• Published: 12 September 2019
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Comments • 45

  • Ron C
    Ron C  2 days back

    I love the Wrath of Khan. Watched it over, at least a 100 times. Silver screen, big screen, medium screen, computer screen, laptop screen, iPad screen, iPhone screen. My love for the Wrath of Khan. The best film, next to Empire Strikes Back. Understand, this is my personal opinion.

    • Gonzalo Bernal
      Gonzalo Bernal  6 days back

      Great Marquee two weeks in a row

      • Gonzalo Bernal
        Gonzalo Bernal  6 days back

        Yes, but original.

        • Lady Madonna
          Lady Madonna  6 days back

          Cunnilingus... Let’s meet for coffee then Netflix and chill 💋

          • sean bowman
            sean bowman  7 days back

            The prequels are a masterpiece compared to the Disney shit movies you ain't fooling nobody with that bullshit talking points take the plinkett dick out of your mouth

            • The Watcher
              The Watcher  7 days back

              Ever think of adding timecodes to your vids? For the topics/ lettters, etc. I know you don't have a big team here so I understand if not, but would be helpful.

              • Hellsing7747
                Hellsing7747  1 weeks back

                Rob, I'm a bit annoyed about something. There is a new trend of people that often blame diversity when a movie sucks. Even if I can understand where they are coming from,I really do think those people are very quick to blame diversity. Diversity doesn't make a movie bad, but bad writing does.  There are thousands of bad movies with a white straight male as a lead, and nobody says that character's "race" or sexual orientation made the movie bad. But of course, when the movie is bad and from time to time, even when the movie is good but led by a non white straight male, some people are ONLY blaming diversity for the movie's"failure". For me, there definitely is a double standard. And as a minority, sometimes it hurts, because it really does seem that a part of the world doesn't want us here. So, I just wanted to say:"- Guys, relax! Most of the movies coming from Hollywood or Europe are led and will be led by a white straight male, so don't worry, everything is right in the world."

                • nova1972x
                  nova1972x  1 weeks back

                  The First Manned Mission to Mars?? Not very diverse of you. (I kid) :P

                • Sam Whisky
                  Sam Whisky  1 weeks back

                  Diversity of thought is more important than diversity of complexion

                  • J Rich
                    J Rich  1 weeks back

                    HR exists for one reason and one reason only. Lawsuit protection. As such it will do and say whatever the corporation feels will help it in a courtroom.

                    Equality is something that everyone in power fears. Mostly because the majority of people in management are not diverse. Not just in race but political viewpoint, class, and gender. Those in power never see a problem because their is no problem for them. Its always the other that has/is the problem. This idea/path leads to fascism and oligarchy. Welcome to the america.

                    • Kharmazov
                      Kharmazov  1 weeks back

                      The thing about Carnival Row is that it takles the issue of diversity, prejuduce, tolerance etc. in an organic way depicting the actuall strugles of the protaganists making the audience to root for them. By contrants other media nowadays simply shoehorn it in oftentimes swaping an already established character just for the tokenism sake.

                      • ciroc jones
                        ciroc jones  1 weeks back

                        Rob great show as usual, but you should know Joe rogan censors small creators on youtube who make videos critiquing him & his friends. He isn't a legit free speech warrior & has no problem silencing smaller channels on youtube. Search bent pixels, thats a company he works with through youtube.

                        • Ensign Ricky
                          Ensign Ricky  1 weeks back

                          That is why YT is going to soon ban creator on creator commenting. They are pandering to people like Rogan and groups like Vox that do not like having their arguements dismanteled logically. It tends not to end well for them.

                      • geniusfool the irrefutable

                        Capricorn One shirt! Yay!

                        • Sean m
                          Sean m  1 weeks back

                          Rob, My 2c on the crappy beats headphones.

                          I agree that the Beats Studio series headphones are "crappy". Build quality was absolutely ridiculous for a $300 headphone (or at least it was >5 years ago).
                          The active noise cancellation was absolutely atrocious as well - better to call it a noise addition feature. Possibly this would lower noise in a high ambient noise environment like a disaster area concert or sitting on top of a high bypass turbofan in a windtunnel. In most situations it just added a constant background hiss. Needless to say background isolation is actually the inverse of what these headphones actually do. The frequency response is disappointing as well for most types of music, although they're OK for rap, which is what they're designed for.

                          But... The beats studio pro is I find a different animal. While expensive, (and heavy) the build quality on these is good, isolation is great and the base response is excellent while not losing the mid and upper range. This headphone is actually ideal for doing stuff like... watching space opera like say star trek 2.

                        • Wolverine626
                          Wolverine626  1 weeks back

                          I don't recall Willow Yang saying that she watched Star Trek 2 on YouTube from her computer. YouTube isn't restricted to viewing content on a website from a computer anymore.

                          • Hellsing7747
                            Hellsing7747  1 weeks back

                            I agree that there is a "Cancel culture" in the US, but I also noticed that some people are complaining about it because it's now a lot harder for them to act like complete dickheads.

