Behind the Lyrics: Episode 12 "Fallen" (New Album)

  • Published: 03 September 2019
  • Just wanted to release this early since y’all are so good to me 🙏🏼 can’t wait til this drops 💯
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  • Christina M
    Christina M  3 hours back

    Can YouTube make a ❤ button just for church? We need a way to send our love back. #RHEC

    • Andrew Xudonis
      Andrew Xudonis  4 hours back

      Great video you are Awsome upchurch

      • Country Boy
        Country Boy  4 hours back

        I love the song would love to hear more like it skin🤟

        • Amanda Adams
          Amanda Adams  7 hours back

          I love it!! Makes me really miss my mom who passed a year ago..

          • Christina Casteel
            Christina Casteel  13 hours back

            Been here a fan for 3 years 🌾🤘 and always will be a big fan ! Can't wait to see you live again !

            • Chaz Stevens
              Chaz Stevens  18 hours back

              #lawofattraction my dude you got it. Holy shit. Your insight is next level. I've studied the whole subconscious thing and you are spot on. That's exactly how it works.

              • Jacob Fisher
                Jacob Fisher  22 hours back

                Iv been a fan since day one your songs hit the heart somthing real i rock out to your music everyday im always excited to see a new album drop keep doing what your doing man

                • Scott Mcgill
                  Scott Mcgill  23 hours back

                  Church u might also know on that light and sound u explain it but the truth u will b n another deminsion your spirit and soul body with the Father so that was the best bar

                  • Taylar Roberts
                    Taylar Roberts  1 days back

                    Any Indiana shows soon

                    • Eddie #ak2tr
                      Eddie #ak2tr  1 days back

                      Upchurch fallen is one of your best songs it really speaks many inspirimg words and your mom has a beautiful voice

                      • Juili's Wild Life
                        Juili's Wild Life  1 days back

                        This is my favorite song! Thanks for sharing your insight!

                        • kelley quincy
                          kelley quincy  1 days back

                          Your killing it Church!

                          • Becky Starr
                            Becky Starr  1 days back

                            Hey 👋 Church ⛪️.. I’ve already became hooked 🎣on the track!!! I absolutely love it! Your mom is absolutely beautiful. And hearing the both of you singing 🎤 together is so freaking awesome 😎!! Thx for making the song for all of us to hear!! It’s a gem 💎 of a track! Very special!!! Now I can watch this?! Very cool 😎! Ty Ttys 🤘🏻

                            • Becky Starr
                              Becky Starr  1 days back

                              Hopefully you don’t run into #LaquerThinnerLarry often 😬 🥴 He’s probably lurking about. 🤪🤣😂

                          • Camden Michener
                            Camden Michener  1 days back

                            8:20 he farts 😂

                            • Charles Johnson
                              Charles Johnson  1 days back

                              To be honest with you I never really did like country music until you came along poodles good job

                              • Charles Johnson
                                Charles Johnson  1 days back

                                Thank you for showing a good example for the rest of the world brother

                                • Camden Michener
                                  Camden Michener  1 days back

                                  Fallen=greatest song ever
                                  Summer Love= 2nd greatest song ever

                                  • Charles Johnson
                                    Charles Johnson  1 days back

                                    Good job

                                    • Will Blevins
                                      Will Blevins  2 days back

                                      You need to play at the wharf in gulf shores al

                                      • Allan Darden
                                        Allan Darden  2 days back

                                        Church high as fuck lol you kill it man

                                        • Sharon Byrd
                                          Sharon Byrd  2 days back

                                          Damn, I better have $$$$ when u go on tour!

                                          • Trever Olson
                                            Trever Olson  2 days back

                                            What's your number text me I won't tell any one your number please and I won't call all the Tim just text me and say hi

                                            • Digger420
                                              Digger420  2 days back

                                              Awsome song awsome message

                                              • Dylan Snellgrove
                                                Dylan Snellgrove  2 days back

                                                Me and domino's don't get along since there drives like trying to get into wrecks with me lol but I never realized that this song had that kind of meaning behind it and I like the back story. Im not going to say I love all of you're stuff but I do love 85-90% of the content you post and it's helped me realise things and look at stuff from a different point of view. Ive always been one of those people that tries to find the light in every thing but at the same time every now and then I need some guidance and allot of your music is that guidance

                                                • Danny Otten
                                                  Danny Otten  2 days back

                                                  I had a major surgery and then night I herd this I balled my eyes out. U have knocked a brick wall down for me.

                                                  • Buggie-Boo
                                                    Buggie-Boo  3 days back

                                                    My favorite too!! I wake up with it going through my head 😂🎵🎶

                                                    • 11B Griffin
                                                      11B Griffin  3 days back

                                                      Tennessee boy to Tennessee boy. I've been listening to you for years bud, even every day I was in Afghanistan and not only do I love the sound and all that but I love the heart and the meaning behind the words. I know you get it a thousand times a day but I'd love to shake your hand and thank you in person for helping through some of the most difficult parts of my life. Keep doing what you're doing skin

                                                      • Grippin AKs
                                                        Grippin AKs  3 days back

                                                        13.25 mark.. I know exactly what you are saying. Some people are seerers.
                                                        And about the speaking things into existence, it's all about energy frequency and vibration bro. So when you put positive energy and frequency(thoughts) towards something you can make it come true. Just like you did with your music career. I hear your music in my soul, not my ears. It has touched me deeply and I truly feel blessed to have found your music. My wife and kids on the other hand are probably sick of you because your music is all I listen to lol. Thanks again for doing it for us

                                                        • Justin Gentry
                                                          Justin Gentry  3 days back

                                                          You are the one who motivated me to try this you tube. I have had a slow start but I'm gonna start adding more videos. This video in the post before is the first real song I've posted. Only have 4 videos, the other 3 are bullshit lol

