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  • Jay Fix
    Jay Fix  2 hours back

    How is Derrick Rose " sort of a question mark" to make it in the HOF?
    Who have you been talking to?! Lbvvs

    • NoCapEli
      NoCapEli  2 hours back

      Y’all are wrong he’s most definitely a Hof

      • Brock Samson
        Brock Samson  3 hours back

        I'm not a dark Rose fan but yes he was the youngest MVP over that alone and he will raise the level of competition in others such as LeBron James Etc

        • Ranger of Night
          Ranger of Night  4 hours back

          The man is not retired wait until his career ends

          • CTO Information
            CTO Information  5 hours back

            if drose is a hof, then Steve Francis is a hof.

            • Russell Westbrook Fan
              Russell Westbrook Fan  6 hours back

              Y’all hating on d rose. He definitely should be a hall of famer

              • Dumb Scientist
                Dumb Scientist  6 hours back

                Everyone know LeBron was the real 2011 MVP

                • AR_YoNk
                  AR_YoNk  7 hours back

                  Yell nah!

                  • SINCERE ESTRADA
                    SINCERE ESTRADA  7 hours back

                    he’s the youngest mvp ever why is this even a question

                    • Top Kek
                      Top Kek  7 hours back

                      No. Wasn’t good for long enough

                      • Jack Wallis
                        Jack Wallis  8 hours back

                        If you win a MVP you're a hall of famer in my eyes. Being voted the best player in the world even for a single year is enough to be enshrined in basketball lore forever. I wouldn't have even voted for him to win it that year BUT he did so he's in. SIMPLE.

                        • Innis Mor
                          Innis Mor  8 hours back

                          NBA HOF? That's real easy. No. It's a career HOF. When they make a MVP Season HOF, he's in that.

                          • Alex Carlo
                            Alex Carlo  8 hours back

                            Dint he cheated on he's sats lol

                            • Arthur berberyan
                              Arthur berberyan  9 hours back

                              If Vlade Divac is a hall of fame player
                              D-Rose definitely is a hall of famer

                              • Mark Scott Jr
                                Mark Scott Jr  9 hours back

                                Youngest mvp. ROTY. Gold medalist. Get out of here hating losers what have you done with your lives, there is bums in the HOF who hung on the coat tails of others to get rings or didn't put up numbers even close to D Rose.

                                • North Pole Productions
                                  North Pole Productions  9 hours back

                                  If Grant Hill is a Hall of Famer then Derrick Rose is a Hall of Famer has down

                                  • Ryan Mc
                                    Ryan Mc  11 hours back

                                    No, absolutely not. Hof isn’t about 1 or 2 seasons being flashy and showing hof talent.

                                    I loved d rose in Chicago. I even began to believe that Chicago was back and that I was about to witness another great talent. But this isn’t about what if’s...when we get down to it, he never produced due to injuries. It’s not fair, but it’s the truth. Blame the injuries, but he never had season after season of mvp status that hof’s produce.

                                    It would be a disservice to those that do produce to put him in. Again, I loved watching d rose play, but the hof isn’t a participation trophy or a what if trophy.

                                    • Felicia Moniq
                                      Felicia Moniq  11 hours back

                                      One of the youngest MVP’s
                                      No brainer. He’s on the rebound.

                                      Also olympics.

                                      • OreoMask
                                        OreoMask  11 hours back

                                        Yeah thats the thing a lot of ppl are saying if TMac and Yao made it he should but.....I honestly ,no offense, don’t even think they should’ve made it either. Yao was spectacular but you never got the job done. TMac was just cursed by injuries and by the spurs lakers and Celtics who were dominating the league at different points throughout his career. Aside from Kobe Brady and Conor McGregor rose will always be my favorite athlete of all time but i cant put him in the same breath as Magic and Curry and Oscar and Stockton and Nash n Kidd. Yeah it wasn’t your fault that you didn’t have a hof career but im not letting my love for drose cloud my judgement.....ima have to say no bud. RETIRE HIS JERSEY THOUGH 3rd greatest bulls player ever.

                                        • Christian T. Jones
                                          Christian T. Jones  11 hours back

                                          If u say Drose ain’t in ur a lame

                                          • multiplemike
                                            multiplemike  12 hours back

                                            No way

                                            • Milwaukee Savage OTF
                                              Milwaukee Savage OTF  12 hours back

                                              Giannis being eligible this early in his career is insane.. Im glad my guy on the list

                                              • Gabe Agca
                                                Gabe Agca  13 hours back

                                                Did Rose sleep with this guy's wife or something? So much hate

                                                • sammy8768594
                                                  sammy8768594  13 hours back

                                                  NBA HOF is a joke anyways. Easy to get in

                                                  • erik williams
                                                    erik williams  14 hours back


                                                    • datpoint
                                                      datpoint  15 hours back

                                                      He definitely is a hall of famer.

                                                      • Rick Jean
                                                        Rick Jean  15 hours back

                                                        Honestly I love Rose but I don't think so. All he has is MVP and All Star appearances which I don't think should have anything to do with the HOF. If it wasn't for his injury he definitely would've been, but as for what he's done so far, naw I don't see it happening.

