

                                                    • Alexandra Jimenez
                                                      Alexandra Jimenez  2 weeks back

                                                      Hey she should check her thyroid I suffer from it and her neck looks like hypothyroidism.

                                                      • KB 02
                                                        KB 02  1 weeks back

                                                        Nope. Her neck has always been like that and she doesnt have thyroid. My neck looks like that too so I can relate to her

                                                      • Regina Phalange
                                                        Regina Phalange  1 weeks back

                                                        All bout "neck" 😂 it looks so funny 🤭

                                                      • Vyshnavi S
                                                        Vyshnavi S  1 weeks back

                                                        Is there a way to fix a neck like that?

                                                      • Mallika Das
                                                        Mallika Das  1 weeks back

                                                        She got it by birth.

                                                      • rashmi rajput
                                                        rashmi rajput  2 weeks back

                                                        But then again, her mom is a doctor

                                                    • Sam
                                                      Sam  2 weeks back

                                                      Pri and nick are just goals ❤️

                                                      • shajjad alam
                                                        shajjad alam  2 weeks back

                                                        Just Love you.....Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

                                                        • Kanchan Lwagun
                                                          Kanchan Lwagun  2 weeks back

                                                          Goosh her interview and accent is so amazing and can't wait to see her for a long time....

                                                          • Florida Directo
                                                            Florida Directo  2 weeks back

                                                            It doesn't make a man less as a man if he cries..., but a woman needs a man strong enough to cry...!!! Lovely and beautiful couple as always...!!! Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas...!!! 👍👫❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

                                                            • i n
                                                              i n  2 weeks back

                                                              Please subscribe nn shows channel 🙏🙏

                                                          • Snow White
                                                            Snow White  2 weeks back

                                                            She looks like a giant next to the lady

                                                            • Banjo Balkaran
                                                              Banjo Balkaran  2 weeks back