Boomerang Without John Witherspoon? How Eddie Murphy Made Room For Everyone’s Favorite “Pops”

  • Published: 14 October 2019
  • Comedian John Witherspoon dropped by the Kiss Studio to chop it up on the King Tutt Show. Returning to the US after spending time in France, the seasoned funnyman is already hard at work. He can currently be seen on stages around the country performing stand-up and is gearing up for the new season of The Boondocks.

    A new installment of the Friday franchise is also in the works. Witherspoon explained that the film is finished, it’s just being revised.

    Along with his iconic role as Willie “Pops” Jones in the Friday series, Witherspoon has given notable performances in Vampire in Brooklyn, The Five Heartbeats and Boomerang.

    When asked about revisiting his role in Boomerang, the Detroit native explained that initially, that role belonged to someone else. Eddie Murphy requested him to play David Alan Grier’s father after the film was already finished. Witherspoon even ad-libbed his lines!

    Can you imagine that scene without John Witherspoon? I cannot!

    Despite his years in the industry, Witherspoon still manages to remain humble; speaking of his admiration of other comedians including Paul Mooney, Richard Pryor and Mike Epps.

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  • Jakob Edkin
    Jakob Edkin  1 weeks back

    Rip pops

    • Tina Horton
      Tina Horton  1 weeks back

      Everybody wear polo but he make it his own style. And he definitely coordinate well. I miss you already Pops. But looking at your interviews keep you live in My memories and my 💓

      • Pharoah Monk
        Pharoah Monk  2 weeks back

        RIP Spoon. You made us laugh. And the world is better because you came our way.

        • Roger Oxford
          Roger Oxford  2 weeks back

          Now I want to buy a some Polo gear

          • Sophia Boone
            Sophia Boone  2 weeks back

            This was lovely

            • mo jadah
              mo jadah  2 weeks back

              Well, I hope we get to see Mike Epps' impression of Pops one day.

              • 40jonah
                40jonah  2 weeks back

                rip to a great

                • Rissa Ceehart
                  Rissa Ceehart  2 weeks back

                  @7:16 WHYYYY did that seem like King Tut was applauding/THANKING him to the point as if he was Saying a FINAL GOODbye👋👋👋,This was the "Writing on the wall" so to Speak,bc this interview took place 10/14 and he Dies 15 DAYS Later 10/29??#Something'sAlilMurkyintheWaters🤥😏😠😑🙈🙉🙊💯💯💯💯💯👁️🦉🔯☪️👌

                  • Tracey Lennon
                    Tracey Lennon  2 weeks back

                    He seems more serious here...

                    • Valerie E. Young
                      Valerie E. Young  2 weeks back

                      I didn't know he wrote his own character lol. Powerful

                      • Fjones1914
                        Fjones1914  2 weeks back

                        He was the stand out character in the entire movie!

                        • Power House 98
                          Power House 98  2 weeks back

                          DJ King Tut ruined this whole experience. STFU

                          • Mike Seal
                            Mike Seal  2 weeks back

                            "How many times have I told you to not ever dream about telling White folks the True.
                            I m going to find me a White man to lies to right now," (Boondocks). RIP

                            • King Cornelius
                              King Cornelius  2 weeks back

                              Mike Seal i remember that episode that was like one of the first episodes. 😂

                          • Damon Davis
                            Damon Davis  2 weeks back

                            Glad say me and my wife got to see Mr.Witherspoon in our home town and yes he wore those iconic suits and shoes bang,bang,bang

                            • James w Bigrully
                              James w Bigrully  2 weeks back

                              John was the real down to earth entertainer Rest in peace John Witherspoon

                              • Booker T
                                Booker T  2 weeks back

                                comic and hood legend....RIP!!! Bang! Bang! Bang!

                                • MrGST360
                                  MrGST360  2 weeks back

                                  I hate when hosts don’t know when to stfu . John was about to say something about the inside out jacket

                                  • Tiffany's Edits
                                    Tiffany's Edits  2 weeks back

                                    Wish the interviewer would have stopped talking over him.

                                    • Mr. Misanthrope
                                      Mr. Misanthrope  2 weeks back

                                      No doubt...make me sick

                                    • Messiah Messiah
                                      Messiah Messiah  2 weeks back

                                      Tiffany's Edits damn you so beautiful

                                    • Rissa Ceehart
                                      Rissa Ceehart  2 weeks back


                                    • Tiffany's Edits
                                      Tiffany's Edits  2 weeks back

                                      @Tracey Lennon Agreed. I understand he was excited but dang. Let the man finish a sentence.

                                    • Tracey Lennon
                                      Tracey Lennon  2 weeks back

                                      People in general do that or monopolize the conversation, so annoying!!

                                  • The Edwin Manna Filez
                                    The Edwin Manna Filez  2 weeks back

                                    6:18 was the golden question: fast forward R.I.P

                                    • Marilyn Vertus-Constant

                                      NOOOOO. His son, JD should do Granddad. It won’t feel his same at his presence. RIP POPS.

                                      • Dre Lavelle
                                        Dre Lavelle  3 weeks back

                                        OH!...FATHER😣DEAR LORD TAKE CARE OF HIM...💔🙏😭

                                        • Roald Shakleton
                                          Roald Shakleton  3 weeks back

                                          I could really connect with his audience. He made me feel as if I knew him. Sorry you left so soon.

                                          • purdboy
                                            purdboy  2 weeks back

                                            He was 77. Thats good enough

                                        • aren8484
                                          aren8484  3 weeks back

                                          Rip Pops ❤

                                          • Video Game Showcase
                                            Video Game Showcase  3 weeks back

                                            Worst Interviewer Ever- RIP John Witherspoon

                                            • ade Aga
                                              ade Aga  3 weeks back

                                              Wow just few weeks ago im fine omg Rip

                                              • Peaches McCoy
                                                Peaches McCoy  3 weeks back

                                                R.I.P😢🙏🏾Thank you for the laughs Mr.Witherspoon

                                                • This Is Boone
                                                  This Is Boone  4 weeks back

                                                  My man from Friday, Vampire in Brooklyn and Boomerang. He's hilarous ASF.

                                                  • This Is Boone
                                                    This Is Boone  2 weeks back

                                                    Rip 🙏

                                                  • Ta SETI
                                                    Ta SETI  3 weeks back


                                                  • Ta SETI
                                                    Ta SETI  3 weeks back

                                                    😔🙏🏾 rip Mr. Witherspoon, you will be missed smh