                            • Abram Treadwell
                              Abram Treadwell  1 weeks back


                              • Robert D
                                Robert D  1 weeks back

                                There is a huge difference between diversity as a creative choice (the history of sci-fi/fantasy) and diversity as a moral imperative of modern culture. We have had so much of the latter, that at this point many people are cynical and see new productions only as the moral "forced" type. It sucks.

                                • Robert Grant
                                  Robert Grant  1 weeks back

                                  Hellsing7747 i have read the straight white male thing many times recently ... the joker is a good exemple . The double standard is that it is allowed to say that about white males but if you try to say the same thing about forced diversity you will be called a lot of unpleasant names ( the famous cousin humping quote from John campea lol ) ... the problem is that they are not capable of writing new diverse stories so they destroy what already exists by having teams of politically motivated self proclaimed writers to apply quotas and avoid potentially offensive subjects .

                                • Hellsing7747
                                  Hellsing7747  1 weeks back

                                  @Robert Grant Not at all. There is so many terrible movies with no diversity that are terrible. The only difference is nobody says that a movie sucks because it's lead by a white straight male. For me, there definitely is a double standard.

                                • Robert Grant
                                  Robert Grant  1 weeks back

                                  @Hellsing7747 no diversity have proven to be better in the past

                                • Hellsing7747
                                  Hellsing7747  1 weeks back

                                  True, but personally I'll take "forced diversity "over no diversity at all. Also, people are way to quick at blaming "diversity " when a movie sucks.

                              • gmat6594 gmat6594
                                gmat6594 gmat6594  1 weeks back

                                Thank you for the empathy comment. Enjoyed this podcast. Thanks.

                                • Silva Surfa
                                  Silva Surfa  1 weeks back

                                  I think you & Willow missed THE reason behind Khan's portrayal in Star Trek 2.
                                  He is a man bent on Revenge. That destroys even the best of men.

                                  • THE BURNETTWORK
                                    THE BURNETTWORK   1 weeks back

                                    Also, Khan did murder a bunch of fine folks. Kirk was pissed.

                                  • Silva Surfa
                                    Silva Surfa  1 weeks back

                                    Ok, you came back around about KHAAAAAN!!!
                                    And Kirk yelled that because of the "buried alive" line. That pissed him off 😁

                                • Silva Surfa
                                  Silva Surfa  1 weeks back

                                  I cried along with you RMB about Willow's watching Star Trek 2 on YouTube 😂

                                  • ER'sGrandpa
                                    ER'sGrandpa  1 weeks back

                                    I LOVE Carnival Row. Racial/Social/Class analogies aside, the writing and acting and production values ROCK BIG TIME! I like NOT being able to see stuff 'coming'.

                                    • ER'sGrandpa
                                      ER'sGrandpa  1 weeks back

                                      Thanks for the link to the Walter Mosley interview. Found your series by watching (actually 'listening to' I call it PodcastMode) the FULL JC show instead of the usual 'topic segments'. Keep it up. And, even though I'm a CAT person, your dogs are cool.

                                      • Pleasant Valley Picker CA
                                        Pleasant Valley Picker CA  1 weeks back

                                        @THE BURNETTWORK Rob - It would be nice to see Skippy again. We haven't seen her in the show in ages.

                                      • THE BURNETTWORK
                                        THE BURNETTWORK   1 weeks back

                                        I grew up a cat person. We have a cat, too!

                                    • TimbulaTheSpidermonkey
                                      TimbulaTheSpidermonkey  1 weeks back

                                      I was working during the live show, but would have loved to get involved in this discussion.....then again I was “working” yesterday and still managed it 😜

                                      • theylied1776
                                        theylied1776  1 weeks back

                                        Rod Serling said his first year of The Twilight Zone was the most difficult year he had because every time he tried to cast a black actor the CBS Executives would have a meeting with him.

                                        • franz morhart
                                          franz morhart  1 weeks back

                                          ..Prince died, and hadn’t written his autobiography.

                                          So a company is now publishing a book Prince did not write and marketing it as his memoir, when it isn’t.

                                          • Jordy 54
                                            Jordy 54  1 weeks back

                                            This is the rewatch such a good show Shame my WiFi went down 🥰🥰

                                            • Joe Espin
                                              Joe Espin  1 weeks back

                                              rob, what is the difference between a villan and an antagonist?

                                              • James Robinson
                                                James Robinson  1 weeks back

                                                Joe Espin Definitely, depending on the story being told. The protagonist is the lead character or the main focal point of the story. In the Joker film, Arthur would be the protagonist of the story.

                                              • Joe Espin
                                                Joe Espin  1 weeks back

                                                @James Robinsonsince antagonists and villains are different are protagonists and heroes different too?

                                              • James Robinson
                                                James Robinson  1 weeks back

                                                @Joe Espin While every villain can be an antagonist, not every antagonist is a villain. That was the point.

                                              • Joe Espin
                                                Joe Espin  1 weeks back

                                                @James Robinson every villain is an antagonist because he view his villainy as a good thing.
                                                an interesting story would be on e where an antagonist and a villain team up and we would see how they go about their specific brand of bad.
                                                which of the bond/batman villains are antagonists and not villains.

                                              • THE BURNETTWORK
                                                THE BURNETTWORK   1 weeks back

                                                Absolutely. Very well said.