                                                          • Justin Gentry
                                                            Justin Gentry  3 days back

                                                   Check out this song I wrote, it was a few years back in my darkest times, but I would love your feedback... I'm a fellow Tennesseean. I was at your show in bethpage tn... I live in Macon county. I really admire how you came up from just a country boy like me and made a name for yourself, I wish I could do the same, but as a fan I would love to hear what u think of my song, I have written a lot more, and some rap songs too

                                                            • Justin Chiola
                                                              Justin Chiola  3 days back

                                                              Rite on always keep it real, dont stop. Jersey rocks upchurch 🤟💪👍

                                                              • Stephanie Keller
                                                                Stephanie Keller  3 days back

                                                                Love love love this song!!! BTW we are begging for you be be involved in the Lynchburg Music Fest in 2020!!! If asked hope you join us in Jack Daniels country! Now to share the video for everyone else to fall in love with like I did! BTW mom has a beautiful voice!

                                                                • Man O Horror
                                                                  Man O Horror  3 days back

                                                                  Fucking love this! Gotta do DIRTY ELIVIS NEXT

                                                                  • Lisa Stewart
                                                                    Lisa Stewart  4 days back

                                                                    This is one of my very favorite. I have already heard the one with your mama. I love it. I cried. I am very close with my son. I am an older fan but i know a real artist when i see a great one. Ryan Upchurch you are funny but its obvious you have a huge heart. Thank you for all you do.

                                                                    • Nicky Whitmore
                                                                      Nicky Whitmore  4 days back

                                                                      Need more songs like that one its the way music should be

                                                                      • Justin Turpin
                                                                        Justin Turpin  4 days back

                                                                        What is the brand of the chocolate milk is that

                                                                        • Justin Rucinski
                                                                          Justin Rucinski  4 days back

                                                                          Cannot wait till you drop this album between no one told us and fallen you're killing it. This is an amazing song. You're my favorite artist hands down ! Dont ever stop

                                                                          • Oddi J
                                                                            Oddi J  4 days back

                                                                            Upchurch Im just as stoned but you waving that paper around is really distracting. Should turn it into a smoking game, everytime you shake the paper you take a 2 tokes and pass it.

                                                                            • Sir Luke
                                                                              Sir Luke  4 days back

                                                                              Man I totally missed the Light and Sound verse. I truly thought you meant when you die and your spirit and soul goes to heaven and becomes part of light and Sound. I didnt think about the tech part still here on earth for everyone else to see. That's Damn good. Keep the music coming brother.

                                                                              • Tiffany Horton
                                                                                Tiffany Horton  4 days back

                                                                                Your music helps me when I feel down and out. My husband introduced me to your music a little over a year ago and now I love it.

                                                                                • Rebelson95 The Last Rebel

                                                                                  Much respect for you brother you are a legend and you will live on forever thank you for all that you do

                                                                                  • Tammy  Rutherford
                                                                                    Tammy Rutherford  4 days back

                                                                                    Thats so true about meeting people because of your music. I jam your music in my work parking lot everyday. I'm in my 50's and a 20 something year old boy ends up parked by me. We get out at the same time & he is so your the one jamming Upchurch all the time. I said yes he is like hell yeah i love him to i have all his music. We talk now almost everyday. I went to a sold out show in Lebanon Tn on your last tour. I hope to hit a show every year you tour. You are awesome and u Mom sounds great on this song.

                                                                                    • MORGAN QUERIPEL
                                                                                      MORGAN QUERIPEL  4 days back

                                                                                      I'm pretty sure this is my favorite song and I think its because of the way you talk about things in the song. Like for example, when you sing "If you feel like your fallen tell me and ill also make the leap, if you feel like your empty let me in your soul ill fix the leak" it really expressed emotions that I couldn't put into words and how I have this friend and he is exactly this to me so thank you for writing such amazing songs I mean your music has helped me through breakups tough times and not just bad things but also good things like the time I went to the lake with my family and we blared Cornbread lol. Keep up the good work and the amazing ability to write your songs.

                                                                                      • sandman7322
                                                                                        sandman7322  4 days back

                                                                                        Hey Ryan I’m geussing that you’ll never see this comment but if you do I just wanted to let you know that your music and your talent has gotten me through some rough times, last year my best friend ended up passing away and that really hit me hard then some other dumb shit happened in the same week and one of my very close friends who is basically a brother that i never had was involved in a hit and run which landed him in the hospital in critical condition and the doctors didn’t think he was going to make it and his family was blaming it on me because he was coming over to pick me up so between one of my best friends dieing and my “brother” dieing in the hospital I honestly didn’t want to live so you can geuss what happened with that except all the slugs that I tried didn’t fire at that time I was just trying to cope with what was going on and that’s when I found your music and whenever I was feeling down I would listen to your music so I honestly believe that you saved my life and for that I wanted to thank you. And by the way when I mean the slugs didn’t go off I ended up shooting a doe with the same shotgun with the same slugs which dropped her on the spot

                                                                                        • wheelieking71
                                                                                          wheelieking71  4 days back

                                                                                          "Its not a white or black thing! Its a where the fuck do you live thing!" Fuckin' right Church! How did you get so smart dog? LOL

                                                                                          • SheeLa La
                                                                                            SheeLa La  5 days back


                                                                                            • eric white
                                                                                              eric white  5 days back

                                                                                              I am a 16 year older Male and this video has inspired me to do so much more once my ankle hills so I would like to thank u for all that and Inspireing me to do so thank you.

                                                                                              • FRESH START PAINTING & GENERAL CONTRACTING, LLC

                                                                                                Best behind the lyrics yet well said mind your OWN business live your own life enjoy your family and true friends.Peace out skins.