                                                        Edit: well I just heard that it's not the NBA HOF but the Basketball HOF..u think he definitely has a better chance

                                                        • Mr.Airball 01
                                                          Mr.Airball 01  15 hours back

                                                          The only thing I’d think he’d needs is a championship. He doesn’t even need to be the guy on the team he just needs to be like a key contributor or sixth man.

                                                          Besides the basketball HOF is soooo weak anyone could make it in, for fucks sake people are legitimately considering putting Chris Bosh in the hall of fame. I love bosh but this is just weird

                                                          • Ray GamingID
                                                            Ray GamingID  16 hours back

                                                            The thing is with DRose it doesn't matter to him whether he make it or not as long as in the eye of the people that knows him and to his fans he is a hall of famer.

                                                            • DeCarius Hoxie
                                                              DeCarius Hoxie  16 hours back

                                                              If TMac is in then I think so because...let’s be real..he was great but injuries hurt him too

                                                              • soldier2009
                                                                soldier2009  18 hours back

                                                                Drose isnt a hall of Famer. 1 good superstar season and thats it. There are a lot of Rose fans that think he does, but naw. He'll probably get in, not first ballot tho.

                                                                • meh m
                                                                  meh m  18 hours back

                                                                  derrick rose was the youngest mvp i say he gets a spot especially if he somehow make it and wins the finals this year

                                                                  • Quentin Quarterman
                                                                    Quentin Quarterman  21 hours back

                                                                    He’s the youngest mvp ever you stupid asf if he not a hall of famer

                                                                    • mosescuh 184
                                                                      mosescuh 184  22 hours back

                                                                      D rose is a HOF easy

                                                                      • Lovesick Jay
                                                                        Lovesick Jay  22 hours back

                                                                        if d rose don’t make it we riot.

                                                                        • Dawson Metcalf
                                                                          Dawson Metcalf  23 hours back

                                                                          If Yao and Tmac are in Drose is in

                                                                          • WorldWideGaming
                                                                            WorldWideGaming  23 hours back

                                                                            There’s many in with less

                                                                            • Shawn Harrison
                                                                              Shawn Harrison  23 hours back

                                                                              Derrick Rose was a great player, but had his career cut short due to injuries, in which he’s never been the same.


                                                                              - Rookie of the year
                                                                              - NBA All-Rookie First Team
                                                                              - NBA MVP
                                                                              - 2 Gold Medals
                                                                              - Three-Time NBA Allstar
                                                                              - Three-Time Rookie of the Month

                                                                              Unsuccessful Accolades:

                                                                              - No NBA Titles
                                                                              -No Conference Finals Wins
                                                                              -No Conference Final MVP’s

                                                                              Although he was a high caliber player for 3 years, DO NOT put this man’s name in the same sentence as the HOF! Statistically speaking, it’s a huge insult to those who are currently in the HOF.

                                                                              You can’t use the excuse “what he did for this city makes him HOF worthy.” No, it doesn’t. Also, what he accomplished in 3 years (His prime) is absolutely ludicrous to other HOF’s. Being in the HOF comes down to TWO things... Career Accolades/Accomplishments and the player’s stat line.

                                                                              No, I’m not saying he’s a bad player. As a Heat fan, I can say that he, along with the Bulls were a team in which I didn’t want to see the Heat face. He was definitely someone with a bright future, in which I really wanted to see him be successful.

                                                                              • Lou York City
                                                                                Lou York City  24 hours back

                                                                                Of course he deserves to be a HoF'er.

                                                                                Y'all must've forgot his college career, huh?

                                                                                • Cptn DedpoOl
                                                                                  Cptn DedpoOl  1 days back

                                                                                  Ha not a chance is he a hall of famer? Not a chance, no way.

                                                                                  • Kon Yungeen
                                                                                    Kon Yungeen  1 days back

                                                                                    Yes yes he should he’s been in the league for 11 years that’s enough the mans getting old

                                                                                    • Edwin Lee
                                                                                      Edwin Lee  1 days back

                                                                                      Why are u asking fatties to comment if drose should be in HOF!??? Come on

                                                                                      • Angelo Cipra
                                                                                        Angelo Cipra  1 days back

                                                                                        About 5 to 6 years ago this wouldn't even had been a question if he was a hall of famer

                                                                                        • Gary Gaston
                                                                                          Gary Gaston  1 days back

                                                                                          Any MVP should make it. ESPECIALLY the youngest.

                                                                                          • Adam Granados
                                                                                            Adam Granados  1 days back

                                                                                            Bro really!?? Tracy Mcgrady was a hall of famer... is it even a question

                                                                                            • Carlitopuertorro
                                                                                              Carlitopuertorro  1 days back

                                                                                              He hasn’t retire...

                                                                                              • Hugh Mungus
                                                                                                Hugh Mungus  1 days back

                                                                                                Ralph Sampson is in the Hall of Fame, had fewer good years, and isn't the youngest MVP winner in NBA history.

                                                                                                I say if someone holds a record of the caliber that DRose does they deserve to be in the Hall of Fame

                                                                                                • ice in my vein
                                                                                                  ice in my vein  1 days back